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Tessie Spoon

What did you like most about TMS's story?

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I've been playing a lot of TMS lately, and I think I'm near the end of the story. Despite my issues with various parts of the game, I appreciate at least that part a fair bit. Especially the way Tsubasa's character development was handled: how it was more of a slow burn, rather than relatively quick like in many other stories like this.


I mean, normally... huge, lasting character development just happens from big events. But in real life, while you can show big changes in the heat of the moment, it takes a lot more than that for the changes to last. You need a lot of big events building on each other. So, I found it refreshingly realistic how until much later in the game, Tsubasa's growth largely scaled back after each arc, only being more permanent in later parts.


What do you guys like most in this game's story?

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