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Dr. C

Desert Chapter Wyvern Riders are bull$&@#!!!

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Okay so Hector Hard Mode (Ranked) has proven to be quite the challenge but why do the Wyvern Riders have so much bulk that only Marcus and Hawkeye can reliably kill them?

I had the exact same issue with the chapter you get Ninian in but at least that map didn’t have sand and hidden treasure that makes you required to field a thief and please it in the range of these beasts. They’re wielding steel lances and they don’t tickle when they hit.

This is where I get stuck every single darn time!

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I don't know much about ranked runs, but I'm assuming you have at least one mage trained up-They should be able to do reasonably well. Plus, Pent should be able to deal quite reliably against the majority of 'em. If you need to protect you thief, Heath and any other trained flier should be able to protect them by blocking two adjacent tiles. If bandits aren't a concern, unequipping a sword will lower the Wyvern's hitrates, for what that's worth.

EDIT: Also, if you got the Wyrmslayer in New Resolve, now would probably be a good time to put it to use!

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