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  1. 1. Bishop is a great class ?

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12 hours ago, Dark Holy Elf said:

I don't think it's particularly good for Marianne, honestly? It's passable in that, without DLC, it's the magic-using advanced class she has the easiest time getting to. But she doesn't really need White Uses x2 (5 uses of Physic is probably enough for one unit unless she's literally your only source of healing), and the extra investment to B+ or A faith feels wasted to me because her last useful faith spell is Silence at B (Aura is not good, I actually had to look up that she had it).

Linhardt and Mercedes, though, yeah, absolutely, because they appreciate doubled Warp/Fortify (which they only get at A rank).

People sometimes choose to make Marianne a Gremory because she can be a secondary healer/attacker with 5 move. Plus you can also have her wield her Hero’s Relic for high damage despite no swordfaire. Or her budding talent in lances if you like. It’s a way to get around her shaky accuracy with Blizzard and Fimbulvetr. Thoron and Cutting Gale are at least reliable. Aura I can understand why you don’t like it. Offensive faith magic outside of Seraphim was never really considered to be good. It at least has a crit chance.

I’m currently doing Gremory Mercedes on my maddening run right now and she’s been good. She’s even rocking a Magic Bow+ with bow prowess and hit +20.

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