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Do you use Einherjar/Unit Logbook units ?

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I've done 4 playthroughs of Fates, and I'm currently in the middle of my 2nd playthrough of Conquest that I started out of boredom. I have 20 units in my unit logbook (several repeats though, just cause I wanted multiples of my favorite characters haha) , but never really bothered to use them other than buying skills to save on grinding. I never even really bothered to recruit any units from castle battles.

I think the concept of using old units is really cool, but I was thinking it'd be kinda pointless to use a full-on level 20/20 unit in the beginning of a new playthrough. But I was thinking of doing another playthrough of Revelations with 2 Corrins lol.

I see the use in generic Einherjars for Iron Man runs though (if that doesn't break the rules I guess), in the case that a unit dies and you need a fill-in.

Idk, have you guys ever used an Einherjar/Unit Logbook unit in a playthrough before ? And did it break the game LOL

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