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Favorite Fates Character Tier List

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Since Fates has such a huge cast, I thought it would be fun to create an entirely subjective tier list based on personal likes and dislikes rather than somewhat more objective traits like functionality as units. Share your favorite character tier lists!

I organized my favorites in order of preference within each tier, but I don’t expect that from everyone. I also count Male Corrin and Female Corrin and Male Kana and Female Kana as different characters.
Feel free to copy my list and move character names around if it’s too much work to try to remember them all or type them out again. I listed every playable character and some NPCs and bosses when I felt inclined to include them.

Top 10

Camilla, Jakob, Azura, Corrin (F), Corrin (M), Shigure, Shura, Felicia, Leo, Elise

Top 20 (I love them just slightly less)

Peri, Charlotte, Anna, Nyx, Ryoma, Reina, Xander, Selkie, Laslow, Siegbert


Kaze, Percy, Flora, Sophie, Izana, Scarlet, Silas, Subaki, Arthur, Hayato, Kana (M), Kana (F), Kiragi, Lilith, Mozu, Ophelia, Odin, Hisame, Keaton, Velouria, Orochi, Rinkah, Kagero, Oboro, Yukimura, Kaden, Mitama, Benny, Effie, Rhajat, Caeldori, Kotaro, Candace


Setsuna, Hinoka, Beruka, Asugi, Mikoto, Sakura, Garon, Midori, Shiro, Gunter, Fuga, Funke, Nichol, Senno, Hinata

Mixed Feelings/Ambivalent

Azama, Hana, Ignatius, Iago, Nina, Zola, Soleil, Forrest, Dwyer, Selena


Takumi, Niles, Saizo, Hans

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Top 11

Laslow, Odin, Leo, Sakura, Kaze, Benny, Ryoma, Mozu, Felica, Subaki, Kaden

Top 20

Hinoka, Elise, Orochi, Dwyer, Kagero, Oboro, Ignatius, Shura, Flora


Azura, Effie, Forrest, Midori, Silas, Hana, Hinata, Nyx, Shigure, Shiro, Siegbert, Sophie, Yukimura, Izana, Scarlet


Fuga, Kiragi, Percy, Arthur, Beruka, Hayato, Hisame, Mitama, Setsuna, Kana, Takumi, Gunter, Caeldori, Asugi


Rinkah, Seizo, Reina, Camilla, Selena, Corrin, Ophelia, Selkie, Velouria

REALLY Dislike

Jakob, Xander, Charlotte, Nina, Niles, Rhajat, Soleil, Azama, Keaton, Peri

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Yay Thank you for asking haha. 


I decided to make a tier list for this one. Sorry if it’s a little blurry. I was doing this on an iPad and I couldn’t figure out how to download the list haha.

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Tiers from favorite to least favorite (characters within the tiers aren't listed in any particular order).

The Big Three

'Boro, Takumeme, Smolzu

The Grand Council

Velouria, Forrest, Flora, Keaton, Laslow, Leo, Charlotte, Midori, Mitama, Sakura, Reina, Kaze, Saizo, Selena, Kaden, Selkie, Hinata, Benny, Shiro

The Conscripts

Camilla, Hana, Soleil, Nina, Odin, Caeldori, Rhajat, Siegbert, Percy, Rinkah, Peri, Jakob, Silas, Sophie, Felicia, Beruka, Azama, Arthur, Dwyer, Gunter, Orochi, Hans, Lilith, Yukimura, Hinoka, Ignatius, Kiragi, Nyx, Ophelia, Ryoma, Mikoto, Sumeragi, Zola, Arete, Elise, Shigure, Kagero, Scarlet

The Convicts

Corn, Asugi, Xander, Kana, Azure, Effie, Hayato, Setsuna, Subaki (only because he's always a terrible unit whenever I use him), Anna, Hisame, Niles, Groan, Anankos, Iago


What surprised me is how definitive a lot of my opinions were.  Obviously the "Big Three" were characters I absolutely loved, but among the "Grand Council" I can't think of anything major that makes me reticent to place them there, and for the "Convicts" I had some fairly definitive misgivings about them.

What didn't surprise me, though, is how many I put into the "Conscripts" part (which is basically for characters I have indifferent or mixed opinions on).  In a way I'd say it's almost worse to be in this section than the one immediately below because at least I remember the characters I have a strong dislike for.  Half the time while looking through this section I was forgetting the names of the characters I was judging.  But this goes to show the issue with pursuing quantity over quality in this case - you'll get a few great or moderately likable characters and you'll get a handful of detestable characters, but more than anything else you'll just get characters to forget about.

If you were to contrast this to my opinions on Three Houses characters, and very likely I'm probably not gonna put very many of the playable cast into the "Conscripts" section.  There are roughly thirty fewer playable characters in that game than in Fates, and because of that the writers are able to put more care and effort into making them all more distinguishable than just random quirks that nobody cares about.  Even if this will at times make some characters almost detestable, at least we can actually have strong opinions on them instead of just tossing them aside.


Also, for the record, I would also list the two genders of Corrin and Kana as separate characters, but while I will say that I like female Corrin slightly more than male Corrin (partly because of design, partly because the few supports that are different between the two I prefer the female ones over the male ones), I ultimately dislike them all too much to place them any higher than I have them.

And I wish I could've put 20 in the "Grand Council", but I just couldn't justify putting anyone else up there.

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Here's mine. I tried to fit ten characters into each tier.

  • S are my top 10 favorites
  • A are characters I like
  • B are characters that I was fine with
  • C are characters I was indifferent to
  • D tier characters are the 'Didn't use as much'  tier
  • E are characters I didn't care for
  • F are the ten characters I didn't like at all.


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Decided to use the tier list maker for this one. I didn't put any of the characters in any order by the way. As you can see, I just... don't really care about a majority of the cast.my-image.thumb.png.e9122aec9d17eb88cf61624b0c7f37a1.png

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As much as I enjoy playing (and replaying) Conquest, I do not try crazy parties precisely because I do not use the characters that I dislike, regardless of their objective value as units. I later decided to do without the pre-promoted units and to reduce the party to ten members, which limited my options but allowed me to know the characters-units that I like in many situations.

• Favourites
Velouria, Odin, Ophelia

• Top units
Mozu, Elise, female Cornflakes

• Like
Silas, Sophie, Nina, Kaze, Anna, Haitaka

• Like but rarely use
Xander, Leo, Benny, Felicia, Flora, Gunther, Rally Man

• Neutral
Effie, Azura, Shigure, Laslow, Soleil, Camilla, Keaton, Niles, Siegbert, Ignatius, Midori

• Dislike and do not use
Selena, Beruka, Arthur, Percy, Nyx, Shura, male Kanna, Peri, Charlotte, Forrest, Izana

• Commits suicide by Chapter 7

• Never met

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Interesting topic we have here, but hey at least this gives me the chance to show my tier list now


edit: Oh crap I didn't realize that Izana isn't in this tier list I made but he's on S too before Niles, mans too funny. And the reason why Forrest is the lowest of all is because his character REALLY rubs me the wrong way...I was hesitant to put him on my dislikes because apparently it's homophobic to hate him now???

also you guys are too cruel to Azama ;-;




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Writing this out would have been a lot of work. To an extend it still was.

Not everyone is sorted in precise order(a precise order in an ''indifferent'' category would have been silly) but this is roughly how I feel about most characters. The ones I love, like, am indifferent towards, dislike or HATE. 

-Love is for characters I love
-Like is for characters I have a mostly favorable opinion towards. Or at least not a particularly negative one towards
-Indifferent is for characters that bore me and who I don't think much about
-Dislike is for characters I find either incredibly unsympathetic(Hana/Ophelia) or those who's gimmicks just don't appeal to me at all (Setsuna/wolves)
-Hate is for characters who's presence I consider to be a complete blight on the game.


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Here's mine haha. It's kinda rough in the middle cause I didn't realize that there was so many characters and there were several I never really used. On top of that, my only knowledge of the child characters is from Heirs of Fate -- but I felt like I got a good idea of them from Heirs of Fate.

If you guys wanna try it out, here's a link to a sorting "game" thing for all the series, and you can choose which game you want to sort.


and tbh nothing will ever top my love for the only 2 male pegasus knights in the whole series


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