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Lords/Main Characters

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What's your opinion on each of them as characters (not as units)?  Stick to only the ones from the games you've played.

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  • Lyn: Likable but unremarkable.
  • Eirika: An idiot.
  • Ephraim: A different kind of idiot.
  • Ike: Zero shits given, marches to the beat of his own drum, I like him.
  • Elincia: She's a sweetie.
  • Micaiah: The right sort of character for the sometimes grey morality of her game.
  • Marth: Bland white-meat hero type.
  • Chrom: No strong feelings. He's fine, I guess?
  • Lucina: I don't really care for the children mechanic, but she's interesting and charismatic enough that I don't mind her as an individual.
  • Robin: I don't like avatars.
  • Corrin: I still don't like avatars, and Corrin exemplifies many of their worst traits.
  • Alm: Has the same white-meat hero problems as Marth, but the presentation, dialogue and voice acting is charming enough for me to forgive him.
  • Celica: Has the same being an idiot problems as Eirika, but the presentation, dialogue and voice acting is charming enough for me to forgive her.
  • Edelgard: My opinions on her have been eaten my desire to avoid online discourse about her.
  • Claude: Very charming, charismatic, likable and overall fun, but doesn't actually do all that much.
  • Dimitri: I don't find him likable but I do find him compelling. Has a good personal arc.
  • Byleth: I still don't like avatars.
  • Itsuki: The straight man who gives his supporting cast their time to shine.
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Lyn: She clings to her feelings a bit much at times, but is otherwise ok.

Eliwood: Like that he can be the voice of reason.

Hector: True bro.  Like how he still has his own things going despite not being the story's real focus.

Eirika: Naive but has her moments.

Ephriam: Can understand him wanting to live away from the throne.

Ike: His blunt take on things is both refreshing and (at times) amusing.  Favorite MC(?)

Micaiah: Handles herself well for the situations she's in.  Favorite female MC

Marth: Not much happens with him, but still think he's fine.

Chrom: Surprised people don't say much on him, but I respect him.

M!Robin: Favorite Avatar.  Fits in well with cast, and is snarky in an amusing way.

F!Robin: I don't like her.  Can be quite the bitch in her supports (poor Chrom and Lon'qu).

Corrin: Both are equally bad.  Their naivety is far worse then Eirika's.

Alm: "I bet you could "urn" a lot of gold if you sold this."  ...Impossible for me to not love this dork.

Celica: Enjoyed her until Act 4.  Despite her intentions, that decision was pure stupidity on her part.

Byleth: Blank slate.  Wish they weren't.

Edelgard: Least favorite MC.  Extremely full of herself, and her battle convo with Dimitri in CF left me disgusted.

Dimitri: Great character arc.  Has clever moments in his supports.

Claude: Mispotential, the character.  Honestly should've had his own game instead of being the 3rd wheel.  IS really did him dirty for how great he is.

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1. Ike: Easily my favourite Fire Emblem character, and probably tied with Link from The Legend of Zelda for my favourite video game protagonist of all time.

2. Elincia: Great character. I particularly like her personality, character growth, and her dynamic with Ike and the Greil Mercenaries in the NA localization of Path of Radiance. I just wish the devs had seen how much better the dynamic was is in the NA localization and used that when going into Radiant Dawn. It felt weird when Ike returned in Radiant Dawn and his conversations with Elincia came across as flat and robotic compared to the ones in Path of Radiance (and it was especially weird that Elincia ends up with Geoffrey).

3. Micaiah: She's certainly unique in being more of a mage and a behind-the-front-lines lord compared to other FE lords, which is a nice change in dynamic. Her struggle with opening up to others and her fear of being found out to be branded are interesting, and I like her dynamic with Sothe (I will even defend them getting together at the end of the game). I just wish she didn't get overshadowed.

4. Marth: Any attempt for him to actually come across as a character is undermined by the barebones script in Shadow Dragon. But every now and then, there are little moments where something resembling a character manages to appear.

5. Chrom: He's on the blander and more generic side of things, though that can be said about a lot of stuff in Awakening. I only really see him as much of a character in certain moments (when he's reflecting on his childhood, Emmeryn's death, and when he finds out Lucina is his daughter. Even then, in that third one, he's overshadowed by Lucina).

6. Lucina: She's actually quite interesting. I like her character quite a bit, though that might be in part because she doesn't suffer from Awakening-Blandness nearly as much as the other two main characters.

7. Robin: They probably would've been better if they had been a fixed character. There are definitely certain interesting things about them, such as the reveal that they were bred to be the vessel for Grima, and as such, they are the only one that can truly destroy Grima. Amnesia's an old cliché, but I like how the game handled it with them, especially with their dreams of the future turning out to be the memories of their possessed self from the future. But who was it that thought that the way to make a character with fixed dialogue into a custom player-insert character would be to just make the dialogue bland? No; you either give them dialogue choices, make them silent (which wouldn't really work for FE), or you make them a fixed character.

8. Corrin: Same problems as Robin, but made far, far worse by Corrin also being a A Gary Stu, and I do not make that accusation lightly.

9. Azura: She could've been very interesting, but for most of all three stories, she's a plot device rather than a character. It's a shame because she starts off as a very intriguing character.

10: Alm: A Gary Stu that really, really, really should have been better than this. Everything was right there: you had a game where one of its taglines was "The Way of the Sword (Alm) or the Way of the Heart (Celica)", the game opens with young Alm and Celica reading about how Mila and Duma's different beliefs about how humans should be lead drove them apart and it has Alm and Celica agree never to let anything like that come between them, you have all this obvious attempt at parallelism between them, and it should be obvious what to do: Alm and Celica go down their respective paths and it initially divides them, but then both of them see the error of their ways, come together, and work together to bring about a new era. But it all falls apart, and the problem isn't just the plotting; it's Alm's character bending and distorting the plot around him (which is what a Mary Sue/Gary Stu does).

Alm the Gary Stu can't learn the error of his ways because the plot has to treat him as perfect. He can't have a flaw like only thinking of the next battle because then the plot would have to address it (even though it's something the plot absolutely should be addressing), so instead he was manipulated down this path by Rudolph and Mycen, and Alm can't feel bad about it because Rudolph's overly-complicated Thanatos Gambit was the only way. Alm can't have an interesting personality because then the story might have to explore that and he might have to actually grow as a character. He can't struggle in his leadership role that's been thrust upon him because he's just oh so special. There's just so much wasted potential, and so many reasons the story and theming falls apart can be traced back to Alm and how Alm is written.

And it has nothing to do with "he should be more like Awakening DLC Alm" or "this is more like actual Gaiden Alm"; I haven't played that DLC or Gaiden; I've only played Shadows of Valentia, and in Shadows of Valentia, he's terrible, and it's because glorification of his character took precedence over actually writing his character, and because they couldn't commit to the overhauls they were making to the story, themes and characters. If you're going to make such an overhaul when remaking a game, then commit to it!

In the end, Alm being left-handed is the only good thing about his character.

11. Celica: Celica demonstrates my point about Alm, as, when you forget about Alm for a second (which admittedly is hard to do), Celica at least sticks the landing. I can actually see what they were trying to do with her character: she can actually see ahead and see more going on than just the battles, but she's blinded by her dependence on Mila and her belief that Valentia needs Mila, which mirrors how Jedah believes that Valentia cannot survive without Duma, but unlike Jedah, she comes to see the error of her ways. It obviously could've been done a lot better, but a lot of her problems come from her characterization getting distorted by Alm's Gary Stu gravity field.

12. Byleth: Better at actually being a custom character (in terms of dialogue and interactions) than Robin or Corrin, but they have the same blandness problem and the lack of much gameplay customization combined with how they are basically fixed in terms of the story, means that they may as well be a fixed character that the player is simply guiding, like Link from The Legend of Zelda or Geralt from the Witcher games. In that's what they were going for this time around, then I can actually see it, and it even almost works, but there's something that Geralt has in spades and Link sometimes has (particularly in Wind Waker) that Byleth lacks: an interesting and engaging personality. If Byleth had that, they could've actually been a great character while still being a vehicle for the player.

13. Edelgard: She's a very interesting and compelling character, and I like her character a lot. As far as FE lords go, she's definitely top 3 in terms of being characters. There are a few smaller problems, but more of them have to do with the plotting and worldbuilding (or in the case of her battle conversation with Dimitri in CF, cringeworthy dialogue) rather than how she's written as a character.

14. Claude: He's fairly interesting. Not my favourite main character in Three Houses, but interesting. He's a schemer, his goals are understandable, he's interesting. The Verdant Wind route doesn't really use him to his full potential though, but that's a plotting issue rather than an issue with his character.

I can't say anything about Dimitri as I have yet to play Azure Moon.

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Marth: He's good. Likable enough, capable and as interesting as the limited formula allows for. He just needs to be a bit more consistent. I notice each game has a different take on the guy.
Alm: A delight to have on screen. I think the word ''adorkable'' applies. He's a very expressive, likable character. Making silly puns, behaving like a dork, goofing around and generally just having fun. FE Lords are rarely very interesting, and Alm isn't either but at least he's consistently enjoyable. 
Celica: A bit like Alm but to a lesser extend. She's a bit less dorky and a bit more of a big dummy at the end. She's fine. Though she'll always have among the better designs in the series
Sigurd and Sigurd: They're fine. The dad's fine, the kid's fine. I just don't think their main game give them much to work with
Eliwood: He's easily the least interesting of the trio. I guess its because he's more grounded and normal while Hector and Lyn are more expressive. Otherwise he's fairly decent all around.
Lyn: I like her. I don't love her but she always gave a favorable impression. I don't have much overly good or bad to say about her.
Hector: I really like Hector. I think its great he has some less desirable traits we rarely see in a Lord like wrath. I like that there's a contrast between the person Hector and everyone else think he is, and the Hector that he actually is. Despite his reputation he sometimes comes across as the most knowledgeable and grounded of the trio.
Eirika: She's likable, she's cute and she's not particularly interesting. I like her well enough but not overly so
Ephraim: Ephraim bores me and I think he's a bit too talented.
Ike: What more can be said? 9/10. Easily one of the best lords, a breath of fresh air due to being a commoner and the lord who grows the most. I don't always think Ike is very likable and he's a bit more close minded than the game wants you to believe but he's definitely in the upper tier. 
Michy: She's the most unique lord. A lord who's a magic user and who's more clearly in the wrong is interesting. She contrasts Ike very well. The writing occasionally stumbles in regards to Michy, and seems a bit too keen to dump her in favor of Ike, but I appreciate what they tried to do with her.
Chrom: Chrom bores me. He's the straight man needing to bounce off a wacky cast which he does well, but I don't think he's anything more than that. 
Robin: He's the best Avatar. That has more to do with the other Avatars. Robin is a very blank character who's traits are subdued enough that despite having a personality you can imprint yourself on him easily enough.
Corrin: I think Corrin is likable and sometimes even endearing but they're just a bad character. Because they are such a strongly defined character they cannot be an Avatar, and there is too great a disconnect between how great the story wants Corrin to be and the idiotic actions Corrin often takes. The Corrins easily emerge as the least competent lords by far.
Byleth: They bore me. They're a better Avatar than Corrin since they are a blank slate, but precisely because they are a blank slate there's nothing to them.
Edelgard: A breath of fresh air. Its interesting that we have a lord far more based on Arvis than the likes of Marth or Hector. I think she's easily among the most nuanced of the lords.
Dimitri: With lords you have two types of them. You have the lords who are based on Marth, and the lords who are based on Hector. Therefore I think its clever that Dimitri is a Hector pretending he's a Marth. His crazy hobo form can sometimes become a bit too cartoony though. 
Claude: Very great guy. Charismatic, expressive, unique but he suffers from the story clearly not being very interested in him. He's the third wheel. The Wu to Dimitru's Shu and Edelgard's Wei. 

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Those I adore: Dimitri, Claude, Chrom, Lucina, Lyn, Eliwood, Hector, Ephraim, PoR-Ike.

Those I like: Alm, Corrin(?), Robin, Byleth, Elincia (I guess)

Those I (barely) tolerate: RD-Ike, Micaiah, Celica, Itsuki

Those I haven't played: Sigurd, Seliph, Leif, Edelgard, Marth

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love: Ike, Claude, Elincia

like: Dimitri, Edelgard, Leif, Sigurd, Reese, Zade

meh: Miccy, Ephraim, Hector, Lyn, Eliwood, Byleth

dislike: Marth, Seliph, Celica, Alm, Eirika

hate: Corrin, Roy, Athol

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Marth: SD's text is flavorless and boring. It's hard to get a feel for his character but it does exist. He's ok and better in New Mystery.

Alm: Gary Stu-ish but I find him charming, sue me.

Celica: One of the prettiest designs in the series.

Sigurd: I love this man.

Seliph: I love him too. Underrated lord.

Leif: Actually one of the most complex and reflective lords.

Roy: He's our boy. It's in our contract to like red haired Marth.

Lyn: She's ok? She's least lordy out of all the lords in the sense she loses all relevance after Arc 1.

Eliwood: Another red haired Marth... Although he's actually the most interesting between Marth, Roy, and him.

Hector: Charming and fun to use in-game.

Eirika: Sacred Stones has a great cast, so when you compare her to other characters, hell, other royals (L'arachel, Joshua, Innes), she's a bit dull and naive.

Ephraim: Like Alm, but I like his supports more on an entertainment value. He's really dense.

Ike: Up there with Leif as one of the best imo. 

Elincia: Definitely interesting and I consider her a lord.

Micaiah: She has a special place in my heart because she was my first lord.

Chrom: Charming

Robin: The best self-insert imo

Lucina: Never quite wow'ed me like she did with the majority of the fanbase. She's ok.

Corrin: My least favorite.

Azura: Her design is too busy for my taste, but she's prettier when drawn by other artists. Sorry Kozaki.

Edelgard: I have complicated feelings about this character.

Dimitri: His timeskip characterization is something else. Iconic, but is it believable? The VA did a fantastic job though.

Claude: The most charismatic out of any lord. Suave, sophisticated, and bold.

Byleth: depends on the week whether I like them or not. I don't like Bylass' haircut though. It's messed up.


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Marth: Generic, but not a bad thing. Most of what I like comes from the style in which his stories is told.

Kris: Feels more like a commoner than Ike or Alm ever did, and that's a good thing. S/He's a salt of the earth plain old regular guy. Praise is excessive as is common for avatars, but it's nicely balance with a massive amount of good natured humbleness.

Alm: I wish he was more aggressive in the remake..

Celica: Probably my favourite female lord in the series, even though I have a tonne of issues with her. Guess I just like the sword mage style she has going for her.

Sigurd: Excellent tragic hero. Immensely competent but it didn't count for shit in this unfortunate story.

Seliph: Honestly a bit weak. Gen II Holy War goes into pretty generic Fire Emblem territory and Seliph is one of the weakest aspects of that shift.

Leif: Great character arc in Thracia, and even in my first Genealogy playthrough I kind of wish he could co seize castles along side Seliph.

Roy: Our intellectual hero, smart but not obnoxious about it (course its easy to look smart when Merlinus is the only other character you ever interact with). His game is a little light on plot though which means he doesn't has a massive amount of material to work with as a character.

Lyn: I like Lyn, she strikes a good balance of tough yet sensitive. I just really wish she carved a purpose and reason to exist in her own game beyond Lyn mode.

Eliwood: Another one who hits the generic beats, but actually has some decent material to work with as far as plot goes, so pulls it off better than most other generic lords.

Hector: A far better character than Eliwood with hidden depths disguised behind his bravado, though he is stealing Eliwood's story which makes Hector mode just feel a bit off.

Eirika: Generic lord female edition. Her doing that one stupid thing doesn't bother me as much as most, probably because I have a tonne of issues with that whole plot arc overall.

Ephraim: He's like Hector, but not quite as cool or interesting.

Ike: He's like Hector, only he actually has his own story. Well, nah, that's not being fair, he's not all that much like Hector. But he is a good kid who speaks his mind and stays true to himself.

Micaiah: She's actually a pretty great character with a very unique position as a protagonist in the series, but then when the story gets board with that Yune hijacks her as a microphone and she just ceases to be a character for the climax of the game.

Chrom: I think he's strongest in the Valm arc where Whalhart makes a good foil for him, but overall I find Awakening's story too discoordinated to really resonate all that much with him.

Robin: It's actually a bit like a return to Roy by giving us an intellectual, and despite it not really being Robin's story, there's actually a lot more to work with in terms of plot than Roy, but yeah, the excessive praise is a bit much sometimes. I like Grima!Robin a lot more, even before Heroes.

Corrin: I like the naïvety that feels natural to the character. I dislike basically the entire plot built around that.

Byleth: I actually think the strong silent emotionless type they were going for would have worked better if they actually had a bit of character. The whole mute thing doesn't really mesh well as it could when they're going for such a specific character.

Itsuki: The most boring character in all of creation.

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  • Marth: Likeable and well-written. Maybe leans a little in the "usual standard hero" direction, but plays his role very well. I like him.
  • Alm: I like him. I feel like maybe he's "correct" a little too often, like they made him a little too perfect, but then I go and play Echoes and he's just so darn likeable and charismatic. He plays off of Clive and the rest of the cast so well.
  • Celica: I like her. One particular moment in the story made her seem...dumber than she should have been, given everything that preceded this event. So, a little inconsistent, but like Alm, her voice acting and the way she's presented is so good that I can't help but like her.
  • Sigurd: I like him. The start of the Hector/Ephraim/Ike-type main characters, and what a heck of a strong start. You could make a comparison with Celica or Eirika with certain things, but I think it's handled a lot better with Sigurd. His story may have a tragic end, but that doesn't stop him from being great.
  • Seliph: Not as memorable as Sigurd, or Leif for that matter, but I still like Seliph. He plays a good role and helps drive Genealogy Part 2.
  • Leif: An excellent character that really needs so much more exposure.
  • Roy: I'd say he's an underrated character, but then he goes and seems to always rank in the Top 5-10 in tons of official FE popularity polls. Similar to Marth, but uses his strategic brain more, which I think sets him apart enough.
  • Lyn: My favorite character in the entire series and honestly I could talk for so long about her.
  • Eliwood: The "everyman" of the Lyn/Eliwood/Hector trio, and a darn good one at that. The voice of reason, the likeable character, the one who drives the rest. Certain story moments work really well and elevate Eliwood a lot.
  • Hector: Coming from the mold of Sigurd (and Lex, apparently?), another strong character. Another like from me.
  • Eirika: I like her quite a lot, honestly. She has that one moment of dumbness, but honestly, I don't think it's all that bad. I can understand her line of thinking, at least. She's good.
  • Ephraim: Another favorite.
  • Ike: Ike is a tale of two. Path of Radiance Ike is a character I'm very fond of. Radiant Dawn Ike is a character that's...fine? I wish he was consistently good as a character between the two games.
  • Elincia: One of the best Tellius characters, for sure. The only one I like more is Brom because he's so darn likeable. But Elincia is freaking good.
  • Micaiah: Honestly, she'd be a lot better if her spotlight wasn't hijacked by Yune and Ike. I like her well enough in Part 1, but after that, you barely get to know her.
  • Chrom: He's good, I like him. He's like a cross between Marth and Sigurd, with the addition of a total dorky side in his supports. It works.
  • Lucina: Her story role is great and a few select supports elevate her further, but there's a few other supports that are kinda...eh? I like her, but they needed to lay off some of the silliness of some of her supports. It doesn't work as well with her.
  • Robin: He's fine. I like him, but he's not a super-favorite. Avatar only in title, honestly.
  • Corrin: Nope.
  • Byleth: I...have mixed feelings, but Byleth is fine enough.
  • Edelgard: I'm honestly pretty neutral on her. I think she's definitely in the wrong in a LOT of things in Three Houses, but she's pretty well-written.
  • Dimitri: Compelling personal arc, honestly probably the most compelling of the house leaders. As of right now, I'd say he's the best of the house leaders. But, like Edelgard, I do think he's in the wrong about some things.
  • Claude: While I like him a lot, I do think he's a little disappointing. They didn't play into his scheming, trickster, strategic side enough, and he was kinda the sidelined house leader. But, still charismatic enough, I like him.

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Marth: The original lord. I like him quite a bit. His Shadow Dragon incarnation in particular portrays him quite well, along with how he's written in the manga..

Alm: He's fine? Feels a bit too standard and perfect to me.

Celica: I like her a fair bit. Her idealism is endearing, and her role as the contrast to Alm's guiding philosophy is quite nice.

Sigurd: I like him more than I thought I would. He's a tragic hero of sorts. Makes poor decisions that lead to his demise. Hotheaded and naive. I dig it.

Roy: Lacking characterization. Fairly bland. I like him more in Smash than I do in FE.

Lyn: The best of the FE7 lords. The story for her mode is a nice change of pace. I like her personality and wish she had more time to shine.

Eliwood: He has a few moments that make me like him more than I would otherwise. Not enough of those moments though, if you ask me.

Hector: Eh, obnoxious and overbearing. Don't like him.

Eirika: A sweet, but naive character. I think that one moment of naivety fits her character fine. It's a flaw, but one that make her more believable. I like her quite a bit.

Ephraim: Basically Hector, but more obnoxious.

Ike: Path of Radiance Ike is one of the best in the series. Radiant Dawn Ike is lacking compared to Path. Overall very good though.

Elincia: Best Tellius character. One of the best series wide. Plays a great role in her part of RD's story.

Micaiah: Just okay. I like how she's shown to be a heavily flawed character in a difficult situation, but I never really connected with the character. Yune also killed any chance of her having more time to shine in Part 4.

Chrom: Likable. Awkward. Hotheaded. I don't have a lot to say about Chrom other than I just like him a lot.

Lucina: One of my favorites. I like how she's both an incredible fighter and an awkward dork. Laura Bailey voicing her also makes me like her even more.

Robin: He's good. I like him. Not much else to say.

Corrin: They're not a good character or avatar, really. I don't mind naive, but stupidity is less tolerable from an MC.

Byleth: Byleth is fine. I feel like they sit in a bit of an awkward middle ground between being a true avatar and an actual character most of the time. They do have some bright moments of expressing emotion though.

Edelgard: I'm only familiar with her as an antagonist, and I think she fulfills that role well. Well-written. I can understand her motives even if I disagree with her actions.

Dimitri: Top-tier. Great development arc and likable personality. A flawed character done right.

Claude: A side character masquerading as a lord. I never once found him compelling in the least. He's likable, sure, but he never felt relevant to the main story.

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Marth: He's fine. Not my favorite lord, despite being an archanea fan. But he gets the job done as a lord.

Alm: Same as Marth, but a bit more hotheaded and more likely to rush into bad situations. But top tier voice work makes me like him more then Marth

Celica: Started off interesting, but by part 4 it made me start to dislike her. She just started being so damn irrational that it made me slowly start to hate her.

Kris: Not a lord, but thought i'd include the avatars for reasons. But Kris is actually my favorite avatar unit. Simply because he comes the closest to how I feel one should be in this series. If they just toned down his main story screen time a bit and keep most of it to paralogues and supports. But the big reason why I like him is, he isn't some chosen one destined for greatness like Robin, Corrin, or Byleth. No divine powers or anything. Just some guy who actually put in the effort to be strong. While the others have their powers quite literally handed to them.

Sigurd: Favorite lord in the series by far. A tragic hero done damn near perfectly.

Seliph: Eh, same as Marth. A bit generic. But he gets the job done

Roy: Has some interesting moments. And is ok at portraying a youth forced into a position of leadership. But I just don't like him to much. Might just me being salty about how damn bad he is as a unit. They seriously need to buff him in a remake

Lyn: Favorite of the FE7 trio. Overall solid character struggling with who she wants to be.

Eliwood: Kinda boring. But has some good moments

Hector: Hotheaded and arrogant. Meh

Eirika: If Celica managed to make me hate her by the 2nd half of the game. Eirika makes me despise her entire existence. She takes idiocy to a whole new level around the 2nd half of the game

Ephraim: Same as Hector. But I feel he kinda nailed that character style better

Ike: One of the best written lords in the series. Period.

Micaiah: I like her. But I can understand why some don't. Her big issues come from she is portrayed as a true lord to radiant dawn. But gets sidelined by Ike and Yune extremely hard in part 4.

Chrom: He's fine. Nothing special. But he isn't offensively bad in any regard.

Robin: I actually really liked him before he kind of hijacked the story away from Chrom and Lucina near the end

Lucina: Another big favorite of mine by lord standards.

Corrin: In my oppinion. Worst written lord in the series. By far

Byleth: More of a plot device for Rhea's character arc. Easily my least favorite avatar unit.

Edelgard: I liked the big plot twist with her in the first part. But they honestly could have done a better job of trying to cover it up. In hers and Dimitri's route. The whole spoiler thing with flame emperor is so damn obvious. Its great in Claude's route because all eyes are off of her entirely for the most part.

Dimitri: One of the best character arcs of all lords. But kinda starts off a bit of a generic lord.

Claude: Favorite of the 3 houses lords. Charming, Charismatic, and overall very likeable.

Rhea: A very well done flawed main character with good intentions. But heavily flawed actions. Should 100% have been the actual lord for the church route.

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  • Roy: My boy. He's nothing remarkable, but he gets the job done, and that's the sort of thing I prefer to those flashy failures in the world.
  • Lyn: She's kind of annoying.
  • Eliwood: Not as cool as his boy, really rather plain.
  • Hector: He's kind of annoying.
  • Eirika: Eh.
  • Ephraim: I like that he has lances. Why is his speed cap 24?
  • Ike: I used to like him a lot, but in hindsight he's kind of dull. If the idea was to have an "atypical" main character, they certainly didn't try for that with his personality.
  • Micaiah: She's kind of annoying.
  • Chrom: I remember very little about Chrom. He's probably dumb and kind of annoying.
  • Lucina: I remember just about as little about Lucina. If she were to marry Mr. Game & Watch, their child would be the flattest character in existence.
  • Corrin: He's dumb but because everyone hates him, I'm sort of numb to it. Yeah, Corrin is wrong and stupid, but...who cares? We already know this. I accept it as a fact of life, like gravity. He's cool as a unit, though.
  • Alm: I thought he started out promising, but he very quickly came into his own as being very dull and a little obnoxious.
  • Celica: Also dull, not as obnoxious despite the stupidity everyone rags on, I find her generally inoffensive for what she is.
  • Marth: I actually like this guy. The thing Marth does which everyone else fails to do is...work properly. Like, people think he's boring, but he's the one guy to have actual character depth. Something which could actually be turned into a character arc. He's initially sheltered and obviously very sensitive, but circumstances force him to act out difficult duties with stoicism. It's actually very admirable of him. In a way, he's symbolic of what the player was intended to be. He's an ironman player, he wants everyone to make it out alive and well, but that might not always happen, and he can't break down crying and throw a tantrum and abandon all his duties in spite of the sadness he feels about that. Of all the things in the world, the OVA actually helps his character a lot with the hunting scene.

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Lyndis: A decent character overall. I liked her until post tutorial where she becomes kind of stubborn and irritable. It's reasonable but didn't really sit well for me for the first couple of times she's done it.

Eliwood: The nicest and most humble of all lords in his game so he's an OK character, but respectable. 

Hector: Love this guy's attitude, based AF. Definitely liked the bond between him and Eliwood, and even the implied(?) ship between him and Lyn even if they may not show it.

Eirika: Some of her actions is one of the most irresponsible/stupidest things that I've had to witness. I'm not a fan of her.

Ephraim: (Only judging from Eirika's Route) He's got that Eliwood vibe.

Chrom: There isn't anything special about him, so I didn't really care.

Lucina: One of my favorite female lords. Admired her ambition to see the world a better place.

Robin: I personally don't care for customizable MUs.

Corrin: Same deal as Robin.

Alm: It's been so long since I touched the remake, but from what I remember he's okay?

Celica:  I can't remember too. She's okay I guess.

Edelgard: I liked her personal life and past, another one of my favorite female lords.

Dimitri: (Never done his route) Judging a book by it's cover, I don't like him.

Claude: Very likeable & chill guy, and enjoy his mischievous demeanor. Unfortunately, there's not much about him because his route doesn't seem to treat him as a main lord.

Byleth: Same deal as Robin. Probably my least favorite MU.



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Marth: +1 with AnonymousSpeed's opinion

Roy: I like how he actually applies his homework from Sun Tzu or Clausewitz - a massive shame it doesn't get applied into gameplay unlike Fates and its various skills or Three Houses and its battalions. I actually don't mind him being centre of attention, because of how much more of a admin/manager-oriented his story is.

Eirika/Ephraim: Used to like them, but they look kinda dull now. Eirika's an idiot who did get her consequences, and Ephraim's a dumb muscle that should have no business in being a general.

Robin: Male Robin only, but I like a lot of his "appealing to sanity" moments in his support conversations. 

Chrom/Lucina: Didn't care.

Corrin: Fuck, no. Unless if it is my fanfic Corrin from World War 2.

Edelgard: Only gone halfway, but I like how she's has a complex side to her, and I also like how she's controversial for the right storywriting reasons. A lot of the stuff I see here are just basically real life politics except for fictional video game characters.

Byleth: She's okay, I guess. My headcanon for her is that she's subtly naïve and shy (hence why she's understated) at times, but quickly wising up and opening up as much as she can.

Minako/Yu/Ren/Itsuki: Admittedly yes he's sorta bland, but I think his blandness actually works here. From a storywriting perspective, I say he's underrated. I'm pleased to see that he one of the few lords that both doesn't become a constant attention whore and does get shown to be working with others, similar to Minako, Yu, and Ren in Persona 3-5, unlike most of the lords here, just like Minako/Yu/Ren. He's probably one of the not-so-uncommon Japanese high school students where he just doesn't have a life of his own, and he constantly had to study. Probably would have been better if he was either a silent protagonist, or a full protagonist with a fuller background and personality. I wish more FE games are like this or Persona 3-5 where other characters get more showtime. Although Three Houses seems to go in the right direction.

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On 6/19/2021 at 3:29 AM, henrymidfields said:

Marth: +1 with AnonymousSpeed's opinion

Roy: I like how he actually applies his homework from Sun Tzu or Clausewitz - a massive shame it doesn't get applied into gameplay unlike Fates and its various skills or Three Houses and its battalions. I actually don't mind him being centre of attention, because of how much more of a admin/manager-oriented his story is.

Yo, thanks. You seem to be a fellow of taste and you have my applause.


On 6/19/2021 at 3:29 AM, henrymidfields said:

Corrin: Fuck, no. Unless if it is my fanfic Corrin from World War 2.

Woah, woah, time out! You can't just casually drop the existence of such a thing on me. I demand details.

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11 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

Woah, woah, time out! You can't just casually drop the existence of such a thing on me. I demand details.

Okay, what about the fact that he keeps being a doormat against an obvious Saturday-cartoon-show-level evil overlord named Garon (or even sides with one in the first place)? Or how he doesn't wise up and dispatch Hans in Chapter 14 when Garon isn't watching like he did with Zola? What about the fact that he gets off scot-free by Hinoka and Sakura (and by the narration as well) despite being complicit against everything Nohr did? Not to mention how all of this becomes pointless with Revelations (and Corrin still retains his stupidity there as late as I think Chapter 18 and never really gets scolded by anyone)? It's all levels of stupid - I only managed to tolerate playing him when I reimagined the Conquest story as an WW2 alternate history version (and Corrin there at least has an actually good reason to side with a Nohr that is less (obviously) evil. See my signature below. 

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5 minutes ago, henrymidfields said:

See my signature below. 

I've had signatures off for so long I forgot how to turn them back on. However, I am very interested to see this "Corrin in the Second World War" story.

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19 minutes ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

I've had signatures off for so long I forgot how to turn them back on. However, I am very interested to see this "Corrin in the Second World War" story.

Here's the very last page: 


Keep in mind that it isn't finished. Probably read from Chapter 14 (here), as this is when I started to make it into a full fanfic instead of a merely glorified LP with snarky comments. 

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On 06/19/21 at 3:29 AM, henrymidfields said:

Unless if it is my fanfic Corrin from World War 2.


15 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

Woah, woah, time out! You can't just casually drop the existence of such a thing on me. I demand details.

Both of you, this is not the place for that.

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Sticking only to characters whose stories I've experienced enough of myself to feel I can really have informed opinions on...

  • MARTH: I actually like him a lot! He is, in a lot of ways, pretty "vanilla" as heroes go, but I think he's a pretty compelling instance of that type of character. I appreciate how genuinely thoughtful and conscientious he is. One of my favorite details in FE1 is how many special animations Marth has; he actually has distinct animations for each of his three Prf swords, though the difference between the Rapier and Mercurius animations is rather subtle.
  • ALM: He's a pretty fun and likable character! I'll admit I'm not as enamored with him as a lot of people, but I do still like him. The big twist about his character really undermines the message his side of the story seems to be aiming for in the remake, which is a shame.
  • CELICA: I actually like her a good bit. It's still really disappointing to me how shafted she gets in the writing department later on in her route, but I really like her and her party as characters quite a lot! It also doesn't hurt that she's one of my favorite classes in the series.
  • LYN: My perception of what popular opinion of her actually is has been reduced to a fine powder by all the reactions to her prolific inclusion in Fire Emblem Heroes, but Lyn herself is actually a really interesting spin on a Fire Emblem Lord to me. I didn't really think of it this way before watching the Support Science video on her, but I think it's cool how her introductory arc is an abbreviated version of the standard Lord arc, and then the rest of her personal development is a sort of more low-key examination of whether or not that "ending" actually works for her as a person. I don't know if IntSys had actually meant to do that sort of examination of their own commonly-used tropes thing, but it kind of ended up like that, and I think that's pretty cool. Really hate IntSys using a fifteen-year-old to draw in sex appeal money, though. Don't mistake that distaste for anything like surprise or disbelief, mind you, but I still hate it.
  • ELIWOOD: I appreciate how he's just an earnestly nice dude, and he gets some pretty cool moments in the plot, I think! I actually really like characters who are just genuinely nice and chill people, though I get that they're often considered boring. I also really love the voice casting for Eliwood in FEH. If all but one of Yuri Lowenthal's Fire Emblem roles had to be recast, I'd pick Eliwood to be that "one", honestly.
  • HECTOR: He is pretty strong as a unit, but I feel his reputation as one is... a bit exaggerated. As a character, having played FE7 again recently, while he is definitely "the muscle" of the game's main trio, I really wouldn't consider him dumb muscle. He's blunt and direct, but a lot more thoughtful than I think people both in-universe and out give him credit for. An Armored Axe Lord is also just plain cool.
  • EIRIKA: I still need to replay Sacred Stones to refresh my perspective on her, but from what I recall I actually like her a lot. I love her design and personality, and she's actually always appealed to me more than Ephraim does out of the two Sacred Stones Lords. Really boring promotion, though. Her and Ephraim both.
  • EPHRAIM: A lot like with Alm, I've never been as big into him as a lot of people, but I do still like him and think he's cool. I do appreciate his sheer gutsiness, and I can definitely appreciate the concept of a character a part of whom would love to just ditch the obligations others have placed on him to live his own dreams, too. Really cool to have a lance infantry Lord... though, like his sister, his promotion's super bland.
  • CHROM: He's a pretty versatile character, which I think is his biggest selling point. He can be serious, caring, a dorky goofball, or a long-suffering straight man depending on the scenario, and none of it really feels out-of-character to me. He's not especially deep, but I do think he's pretty fun.
  • ROBIN: Relatively inoffensive as Avatar characters go. It definitely helps that I think Awakening does the best job in the series of balancing an Avatar and a predefined Lord as co-protagonists in its narrative. Technically they're a very similar class to Celica, but it's just not as cool without the healing magic access and "holy magic knight" theming.
  • LUCINA: She has a very strong character design. One of the best in Awakening, I'd say. She's also inherited some of her father's versatility as a character, though she tends to lean "serious" more frequently than he does... and understandably so, honestly, considering her backstory. I don't have quite the same level of attachment to her a lot of people do, but I do think she's pretty cool. Kinda wish she had a stronger presence in the plot post-reveal, though.
  • ALFONSE: I definitely fall into the camp of people who were initially pretty ehhh on him, but came around a lot as new arcs fleshed him out more. I like him pretty much on the same sort of level as I like some main series Lords, actually. I find him pretty likable, and I think he has some solid motivations underpinning his character.
  • SHARENA: Really wish IntSys would put her on more even narrative footing with Alfonse, and it feels kind of insulting that the closest they came to doing that more or less got All Just a Dreamed in the end. For a while, she was actually my favorite of the Askr trio. I appreciate how good-natured she is and I love her design!
  • ANNA (FEH): Counting her because she's clearly meant to form a trio with Alfonse and Sharena, and they're both definitely Lords. Actually, I think that's... kinda the most interesting thing I have to say about her. I like her design and the fact that she's allowed to do things besides being a greedy moneygrubber, I suppose.
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I`ll skip Marth, Sigurd and Seliph since I don`t remember many of my thoughts on them.


  • Alm: I like him a lot, especially the fact that he`s left handed. Unfortunetaly, him never failing puts a massive dent in that. Then there`s the message Echoes tried to give his side of the story, which fails cause he is the son of the Emeror of Rigel and has the Brand.
  • Celica: Despite her relevance dissapearing after Act 4 and making a mindnumbingly dumb decision, I really like Celica. My favourite female Lord from the games I have played
  • Eliwood: I like him, but acknowledge he`s not exactly unique or stands out much when compared to other Lords in the series.
  • Lyndis: I like her, but I wish they did more with her feeling out of place at court. Am not a big fan of the focus on her connection with Mark in recent years, as it`s the least interesting part of Lyn Mode if you ask me.
  • Hector: He`s alrigth, though he also has the mosy clear cut development out of the FE7 Lords. More axe Lords pls
  • Eirika: Would like her more if blunders weren`t so dumb
  • Epharim: While cool, I feel he overshadows Eirika too much for my liking. More lance Lords pls
  • Chrom: Alright, but nothng special
  • Robin: Okay, not great but not terrible either
  • Lucina: I think she`s neat, having some light hearted moments to balance out her seriousness
  • Corrin: Would`ve been better off as an actual character in my opinion. As is, they`re meh
  • Byleth: Same as Corrin
  • Edelgard: My favourite Lord in recent years, though she works better as an antagonist. Her being so proactive is such a nice change from the more reactive protags from previous entries.
  • Dimitri: Like him a lot, just wish his change was more gradual
  • Claude: Probably the most unique Lord of all the games I`ve played. Like him a lot too.
  • Alfonse: Same as Chrom

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  • Marth: Bland, white bread, but overall inoffensive. I don't like his design and don't care for him at all, but I give him a pass since he was the first and he was sa nice character by the time period in which he was released. 
  • Alm: What are his struggles and his failings? I think they could had done more with Alm in his remake 
  • Celica: She has a great design and is the only lord that address the religiously of historical people, which is often ignored in historical fantasy, understandably. That said, she is annoying, I understand what they were doing with her but she felt flat when they portrayed Alm as the righteous lord that can't do no wrong, and saved her. Celica needed to die to learn from her mistakes, which is cheap and often bad writing.  Why they did that? If she was kept dead she would be the first tragic heroine, but idk if it would help Celica's case in charisma, but she would at least be unique. 
  • Sigurd: He is iconic because he is the first tragic hero, and the better one at that. He is portrayed as the average naive hero and faces realistic consequences to that. I roll eyes to his romance with Deirdre but I like his character arc, and it had proper consequences instead of the plot bending itself to make him correct. 
  • Seliph: I like him, I can't put my finger why. But he has way less characterisation than Sigurd and at first he can look like a generic hero. His tibits of characterisation like his imposter syndrome and his fears are hidden in random supports, which are easily missable. 
  • Leif: I didn't pay Leif any mind when playing his game,  because that game has less characterisation than Genealogy. But he is the only few lords that was really failing in his mission, which is a very interesting concept. He leads a group of misfits which is quite cool. It just falls flat when you realise that he is a prince by birth and had special blood, but his arc is better done than Alm since he doesn't have an "enlightning  cliche moment", he is just a guy put in a life and death situation and needs to survive through that with even less support than Seliph.  
  • Roy: I like him. Like Seliph, his characterisation is missable because of the scrappy supports mechanic. He is the first scholar lord, he doubts himself a lot and is aware that he is not more special than anyone else, he got depressed during the war... He is not the most unique lord, but people exagerated in his blandness. He has more going on than Marth, and his father. 
  • Eliwood: Diet version of his son Roy. He is redheaded Marth and a the blandest of the trio, but an overall alright character. He had an advantage over Roy, that he had other two interesting main characters to interact with during the game 'scenes', but as a character and hero he is a bit unremarkable imo. 
  • Lyndis: She is Sue's Expy aka she is Sue if she were a lord, but I prefer Sue even if she is a side character... That said, I like Lyn. She has a proper background that differs from other lords, a proper unique personality instead of being another prim and proper lady. She is upbeat, lives in the wilderness, rejects her noble side... There's no other lord like her, so I don't see how she could be bland. That said, it seems they didn't know what do to with her and reduced Lyn as a waifu for Eliwood or Hector, since birthing Roy or Lilina is the only way to justify her relevance and status as lord, unfortunately. 
  • Hector: He is a meathead, obnoxious, but he has hidden depths and is the most iconic of the trio and the first and best of his kind. I wouldn't like him much as a person but I like him as a character. 
  • Eirika: A bit unremarkable other than being female Marth. I like Eirika's  light blue hair but her design is generic and remember me of Marine/Guy for Rayearth. Other than that I find exagerated the criticism she gets from trusting Leon, I can understand why she did that, and it's ironic that some of the people that criticise Eirika's decision defend Celica and Sigurd who are way worse in this aspect, and lost their own lives duo their short sightness. Also she was overshadowed by Ephraim who is treated as more talented and righteous than her, even though I prefer her route since she has more growth than him. 
  • Ephraim: Another male lord that overshadows the female. He is diet version of Hector but not as interesting. He has his flaws but... He really struggle with that? 
  • Ike: The first commoner lord, which is great. I like his design and the discussion of his sexuality is amusing. I like him overall. 
  • Micaiah: The first and only mage lord. Overshadowed by Ike... I have mixed feelings about her but she is well writen overall. Just not a lord that I care about. 
  • Chrom: I see him as a composite character of Sigurd and Marth but more likeable than both. He is alright, another average blue haired lord. 
  • Lucina: She is another tragic heroine since she basically failed to save her world (granted some of it was the previous generation's fault, and she was basically doomed, but still...). I like her though I find her personality a bit bland. The interesting aspect of her is when she interacts with the previous generation. 
  • Robin: Heh... He is indeed the  protagonist of Awakening. The story is his whole arc of trusting in bonds and making the right choice to defeat Grima to save the world and give a better future in this timeline. That said I think Robin would be better if it wasn't an avatar. Robin is a nice character and stands as it's own, but by being an avatar its potential is not reached. Also I need to say that I dislike female Robin's design and personality. Why did they change some of the convos between genders and made the female more unlikeable? 
  • Kris: I like Kris as an avatar in a mechanical perspective. I couldn't care less for Kris (or Marth) as characters so I don't feel rage for the infamous stolen quotes but I completely understand why Kris is disliked by Archanea fans. 
  • Corrin: I have mixed feelings about Corrin, I think some of the flaws of the character is duo to Fates disjointed writing than Corrin per se.  Also it's crazy Corrin is criticized for things that Byleth is praised
  • Byleth: ... The closest to a true avatar.  Would be better if Byleth had quote options instead of being properly stoic because I have some hard time to understand why everyone like them if they act like an emotionless shell most of the time. I'm a bit tired of avatars or protagonists looking like Marth expies. Couldn't next avatars have more unique designs instead or generic blue hair guy/girl with bangs? Granted I don't mind them. 
  • Edelgard: I like her as a character and she is a breath of fresh air. I wouldn't like her as a person though.  Also another female character that is in the wrong since she is a villain in three routes. Are you seeing the pattern? 
  • Dimitri: I like him and another breath of fresh air. His character arc is interesting but rushed. 
  • Claude: I love him and he is one of my favourite lords. But he is wasted potential. Claude was overshadowed by the other three lords and he would be better in a game on its own since his route could easily be fullfilled by the church, and Almyra is a very unique setting that should be explored in a game on its own instead of getting lost in the middle of Fodlan stuff. 
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