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FE6 + FE7 + FE8 Plus [Enhancement Patch]

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Hi, everybody. I already made a post on FEUniverse, but I thought I should make it here as well. This patch exists in order to bring some of the amazing changes in the hacking community to the base games of Fire Emblems 6, 7, & 8 as well as fixing bugs/localization issues. The idea is to attempt to create a hack that doesn’t create an alternate experience to the base game but, instead, an enhanced one.

Major changes include:

  • QOL fixes like HP bars, toggling animations with L, viewing the danger zone with Select, fast unit/text speed by default, etc. (FE7 & 8 only)
  • Casual mode added
  • All difficulty modes available at start in FE6 & FE7 along with a fully unlocked support viewer and sound room for FE7 & FE8
  • Errors brought on by localization fixed (FE7 & FE8)
  • Option to remove localization changes (especially in FE8) in order to bring the games more in line with the Japanese versions or add additions made in the Numbers patch (FE6)

Check out the READme for more info.

Thanks for checking this out. Let me know if there are any issues/feedback you want to give. Hope you enjoy!

Download here



Localization Fixes.png

Casual Mode.png

Health Bars.png

Casual Mode.png

Detailed Animation Off Display.png

HP Bars and Danger Radius.png

Edited by Mkol
I updated the patch

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