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Scouting challenges in Lunatic mode are hard

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Enemies in the scouting challenges on late game maps/late game paralogs in Birhright Lunatic are harder than enemies in Conquest Lunatic main game. In my scouting challenges in Combat room, and in Sanctuary in a Deep Realm in Lunatic, I encountered Sorcerors with 58, 60 attack power (not factoring in Malefic Aura), Bersekers with attack power in the mid 60s, Wyvern Lords with attacks in the 50s. I even encountered Master Ninas with attacks in the mid 40s, MASTER NINJAS. I noticed that in all scouting challenges enemies carry tons of effective weaponry (Beast Killers, Armorslayers, Hammers, Wyrmslayers) and status staves (tons of Hexing rods, Enfeebles etc). So IS didn't need an Apothesis map when you have late game scouting challenges on Lunatic provide enough of a challenge. 

Moreover, Ballistican's Blitz has a late game Hero with upper 40s attack power + 4 more damage from Even Better, a Sniper with a Hunter's Bow and Charm, a reinforcement Ballistican with near 50 attack power + Trample, Point Blank, Wary Fighter (remember, Thracia had Ballista reinforcements too causing my Dean to die).

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