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Finished my first Fire Emblem: Gaiden run!

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So after a long, long time, I got to beat this game. and even though I had fun at certain points and by no means I regret starting my run, I really don't plan on replaying it. 

 First of all, let's just take this out of the way: my main complaint about Gaiden is how painfully slow the game is. I played on normal mode so my units were constantly underleveled and I had to reset a bunch of times, just to spend around 4/5 of the time watching NES animations... I got bored to death. Not to mention that good part of the maps look the exact same, which annoyed me.

 So now that I established this is my second negative experience with Fire Emblem franchise, I'd like to say the things I enjoyed about it. Sure, the game is Slow, but as always in Fire Emblem games, I got kinda attached to some units! These being the top 5 below, they made the game fun to me.
 And honestly? That's about it. Really annoying parts and mechanics, but I enjoyed using some units.

Score: 4.


Since I'm a huge fan of listing, I will tell y'all my 5 favorite units (based on how much I LIKED them, and I'm not talking about utility):


1- Silque.

2- Gray.

3- Est.

4- Boey.

5- Clair.


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Gaiden's a really interesting game and one of my favorite NES games, it had a lot going for it. If it had a speed up button that doesn't do anything to the music like FE1's Switch port has, I'd have a lot more motivation to go back and play it. 

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