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Create a Character - Redesigned Combat System

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Add any character you want, under the guidelines of this proposed redesigned combat system for FE Warriors 2, which combines elements of Fire Emblem Warriors, One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, and One Piece Pirate Warriors 4. This is essentially a combat system that I think could be realistic, as it combines what worked with modern innovations.


Because of the redesigned system, you can even submit redesigns for FEW1 characters.




Redesigned Mechanic - Pair Up -> Adjutants


Pair Ups Become Adjutants. Each character can have one saved adjutant, which you can change from either the Camp or the Preparation menu. The saved adjutant will be automatically deployed alongside them. You can't swap to Adjutants, unless your character has the Swap Combat Art; however, Adjutants will automatically guard your character on a cooldown, will Dual Warrior attack if you consume two Warrior gauges, and will unleash a Joint Attack after your chain finishers (like in One Piece Pirate Warriors 3).


New Mechanic - Weapon Swaps


Each character has their own unique combination of two movesets. Press the ZR button to swap your weapon. Time your weapon swap right after the end of a chain finisher to unleash an extra Swap Attack for extra damage.


Each character has 2 prf weapons, one for each moveset. Kill counts are halved and rare skill drops are doubled to compensate.


New Mechanic - Spells/Combat Arts


Each character has their own unique combination of 4 special actions (like in One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 and Samurai Warriors 5). These are mapped to R + A, R + B, R + Y, and R + X. These are comprised of Spells and Combat Arts that give them a unique role. Each Spell or Combat Art has its own independent cooldown, ranging from 15-60 seconds. Some skills have variable cooldowns based on how much they healed you or how much Musou gauge they refilled. These gauges are independent of eachother and from your Musou/Rage gauge. Damaging Combat Arts and Spells reveal gold enemy break gauges if WTA or gray if neutral WT.


Skill Slot Redesign


As with One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 and 4, you have 6 skill slots, with certain stronger skills (like Luna and Lethality) costing 2 or 3 slots. Stronger skills thus come at a higher cost.


New Mechanic - Core Skill Tree


In addition to each character having their own progression skills, there is a core Army line, which ensures every playable character will be somewhat viable. You should max it out first. This works like the one in One Piece Pirate Warriors 4.


This consists of the following stat buffs:

2nd Warrior gauge

Boosts to every stat (except Mov)


And the following Core Combat Arts, which can replace any of your 4 Character-Specific Combat Arts/Spells:




Draw Back





New Mechanics - Warrior Attack/Dual Attack


Warrior Attacks and Dual Attacks slightly redesigned. 


Press A to Warrior Attack. Consumes 1 Warrior Gauge.

Hold A to Dual Warrior Attack with your Adjutant. Consumes 2 Warrior Gauges.




Left Stick - Move

Right Stick - Camera

Right Stick (Press) - Lock On

Y - Light

X - Heavy

A - Warrior Attack

B - Dodge

R - Spell/Combat Art Menu

ZR - Weapon Swap

L - Awakening

LR - Guard

D-Pad Up/Down - Change character

D-Pad Left - Use consumable item (if any remaining)

D-Pad Right - Zoom Minimap In/Out


Here's an Example:




Prf Weapon 1 - Holsety

Moveset - Wind Mage (shared with Annette 1 and Lianna 2)

Prf Weapon 2 - Shaft of Wind

Moveset - Dancer (Lance) (Shared with Azura 1, particles reskinned to green wind particles)

Warrior Attack

Creates a massive ball of swirling winds and rides it around, damaging foes while creating a tornado in his path. Dual Warrior Attack takes Adjutant for a ride and they follow up after the tornado carries the foes into the air.

Personal Combat Arts/Spells

Windlance (Lance) - 15 second cooldown, throw lance to deal small magic damage and knockback in a line, with extra damage if foes collide with objects or other foes.

Excalibur (Tome) - 30 second cooldown, hard nuke

Tornado (Tome) - 60 second cooldown, damage over time and crowd control in an area

Speed of Wind (Utility) - 60 second cooldown, 10 second duration of doubled movement speed and guaranteed evasion of all regular attacks.

Inheritable Skill

Vagabond - Combat Arts and Spells cool down twice as quickly while out of combat. 2 cost.


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Prf Weapon 1 - Blungang 

Moveset - Mounted Sword (shared with generic Xander)

Prf Weapon 2 - Goddess's Faith

Moveset - Mounted Light Magic 

Warrior Attack

Performs a combination attack with sword and light magic ending with the beast fang empowered by faith magic

Personal Combat Arts/Spells

Beast Fang (Sword) - 30 second cooldown, Performs a powerful vertical slash that deals effective damage vs horses

Aura (Tome) - 60 second cooldown, hard nuke, revels gold gauge.

Nosferatu (Tome) - 15 cooldown, Deals small damage and restores a small amount of Hp, warrior and awakening gauge

Silence (Utility) - 30 second cooldown, Prevents nearby enemies for using Tome type attacks for 15 secs

Inheritable Skill

Animal Lover - Health gradually recovers while near a mounted ally effect based on allied base heal rate.

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Apparently him meant recreate a character in the FEW revamped Style

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Here's a few more illustrative suggestions. This time for characters who I imagine playing a central role in the new story.


Byleth (M/F)



Prf 1 - Sword of the Creator

Moveset - Whip Sword (Unique)

Prf 2 - God Hands

Moveset - Brawling (Shared with Balthus 1, Sothe 2, and Hector 2).

Warrior Attack

Surround foes with a fully extended Sword of the Creator, shredding them. Dual Warrior attack uses divine pulse afterwards to bring them back for the ally to follow up.

Combat Arts/Spells

Ruptured Heaven (Sword) - 60s cd - deal massive AOE damage, effective against dragons and beasts

Windsweep (Sword) - 45s cd - deal low damage, interrupting foe's attack and preventing them for attacking for 3 seconds.

Draining Blow (Fist) - 45s cd - hit twice with fists while stealing health.

Divine Pulse (Utility) - 90s cd - rewind self to health, musou gauge, and combat art cooldowns of 10s prior (this skill goes on full cd).

Inheritable Skill

Guidance - All deployed allies and adjutants gain 20% bonus xp. Cost 1 slot.






Prf 1 - Suave Bow

Moveset - Lord (Bow) (Shared with Lucina 2, Ryoma 2, and Azura 2)

Prf 2 - Suave Sword

Moveset - Dancer (Sword) (Shared with Olivia 1)

Prf Item - Fetters of Dromi

Increases out of combat movement speed and dodge distance. May halve damage received based on Luck.

Combat Arts/Spells

Windsweep (Sword) - 45s cd - deal low damage, interrupting foe's attack and preventing them for attacking for 3 seconds.

Finesse Blade (Sword) - 30s cd - deal multiple hits while dodging incoming attacks.

Recover (Heal) - 60s cd - restore a large amount of health to nearby allies.

Foul Play (Utility) - 30s cd - An improved Swap that also increases damage output of the adjutant for a few seconds and gives them a full Warrior Gauge.

Inheritable Skill

Honorable Spirit - Deals increased damage when fighting 1 enemy officer with no allied officers are nearby. Cost 1 slot.





Prf Weapon 1 - Aymr

Moveset - Lord (Axe) (Shared with Hector 1 and Lilina 2)

Prf Weapon 2 - Sword of Seiros

Moveset - Vanguard (Shared with Ike 1 and Dimitri 2)

Warrior Attack

Throws axe, pulling foes to Edelgard, then strikes with a powerful, darkness-infused swing. Dual warrior attacks throw the axe a second time to pull foes to her adjutant's attack.

Combat Arts/Spells

Raging Storm (Axe) - 90s cd - deals massive damage and refreshes cooldown of other combat arts

Flickering Flower (Axe) - 45s cd - locks foe in place for 3 seconds and deals damage over time.

Monster Breaker (Axe) - 30s cd - deals moderate damage with effectiveness against beasts

Hexblade (Sword) - 15s cd - deals moderate magic damage

Inheritable Skill

Rush - Increases out of combat movement speed and damage of first attack in combat. Cost 1 slot.





Prf Weapon 1 - Areadbhar

Moveset - Soldier (Shared with Hilda 2, Oboro 1, and Chrom 2)

Prf Weapon 2 - Boar's Blade

Moveset - Vanguard (Shared with Ike 1 and Edelgard 2)

Warrior Attack

Smashes foes into the ground and then rampages with stomps and stabs. In dual attack, ally follows up simultaneously. 

Combat Arts/Spells

Atrocity (Lance) - 90s cd - deals massive damage, effective against infantry foes.

Paraselene (Lance) - 30s cd - strikes and then slides backwards, evading attacks and dragging targets with you.

Glowing Ember (Lance) - 30s cd - deals increased damage based on user's Def.

Subdue (Sword) - 30s cd - deals heavy damage, but can't kill enemies.

Inheritable Skill

Power Overwhelming - Combat Arts deal massively increased damage and reveal gold gauges regardless of weapon triangle, but take 20% longer to charge. Cost 2 slots





Prf Weapon 1 - Failnaught

Moveset - Flying Bow (Shared with Hinoka 2, Petra 1, and Constance 2)

Prf Weapon 2 - Sword of Belgata

Moveset - Flying Sword (Shared with Elincia 1, Caeda 2, and Minerva 2)

Warrior Attack

Fires arrows into the air, then strikes with his sword multiple times as the arrows rain on his foes. In dual attacks, Claude will also finish by firing a massive arrow into the air, which strikes the foe after his adjutant's attacks.

Combat Arts/Spells

Fallen Star (Bow) - 90s cd - deal massive damage in a large area, then evade all incoming regular attacks for 10 seconds.

Wind God (Bow) - 30s cd - rapid weak hits over a large area

Encloser (Bow) - 45s cd - deals large damage and stuns foe, more effective at close range.

Finesse Blade (Sword) - 30s cd - deal multiple hits while dodging incoming attacks.

Inheritable Skill

Dirty Tactics - When scoring a critical hit on a foe, nearby foes also have their break gauges exposed. Cost 1 slot.


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In a vain effort to keep this going



Prf Weapon 1 - Wishblade

Moveset - Peg Lance (Shared with Hinoka 1, Caeda 1 and Cordelia 1)

Prf Weapon 2 - Rexflame

Moveset - Dark Flier

Warrior Attack

Calls forth a battalion of Holy Guard which rush the enemies with the assault troop gambit. 

Combat Arts/Spells

Aerial Drive (Lance) - 30s cd - deal heavy damage while rushing forward, bonus damage scales with Spd.

Rexflame (Bow) - 90s cd - Leave a molten pool that deals continuous medium damage.

Stun (Utility) - 15s cd - deals minor damage that interrupts and staggers nearby enemies in a moderate AoE.

Canto (Utility) - 30s cd - Extends I-frame window on dodges and increase movement Spd for 10 secs.

Inheritable Skill

Royal Guard - When paired up with a Royal character, lead unit has 25% reduced cooldowns on all abilities. Cost 1 slot.



Prf Weapon 1 - Raven Stone

Moveset - Bird Laguz (Unique)

Warrior Attack

She disappears for the rest of the battle Temporarily shifts to her bird form and unleashes a series of high speed attacks ending with a high speed dive bomb.

Combat Arts/Spells

Tear (Stone) - 60s cd - deal moderate damage while rushing forward, reducing Def of damaged enemies by 30% for 60 secs.

Shriek (Stone) - 30s cd - Prevents nearby enemies for performing Bow type attacks for 10 secs.

Olivi Grass (Utility) - 15s cd - Restores 1 full warrior gauge.

Canto (Utility) - 30s cd - Extends I-frame window on dodges and increase movement Spd for 10 secs.

Inheritable Skill

Ambassador - Increase damage done to enemy bases durability while this unit is on the field, doesn't stack.


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