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Help with getting rid of colors + Palettes (Wonder Woman sprite)

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Hello Serenes Forest. I'm a long time FE fan, first time poster.

I've been trying my hand at FE spriting as a sort of side hobby. But I'm not an artist by any means so progress has been terribly slow.

Now I think I have a sprite sheet for Wonder Woman attacking with a sword that I am somewhat proud of (at least, it looks OK when I animate it to my untrained eye). But, I can't put it into a FE game due to something related to colors being messed up. When I try to requantize to only 16 colors on Usenti, it all glitches out and gets rid of the color I am using for Wonder Woman's borders.

Any help? I read that for this type of thing you really need an experienced sprite who can help you get rid of colors.

I tried the pixel joint color thread, but that seems way more abstract/theoretical than what I need.

Thanks in advance. Of course, any comments/feedback about the sprite in general is appreciated. Just be gentle lol.


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