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[FE8] Fire Emblem - The Twin Dragons PLAYTESTERS NEEDED

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This game’s content rating is E for everyone.

Please tell me your thoughts of the hack and what you think needs changing or what changes you appreciated or didn’t.

This is basically complete I don't really know what else to do with it other then improve the graphics and fix bugs.

This is a gameplay hack of FE8 that includes some of my ideas from my thread:

The reason I give bosses more than one weapon sometimes
is because the weapon durability is low.

High defense or resistance units have more HP to compensate for 30 being the def and res cap.

All three difficulties work so you can choose whichever you want, but I recommend starting with the Normal difficulty.

The changes are found in the Revision 7 download.

Download link:





You should patch a clean FE8 US rom with a UPS patcher like NUPS.

Things to know:

The Sound Room is already 100% unlocked.

Poison does 5-15 DMG.

AS to double is 3.

Growth rates can be displayed in game by
pressing Select on the unit stats screen.


Support bonuses that gave +5 give +2.

Weapon Triangle now give 10+ or - hit instead of 15+ or -

You can hold L to disable animations.


In CH 5x all allies start with the Easy Mode
weapons I strongly recommend you
keep them until CH9 if you play difficult mode
just in case but if you if you don't want to play
easy mode drop them.


There are OP Easy Mode weapons available
in the preparation screen armory for free,
be sure to drop them when you don't
want to play easy mode

Mansel is supposed to heal with the Fortify I don't know why he doesn't.


You can go into the Guide menu command for information on how

to use the Sus/Bck command if you don't know how to use it.



SacredStones (For the original weapon icons)

If someone else deserves credit please tell me and I'll put them in the credits

Enjoy! ☺️

Edited by Fates-Blade
Changed files.

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I’ve decided to call the changes revisions instead of updates.

I have made another revision hopefully this is the last one.

It changes Dozla's inventory in chapters 11A and B and prevents him from moving in CH 11A, lowers his skill by 6, and makes the range of the Easy Mode weapons 1-3.

I also added another screenshot to the Screenshots folder showing off the 2-3 range change for bows:


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I made yet another revision:

All ballista weapons have stats changed.

Many CH11B (AKA Ephraim's route) changes.

Cormag gained +1 HP.

Here's a screenshot of the changed Easy mode to Novice mode:

This screenshot has been added to the screenshots folder.

Edited by Fates-Blade

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I've released revision 5:I changed the pirate, fighter and brigand classes's max stats, edited Binks's and Gheb's stats, and changed the Berserker and Warrior's promotion stat gains.

As before I have the changes files, for the newest revision, for download to look at the changes before downloading the patch.

Also, this has been around since the first release but you can
go into the Guide menu command for information on how to use
the Sus/Bck command if you don't know how to use it.

Edited by Fates-Blade

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Revision 6 has been released here are the changes:

Ewan now joins at LV 7 in CH12 A and B.

Changed final chapter Lyon's stats.

The Naglfar's stats have been changed:
Stat boosts changed:
from Mag+13 Skl+10. to Mag+8 Skl+25

Talisman is now sellable.

A final chapter enemy no longer drops a Crimson Eye.

Changed the price of the Boots and the Body Ring.

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Revision 7 has been released, here are the changes:



Floors in the tower of valni and Lagdou Ruins don't play the victory theme.

Added the Dark Shard.

Wyvern Knight M and F, Assasin F, Paladin F, Swordmaster M,
Sniper M and F, and Great Knight M and F's, promotion stats have been changed

Wyvern Lord M's promotion stats have been changed and others too.

Map themes have been changed.

Difficulty modifiers have been changed.

Sage F:

Great Knight F:

Duessel HP+3, Skl+2 and Lck+4.

Added Ballistas on CH10B.

Changed the max stats of the fleet class.

All ballistas Hit-5.

All easy mode weapons bonuses have been nerfed and no longer are effective against monsters.

All easy mode weapons names changed from Easy Mode to generic names for the weapons.

All easy mode weapons now give 1 WEXP instead of 3.

Franz/Garcia/Gilliam HP growths have been heavily buffed.

Forde's Luck growth +20%.

Fighter class max spd+1.

$8A Soldier HP+5.

General M and F: Now D rank at Swords and Axes at base.

Great Knight M and F: Now D rank at Swords and Axes at base.

Warrior: Now D rank at bows at base.

Falcon Knight: Now D rank at swords at base.

M Druid: Now D rank at Staves at base.

M Summoner: Now D rank at Staves at base.

200 Gold changed to 2500 Gold.

150 Gold changed to 2000 Gold.

100 Gold changed to 1500 Gold.

50 Gold changed to 1125 Gold.

10 Gold changed to 940 Gold

5 Gold changed to 700 Gold.

1 Gold changed to 500 Gold.

The Master Seal is now purchasable at the preperation screen armory.

The Master Seal in CH 21 A and B has been changed to a Hammerne.

Colm growths changed:
Res-5%, Lck+10%. 

Bael's stats and growths have been changed.

Changed a lot of shops to include better stuff.

Rausten court now sells all promotional items.

Eirika's CH15 Vendor was changed to be easier but not Ephraim's.

All turn events in Ch 11B now take longer, some by 3 turns others by 2 or 1.

Dozla, Duessel, and Syrene's, growth rates have been lowered.

Troubadour, Cleric, and Priest, Movement+1?

Changed some enemies's weapons in CH13B and 15B and 16B.

The Wind Sword and Runesword are now locked to Myrmidon's, Swordmasters and Eirika.

CH 14A and B have different map themes and no longer play the victory theme.

Half of CH 14B's units are promoted and many have silver weapons.

All soldiers were changed to cavalier's in CH14B.

All light magic has been changed:
might 1 and Hit -5.

The Shamshir can only be wielded by Swordmasters, Myrmidons, or Eirika and the Audhulma can only be wielded by Swordmasters, Myrmidons, or Eirika

CH 21 A and B had enemies moved around.

I added stat boosting items to Chapters 10-15 A and B.

Changed a lot of different weapons stats.

I changed Rennac's appearance time to turn 20 from 2 in CH14B.

I reduced the reinforcements in CH14 B by 1 turn which mean 4 less weak enemies.

Spd+3, Skl+1, to the M and F Bishop class and changed the growths.

Ivaldi has been changed.

The Valkyrie class had growths changed.

Skl+1 to the Monk class.

The Member Card can now be purchased at 35000G.

Added Stat bonuses to the Light Brand, Wind Sword, and Runesword.

Fomortiss's stats have been changed.

Many, many, many, other minor changes.



Edited by eclipse
That was a really long list of changes, added spoiler tags

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Since I have beaten the entire game on Difficult mode in Ephraim's Route I have put the saves I used in the Revision download,

they're for VBA but they could be used with other emulators.


Also if you ever need to farm EXP I highly recommend using the easy mode weapons that are purchasable from the preparation screen armory.


Thank you all and please give feedback.

Edited by Fates-Blade

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A few other goals I had for this hack are:
1. Make sure farming is either much faster or not needed.
2. Make crappy units a LOT better like Marisa and Amelia.
3. Make the difficulty selections have a big difference between them.

I would say the last option is the one that may have some issues because FE8 doesn't allow bosses's stats to decrease with the Normal and Novice mode penalties oddly, FEFates doesn't have that issue.

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Also if anyone is pressed for time and just wants to skip ahead to play certain chapters on Difficult mode they can use the saves I already made that are in the download.

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Hello everyone!

I have released another revision:


I decided to change the colors of three of the four color
options in the options menu and change the colors for the
battle screen and the battle preview.



I added +5% HP growth for Joshua.


Based off of the feedback I received about Eirika being one shotted:

I added a 10+Luck bonus to Eirika's Swift Rapier so that she will have a higher chance of dodging,


I changed the talisman you can get at Chapter 1 to an
angelic robe so that you can use it for more
than just magic attacks, and I added an Angelic Robe to Ch3 so Eirika or any allies HP can be boosted up.


As before, my saves are included in the download.

I hope you enjoy this Revision and have a great day!

Edited by Fates-Blade

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I have to re-release Revision 9 due to a bug with Ephraim's Reginleif giving 10+Def I'm sorry about this, the issue is now fixed.
I hope you all enjoy Revision 9!



Also here's a link to my playlist of some FE8 songs orchestral covered by Dragston Dev or 0rangaStang on Youtube, please go like their videos they're really good https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0KUR2qhNDyu8ehRov_sBDW7pyYrGFhas


Edited by Fates-Blade

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Hello everyone!

another revision has been released:

Based off of feedback I received I decided to change Gilliam's HP growth to 250%, his Defense growth to 25% and Moulder's Skill growth was changed to 250%.



I hope you all enjoy this revision!

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