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Royal Royale Hinoka Help

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So due to an exceptionally speed screwed Arthur in a run where Arthur and Charlotte are the stars, I am in desperate need of another speed wing and unfortunately, I used all my speed wings already.

So now I need to play Royal Royale to get a DLC Speed Wing in order to really salvage this speed screwed Arthur.

The problem is, Hinoka’s scenario is tragically ill positioned and figuring out what to do and where to go is becoming a headache.

The guides I tried online weren’t much help so I decided to post here for some expert advice.

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51 minutes ago, Johnnie said:

No clue about Royal Royale, but you can buy Speedwings through other castles online.


16 minutes ago, Darnocius said:

How do you do that?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Other castles only sell stuff that's not limited, and while stat boosters are sold in level 3 shops, they're limited.

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Ay, I just tried this out – I´ll give you some pointers.

Get the clones – IMMEDIATELY. Damage, Healing, Buffs, Debuffs and Inventory are shared between clones. Azama A receives 20 damage? That means both Azamas are down 20 HP. Same for Healing. Pop a concoction for 20 HP, that´s 20 HP for both Azamas. As for inventories: Azama A may attack with a Dual Naginata, but Azama B can afterwards equip for example a Bolt Naginata and thus both Azamas will weild a Bolt Naginata.

I ended up having one Azama/Hinoka paired throughout pretty much everything – all permanent stat boosts went to Azama. (He was my main tank and damage dealer.) Use temporary ones as needed. You have 2 rallies – Speed and Luck. That means one Hinoka and Azama can rally to reduce crit and better enable your other goons.

Take out Xanders team first – use Hinoka to get clones and then PU Azama with Hinoka in 2-tile range. Equip the Bolt Naginata and get as close as possible with the Setsunas. You can attack Xander, wich should mean next turn only Laslow and Peri are alive – care because Peri has 1-2 range equipped and is in Attack Stance.

Meanwhile Sakura will approach but, Fliers won´t be a problem on this map – Setsuna has their number. In fact, 2 Setsunas can take Sakuras team – Subaki will rush ahead and die, Hana can be 100% killed with the Surefire Yumi (requires both Setsunas) and Sakura will probably be delayed a bit because of Silence – thus easy initiation.

Now the biggest problem on the map is coming towards you – Elise, or rather Effie. Elise is a 1hit for Azama – not sure but I think with Hinokas Lance you deal exact damage. That put me in my attempt in range for Arthur, so I equipped the Bolt Naginata. Retreat, so that Arthur can still attack, but Effie can´t, or abuse Dual Guard.

Effie is the single greatest obstacle on the map and I´m not sure what to do against her – the only thing that worked for me was make sure Azama has the Bolt Naginata equipped and is as healthy as possible. I did have to retreat with my guys through the Sakura Trees, where there´s 3 chokepoints and a freeze. I waited out Leo´s and Takumi´s team with a freeze. Picked off Takumi asap. Setsuna can 1v1 Niles (if Niles gets first hit). After that, with Effie still hitting me, I retreated to the other side of the trees, away from Effie, luring in Hinata and Oboro. Oboro killed herself on Azama, followed by Effie. BEWARE THE DEBUFFS. Hinata is easy. All of these are 1 range locked, so a second Azama can whack them with the Bolt Naginata. Hinoka can heal a bit if needed.

The last enemy group was Camilla and Ryoma. Beruka gets onerounded by Setsuna, but has a Tomahawk equipped (I think) – this may go wrong and you may prefer close range since she can´t counter. Setsuna need a rally to double Camilla, but still easy. Selena should die to a paired up, eventually rallied Azama with a Dual Naginata.

Paired up Azama should be able to deal with Ryoma – he is really dodgy on enemy phase, but I equipped the Bolt Naginata and ended him that way. Do your Rallies before pulling them, and eventually use one of the consumable Rally Defs. Kagero and Saizo shouldn´t be that much of a problem.


I hope this helps?

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