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FE5 warpless and other playthroughs


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I finished a warpless playthrough of FE5:



The playthrough struck a balance between turncounts and reliability. It's a very fun way to play the game and I highly recommend it. I went B route which is likely slightly inefficient. I might do an improved version someday and I will do A route next time.


Last year I did a theoretical LTC run that ignored reliability and used a hacked rom for 100% growths:



This is a dumb gimmick run and not nearly as fun but is a lot easier to plan out.

I haven't gotten around to attempting a full recruitment LTC run with or without warp but I predict the turncounts would be something like this:



And this is what a warpskip SSS run would look like with a similar level of reliability as the warpless run I just completed:



I'm mainly looking for ideas to improve the warpless route but if you have any ideas that would save turns in any of these playthroughs I'd like to hear those as well. Also if anyone want to try one of these LTC runs please do so.

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Here's some info to support the LTC theorycrafting. It's all very rough and I haven't thought too much about staff distribution or knight proof use so some turnsaves might not be possible. If anyone wants to build off of this and complete these playthroughs please do so and record it.

SSS elite mode theoretical LTC with no move stars or move growth
ch1 - 4 turns
ch2 - 4 turns
ch2x - 7 turns - Eyvel needs 10 BLD to carry Leaf without movement penalty and can obtain two levels by this point on elite mode.
ch3 - 6 turns - The extra turn taken to get Tanya captured allows you to skip ch8x
ch4 - 8 turns - This should be possible in theory although incredibly unlikely. Send Brighton to capture the armor with the door key by weakening with wrath on turn 2 then capture critting on turn 3. On turn 4 he can move two tiles to the right so Machua can take the door key and open the door for the civilians. Then Machua can help the furthest civ to escape. Meanwhile, Lara must unlock the door to Lifis on turn 2 and be rescue dropped to the left by Machua and Lifis. Machua might want to remove her weapons so the brigands set up a kill for Lifis. Lifis will then unlock the light brand from the closest chest in the bottom right and take it towards the exit. Lara can unlock Leaf's door on turn 3 then be rescue dropped upwards by Karin+Fergus+Leaf so she can unlock the civs door on turn 4. On turn 4 Fergus and Leaf should rescue drop Karin upwards. On turn 5 Fergus and Karin should rescue the civs except the one furthest down, then have Fergus drop one downward and Karin give the other to Fergus. Enemy reinforcements must not appear on turn 7. Karin would move upwards on turn 7 and be rescued by Brighton so she can be given to (8 bld) Lifis during the escape. Lara should unlock the main door on turn 7 and Leaf should move into the room after receiving the Light Brand from Lifis so he can recruit Dalshin. Leaf will kill some enemies on enemy phase then Leaf, Lara, and Lifis+Karin can escape on turn 8.

ch4x - 5 turns - Ideally the civ required to recruit Hicks can be released from his cell on turn 1 while Leaf kills stuff in the middle of the map, then thieves unlock doors and Karin gets carried to the exit. A 4-turn might even be possible.
ch5 - 11 turns - Use the unlocking of the prison door to move Leaf+Asvel upward (Leaf should carry Asvel without penalty at this point) and then move them straight towards the escape point. Lifis should give Karin to Leaf then pick up Nanna so both are carried to the escape point.
ch6 - 6 turns - Send most units left from the starting point then down to the left escape point. Nanna and Karin can carry units and Hicks can take a passenger after being recruited.
ch7 - 6 turns - The spawn positions will be different than usual but the idea is the same. This might even be more favorable if Karin spawns further down. It might be possible to keep Shiva.
ch8 - 2 turns - Safy should have A rank staves from rigging repair misses so Leaf can be warped to the boss. Visit houses, recruit Marty, buy door keys, capture the boss, and seize.
ch9 - 2 turns
ch10 - 2 turns - Warp Leaf to the boss then warp someone to the rescue staff house. A cav should drop a thief past the first fort on turn 1 so a stamina drink can be stolen from the enemy thief (which has a 50% chance not to move)

ch11 - 3 turns - The warp staff is broken at the start of the chapter so it should be repaired on turn 1, used on someone to scare Kempf away on turn 2, and used on Leaf to seize on turn 3. Karin should be used to drop a unit as far upward as possible on turn 1. On enemy phase the path upwards should somehow not be blocked due to armors moving favorably and other enemies dying to counterattacks. Then Leaf should be given to Karin on turn 2 and she should move just before the trap zone begins so that the 7-move unit that was dropped on turn 1 (9-10 BLD Asvel?) can take Leaf from within the trap zone, disarm himself, and wait. This triggers the trap and once Asvel gets captured it leaves Leaf able to move on turn 3. Karin will get moved downward after the doors appear so she can open one of them on turn 3. The other doors must also be opened and Safy must end turn 2 close enough to reach Leaf.
ch11x - 2 turns
ch12 - 2 turns
ch12x - 5 turns - While it's normal to 5-turn this map with two warp staff uses the elite mode LTC version has the extra objective of promoting Salem. He starts the map at level 5 so he must kill enemy thieves on enemy phase with low accuracy jormugandr crits and get even more exp by missing and then killing the enemy bowfighter near the spawn location. You must delay recruiting Pahn so that enemies do not flee too early. Then put Trude to sleep, capture him, and use a rescue chain to get Safy to Tina as usual.
ch13 - 1 turn - Promoted Salem has B rank staves so he can use the rescue staff. Warp Salem (+ another unit given to him so fewer units are left behind) then use the rescue staff on Leaf+Safy. Use the Lenster knights to get everyone out with only two units left behind at the starting point.
ch14 - 10 turns
ch15 - 2 turns
ch16a - 2 turns - kill the boss with bolting to save warp
ch17a - 2 turns - warp leaf turn 1 to kill the boss
ch18 - 7 turns - Super unlikely but should be possible without movement stars. If you unlock the armor knight door and civilian door turn 1 and kill the armor blocking the civ door (bolting, dancing a combat unit, whatever) they will begin to move towards eachother on turn 1. Instead of using the sleep sword to disable the armor knights you have to let them move towards eachother on the narrow vertical corridor. Then hope that the red armor knights kill the ones that turn green so they can keep moving without getting clogged. You might even need some civs to get killed after completing their recruitment so they don't get in the way. I think you'll need to warp a couple units to the end of the armor knight line so they can drop the civs that recruit the last couple armor knights. On the right side you just send a bosskiller and rescue staff user(s), remove weapons so they don't accidentally kill Xavier, then use the rescue staff to get Leaf and Lara to recruit Xavier and seize on turn 7.
ch19 - 1 turn
ch20 - 15 turns
ch21 - 1 turn
ch21x - 3 turns - Use the rescue staff to get the units out of the inner cells, including some staff users rescued from the cells. Use warp staves to send units to the outer cells, unlock the doors, and then use the captured units to kill their way through the outer doors with weapons taken from the warped unit. Ignore the enemies that get warped at you, you can evade their attacks and keep running. You will need units captured in a very specific order so that the prisoners can help eachother escape instead of weighing eachother down. You will have limited opportunities to thief warp staves but that's fine since the unreliable tactics used in this run end up conserving warp uses and you don't need to use thief or sleep to disable threatening enemies so you can repair warp more.
ch22 - 1 turn
ch23 - 1 turn
ch24 - 6 turns
ch24x - 3 turns
ch25 - 3 turns
total - 133 turns


Warpless SSS elite mode theoretical LTC with no move stars or move growth
ch1 - 4 turns
ch2 - 4 turns
ch2x - 7 turns
ch3 - 6 turns
ch4 - 8 turns
ch4x - 5 turns
ch5 - 11 turns
ch6 - 6 turns
ch7 - 6 turns
ch8 - 3 turns - Fly left and drop Leaf with Karin, then kill/capture the boss with her
ch9 - 2 turns
ch10 - 4 turns - Your promoted Karin will start in position 1 while dismounted. Move her to the bridge and mount. Move a couple cavs ahead of her and drop passengers. Karin needs to fly through all the ballistae to drop Leaf near the boss on turn 3 and other units need to clear out some of the enemy armor knights because Karin doesn't have enough movement to go around. Also send someone to get the rescue staff and capture the thief for a stamina drink. Then kill the boss with a double low % crit from Karin.

ch11 - 5 turns - With 10 BLD Asvel, 9 BLD Lifis, and 8 BLD Leaf (for example). Drop Asvel upward with Karin on t1 then use Karin+Asvel to drop Lifis in the trap zone on t2. Move Dagda and then Leaf beside Fred on t3 then unlock the first two doors with Lifis an Asvel. Then on turn 4 unlock the third door with Leaf, move ahead and rescue him with Dagda, then take Leaf and unlock the last door with an unarmed Lifis. Asvel can then move up and scare Kempf away. Lifis will be captured on enemy phase so Leaf is able to seize on turn 5.

ch11x - 4 turns - Rescue and drop to get a unit further ahead on turn 1 as you kill your way through the corridor. (Promoted) Safy should be given to the unit in front and dropped ahead of the corridor on turn 2. Then on turn 3 Safy should use the rescue staff to bring a 7-move unit (that has a 2-range attack) to the front of the pack. Rescue Safy with a unit behind her and use the unit that previously dropped Safy to swap her to the unit that was just moved with the rescue staff. Then move that unit towards the boss area (so that wind mages will attack across the wall and be killed) and drop Safy. On turn 4 unlock the door to the boss area, take the rescue staff with Safy and use rescue on Leaf from the former door tile (he will be moved upward). Kill the boss across the wall from above and seize.

ch12 - 3 turns - Move Karin left, drop Leaf on turn 2, capture Salem on turn 3. If you get her in the right deployment position you shouldn't need a rescue staff use since Karin can kill an enemy while holding Leaf on turn 1 and move just far enough.

ch12x - 7 turns - I theorycrafted this chapter assuming Asvel had 8 BLD so something would need to change between this and ch11. T1: kill enemy thief with asvel, rescue+drop ahead with Leaf+Dagda. use the sleep staff on a dancer. T2: move unarmed Asvel ahead so he gets captured by an enemy thief. T3: free Asvel, give him a 1-use weapon so he is unarmed again after killing a thief. T4: capture Trude who is now holding Asvel, give Safy to Asvel and kill the sleeping dancer. Then drop Safy ahead. T5: move Asvel then move Safy ahead and rescue Leaf+Lara. Then move Leaf and drop Lara ahead. T6: unlock door with Lara. Move Safy backwards, rescue and swap her to Asvel with Salem+Lifis, give her to Leaf, then drop near the door. T7: Recruit, recruit, seize. Don't waste an unlock on the knight proof.

ch13 - 2 turns - Promoted Karin must start in deployment slot 7 so she can fly across the mountains and dismount on turn 2.
ch14 - 10 turns
ch15 - 2 turns
ch16a - 4 turns - T1: Move Lara to the right from the spawn location to dance a promoted flier then rescue and transfer Lara to the same flier and drop her on the plain between mountains and forests. Also move another flier holding Leaf to the right (this flier should start in slots 12/13/14). T2: move the second flier to the edge of Lara's range and dance. Then drop Leaf on Sleuf's island. T3: Recruit Sleuf, use the unlock staff to lower the drawbridge, have Sleuf use the rescue staff to transport Lara, then dance the flier carrying Leaf so Leaf is dropped near the boss. T4: kill/capture the boss and seize (Eda+Linoan support could help but isn't necessary because reliability doesn't matter). Also recruit Eyrios at some point.

ch17a - 3 turns - I think it's possible to get the rescue staff, recruit Misha, and seize all in three turns.
 - To seize: T1: move a flier (Dean) to the river right of the spawn location, dance, give Lara to Dean, then drop Lara right (unarmed). T2: send Eda to the right, pass a 6-move rescue staff user to the first flier, and free Lara. Move the first flier and dance. Then drop the rescue staff user. T3: Move the rescue staff user to the trigger tile below the boss and use the rescue staff on Leaf. Kill the boss with a double master lance crit. Leaf can then seize.
- Karin stuff: T1: Transfer a high move unit to Karin. Move a staff user upward from one of the starting positions near the right and use the rescue staff on Karin. Then move Karin up and drop. Then get the rescue staff to a staff user in position 1. Move a unit to the bridge tile then move the staff user past that and rescue another high movement unit. Move this unit upward. Misha and her pegs will move towards isolated player units so make sure there is a unit in the bottom area without many allies within 8 tiles so Misha moves that way. T2: Move the unit dropped by Karin towards the rescue house and the rescue staffed unit towards Misha. Kill an enemy pegasus with bolting if needed. Talk to Misha with Karin then use the sleep staff. Repair the rescue staff and then get the staff+user to Eda and then to Dean, etc. T3: Recruit Sara with Karin, visit the rescue house, and capture Misha.

ch18 - 8 turns - Dance Tina on turn 1 to unlock both the door to the armor knights and the door to the civs. Use bolting to kill the armor blocking the civs so they can start moving on turn 1. Send a bosskiller and rescue staff user along the right side to get Leaf+Lara so you can recruit Xavier and seize on the last turn. I don't think a 7-turn is possible since you can't warp to the back of the armor knight line but I haven't looked into it.
ch19 - 1 turn - Kill the mage knight beside Amalda with a promoted mounted unit or with bolting. Then someone can rescue staff Sleuf downward so he can reach Amalda.
ch20 - 15 turns
ch21 - 3 turns - Drop a rescue staff user downward, use the rescue staff to move Lara downward, refresh the first staff user, then use the rescue staff on a flier. Drop Leaf in seize range on turn 2, kill/capture the boss and seize. The priest in front of the boss will flee once silenced (if you don't use the translation patch with the error), clearing the way to the gate.
ch21x - 3 turns - Use the rescue staff on everyone in three of the cells. For the fourth cell Tina can unlock the inner door, a danced unit can unlock the outer door, the armor knight blocking the way can be killed with bolting, and the prisoners can get weapons from the unit that unlocked the outer door.
ch22 - 3 turns - Use the rescue staff twice to allow a flier to reach the rescue staff house in the bottom right.
ch23 - 2 turns - Use the rescue staff to get a flier further on turn 1 so Leaf can be dropped in seize range.
ch24 - 6 turns
ch24x - 8 turns - No Sety but should be fine if reliability doesn't matter. Although his 8 movement might matter so you might need more rescue staff usage. Or maybe you should get Sety with more rescue staff usage in ch23.
ch25 - 3 turns
Total - 158 turns

If anyone wants to try one of these runs I can help develop more concrete strategies. I'd like to see someone record these playthroughs someday.


I also like doing FE5 gimmick runs that aren't restricted by turncounts. For example I just completed a minimum recruitment 0% growths ironman run. The idea is to beat the game with the fewest number of character endings displayed once you beat the game. You skip many important recruitable characters, kill Mareeta so she doesn't join, skip ch8x so Dagda and Tanya don't rejoin, get neither Cyas nor Sety, get both of your staff users captured so that Delmund doesn't join and Dean leaves the party, and end up with barely a full party in the final chapter with many of the units being among the weakest in the game (or less than a full party if you lose anyone along the way, like I did). While growths make it easy to juggernaut through any challenge run that doesn't restrict turncount, in 0% growths you need to use all sorts of cheese to win with your weak units and limited resources. I made some dumb mistakes over the course of the playthrough and decided at the last minute that I wasn't going to use the secret shop, making the final chapter way more dangerous than it could have been, but in the end I barely managed to beat the game without a single game over. If you're looking for something to play that doesn't rely on turncounts I think this is a good choice.

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Neat stuff. I didn't know about that trick to avoid 8x, does it affect your in-game rank?

I had done 12x warpless before but your run seems so much more optimized than mine. Though in my case I limited myself by making getting all the treasures a requirement.

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Skipping ch8x by getting Tanya captured doesn't affect your ranking because you still have 47 characters at the end of the game (you get Dagda after ch8 and Tanya in ch21x). If you don't care about having a full roster you can save an additional turn by getting Tanya killed instead but that of course affects your rankings.

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FE5IR: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjiK2hBPwZdHluqJk8yiyrbk9HYOVyaU31495714962_fe5irturncounts.JPG.fcce5dc9a196b9e8fe84d8f13e9b078f.JPG


This route warps past most of the game to save turns. I might record a reliable 0% growths route later because it's a bit less straightforward, you need to slow down to recruit units and set up kills.

edit: 0% growths https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjiK2hBPwZdHh9fljV6fvyLEkegzYBQYx


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