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Robert's Weekly Stream (Der Langrisser Imperial Path)

Robert Stewart

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Hello. You may know me for the FE3 Translation update I made, or less likely, one of the previous screenshot LPs I've done.

Recently I had two very silly ideas:

  1. I should try to beat FE3 using only mounted/horse units!
  2. I should livestream my playthrough!

And thus, here I am.

The streams can be found on my Twitch channel here(Including a recording of my first stream of Chapters 1-1 to 1-5). I plan on doing weekly steams every Saturday, but I'm still working out the best timeframe to maximize what interested parties can watch it live.

Rules of the playthrough:

  • Only units that either can mount to a horse or promote to a class that mounts to a horse can be used for most activities.
    • Allowed classes: Cavaliers, Paladins, Hunters, Horseman, and Freelancer(only when transformed).
  • Non-allowed units can perform the following activities:
    • Recruiting other units.
    • Marth is allowed to visit villages and seize gates/thrones.
    • In certain chapters, I will let some non-allowed units see combat where it would be impractical to avoid it. For example: 1-10, 2-4, and 2-7.

Other Questions:

  • Is this Book1/Book2 only, or will you play both?
    • I will play both.
  • Will you aim for Book 2's  best ending?
    • I would lean towards yes, but will make a decision for sure when I get to Book 2.
  • Will you be doing full recruitment?
    • Yes, since according to the poll that's what most people want to see.
  • Why FE3?
    • Because it's my favorite FE, and also I think it has enough quirks/challenges that emerge from only using horse units to make it interesting.
  • Will you play other games?
    • Possibly, if this turns out to be popular enough to continue it. I'll allow suggestions, but I'll only play another game if I feel it also has some quirk that makes the challenge interesting.

This is my first time doing a regular stream, so it will be a learning experience for me. Hopefully y'all enjoy it!.

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The stream is done! Thanks to the fur people who tuned in, that was the most I've seen. 😮

I won't have a stream next week  because Christmas, but I want to keep doing regular streams in the future. I've added a poll to get some feedback on what people might want to see.

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