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Something about Kris

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While there are Kris supporters out there, the general reception is pretty bad regarding our first playable avatar and as someone who is super into Archanea's story I can't say I'm a fan of what Kris represents either. Instead of bashing him though, I want to focus on something I recently found interesting about his character, something that they could of expanded on to make him more interesting.

In one of his supports it is revealed that Kris has a real flaw (No his bad cooking is not a real flaw), it is in the second convo between Marth and male Kris (Female Kris doesn't get this).


Kris: There is something I must tell you, sire. My strength... exists for protecting the people of our fair country. To that end, I have continuously trained and battled so that I could become stronger.
Marth: I understand. But?
Kris: But... when I become stronger and when I fight opponents stronger than myself, I get excited. I begin to feel my blood boil... As if I sought strength and battle for my own sake.
Marth: Kris...
Kris: When I become stronger... I bask in my newfound power. Deep inside my heart... I long for battle. "A man with untamed power is no better than a beast," my grandfather once said. And I heed his warning. If my lust for power causes me to stray from the way of the knight...

Unfortunately this doesn't amount to anything and Kris is as we know him/her today, which is an incredibly boring character.

Having Kris balance what he thinks is right, along side his deep personal desire for power could be interesting to dive into, though I'm not suggesting split personalities or insanity symptoms. I more suggest him having a contrast to the cast with his lust for battle and strength, given that there are many early joining members who are saddened by conflict and bloodshed like Ryan and the Marth of FE12 (bring back fe11 Marth pls). We could have some arguments, or maybe Kris puts others in danger because of his desire for battle, and some events that lead to Kris growing out of that desire and changing for the better would do leaps and bounds for his character and the perception of him/her.

I would love to hear any thoughts and ideas about how you would go about expanding on this one support.

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Y'know who else likes power?  Gharnef.  We see through the DLC that he goes after people who want power.  So why not have everyone's favorite jerk of a sorcerer whisper to Kris, and appeal to that?

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