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FEE3 2021: Let The Show Begin!

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Hello all! We are excited to announce FEE3 2021, the 11th year of FEE3. FEE3 is a romhacking and fangame event where we will show off what we’ve been building over the course of the calendar year. It’s an exciting time to share progress with your fellow creators and FE romhack enthusiasts.

This year, we have 80 projects to show over 20 days, starting on 23-Oct at 12 AM Eastern Time ending on 11-Nov at 6 PM Eastern Time.
Like last year, we will be releasing videos every 6 hours, starting at midnight (12 AM) Eastern Time on Day 1. They will be available on the FEUniverse channel and collated into a playlist throughout the event’s 3 week duration. Each video will still be viewable after they are shared, so don’t worry if you miss it when they first drop! You can always catch up after the event.

As a Fire Emblem hacking and fangame community, it’s exciting to see so many of us rally around the event and show off what they’ve been working on. It is a rare, special thing, and I look forward to learning from and enjoying each of the projects that will be shown this year.

We know that the past year has been a challenge for all of us with COVID-19. For this year’s charity, we’ve chosen Direct Relief, an organization that supports those impacted by the effects of COVID-19.

Donations are not required, but we’d like to make a difference where we can.

Learn about the organization here.
Direct Relief

You can donate here,
Donation Link

or check out our tracker here.
Tracker Link

You can find the schedule on the main thread at FE Universe. Videos will also be posted here as they go live.

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Oh hey. I have something in this (to be uploaded if everything went according to plan). Must have missed the announcement on FEUniverse that it had started.

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