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Project Thabes, FE13 hack [v0.9.5 6/27/2022]

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Taken from the FEU thread

[Below is the old content of the original thread post]


I am entirely unsure if this is something that people would even be remotely interested in, but I intend to work on it to completion regardless!

Over the past few months I’ve been diving deep into romhacking FE13, Awakening, using several tools. Namely, the incredible accessibility of the Paragon tool has allowed me to learn how to do a lot of interesting things. I’ve worked to create the beginnings of a lore-indulgent romhack for Fire Emblem Awakening that also alters the gameplay mechanics in a way that will hopefully keep it fresh enough to play over again, one of my main goals being to increase the desire to try a wide variety of classes and characters. This mod in particular is designed for Citra, the 3DS emulator, first and foremost.


My main goal when creating this hack was to add little easter eggs to a lot of the small things in the game, namely the available items. It quickly became significantly bigger than that. Awakening has a lot of plot holes and shallow storytelling that is only answered by later entries on the 3DS. I aim to put the story together in a more cohesive way by fleshing out the dialogue and information provided based on what’s given by other sources, as well as improve lackluster parts of the game’s storytelling in general.

There are various things I aim to change, including

  • Giving Robinsexuals additional support paths
  • Including new dialogue in story exposition and supports or even redoing supports entirely, while still making everything new feel like it belongs.
  • Answering things that aren’t answered in the game with information provided from other sources such as later games or commonly accepted community knowledge.
  • Fix inaccuracies, weird inconsistencies, and stuff that might not make sense in the big picture.
  • Many, many other things.


One of the other main issues that is often raised with Awakening is how easy it is to break mechanically. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and lent itself nicely to Apotheosis, it does make it a little easy to rush to the end of the game and get to the postgame grind. I wanted to take the opportunity to make the mechanics fresh as well as the story. Thus, I began testing small gameplay changes. THESE CHANGES ARE NOT DESIGNED TO BE EXTREMELY HARDCORE BALANCED. They are, however, designed around Hard/Classic play. In effect, this is less of a “rebalance” and more of a “remix.” The changes in mind include

  • Class fine tuning, attempting to give each class its own niche, or at least make them more divergent and improve the ones that fall behind.
  • Removing STRs 
  • Make characters that are less viable more enticing to use, and if need be slightly toning down characters that tend to be used more.
  • Add a fresh take on weapons and balancing, including adding siege tomes, nerfs and buffs to weapons, and changes taken from other fire emblem games to put a spin on the gameplay. These are not intended to be the most balanced thing in the world, but they should mix things up.
  • Villager now promotes into Soldier, and Soldier has had its caps and growths significantly altered to bring it in line with other advanced classes.
  • Unlocking the spotpass paralogues without needing access to spotpass! Hooray for you emulators!
  • Recruitable Mustafa with fully fledged supports
  • Recruitable Phila with fully fledged supports
  • Tons of other changes.



v0.9.5 is here. I have worked tirelessly to do a ton of new ideas and I think I executed them well. Many chapters have new content, and I feature the debut of the VERY FIRST NEW CHAPTER ADDED TO THE WORLDMAP. No more overwriting old stuff, we can add new things with impunity. The very early proof of concept build of Paralogue 24: The Scion of Light is included to showcase the capabilities.

I am recruiting people to help me work on this hack. L498 and I have a lot on our plate, so if you want to get in on this, let me know here on Serenes, on FEU, or in the discord below.

Here is a link to the modded files. As ever, you need to dump your own roms. If you want to play the hack with Gay Awakening, you'll need the compatibility patch. You'll have to get Gay Awakening from its source.

To install, simply right click on the game in Citra, select open mod location and paste the unzipped files into the romfs folder there. This tutorial will help for those of you with a modded 3DS or flashcart.

You can view the notes for v0.9.5 here and the full changelog here 

Making this possible and accessible in the first place is because of Thane98. Thanks to the amazing tools in Paragon and Exalt, progress isn’t as slow as it could be. Highly recommend using these if you want to get into FE3DS romhacking! With enough feedback, I could make something cool out of this. This will probably be quickly updated, as I’m still playing around with a lot of the gameplay changes. There is a lot I still want to do!

Oh yeah, and I have a discord for it too now. I hopefully want to create a space that helps progress 3DSFE hacking in general!

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now that the main content for the game is fully(?) completed, I'm going to bump this post. Feedback is always appreciated.

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Heyo, here to report a minor bug. I've been playing on my 2ds via luma, you see. I have noticed that when battle animations are on, the game lags when a battle occurs. no matter the weapon or character, it happens every time. I don't know why it happens, but i hope that it's something you can fix. thanks much if you've read this, and keep up the good work on this amazing mod!

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