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Functioning supports for entirely new characters [FE13]

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I am stuck.

I'm not sure where parameters for supports within Awakening's files are. I've successfully added a brand new character to Awakening AND hooked up supports and dialogue to them. However, whenever they gain support points, they will never activate C rank and continue earning support points infinitely without triggering a conversation. I'm not sure why this is, but I'm guessing is because of some kind of lacking trigger. Any idea where I should look? 

I know it's not an issue with the way I implemented the supports because I added a new line to two previously unsupportable characters (Chrom and Walhart) and it went swimmingly. 

Any help is appreciated, cuz I dunno where to go next! this seems to be somewhat new for somebody to do based on my research. 

If anybody wishes, I can attach the modded files and my testing save so that they can play around with it themselves. 

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It may be deeper than this, but did you try checking if the support speed matches? Aka if the supports on both sides are set to "Fast," "Slow," etc.

I tried creating my own mod once on Paragon and wanted it to be compatible with the Gay Awakening mod, but it turns out I had to manually re-input the support chains for them to work together. In the midst of doing that, I realized I made a mistake and had Chrom's M!Robin support set to "Medium" but M!Robin's Chrom support set to "Fast," and during gameplay I noticed their support ranks would never go up. After I fixed it, it seemed to work again haha.

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