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Hello I’m working on my fic which is a massive Xover and I’m entering the world of threes houses but I would like some help. My main hero team is this Naoto(OC and Naruto twin brother) Naruto Artoria and Aqua (KH) but the problem is that saved Byleth and revoked Sothis and her crestone via a stopga spell and Keyblade making her human. The problem is well Kostas has to live up to chapter 2. He and his mens ste facing 3keybladers (Aqua,Naoto,Naruto). 2 SSJ God (Naoto, Naruto) any ideas how you guys would fix this somewhat. I don’t want to rewrite everything as this chapter which introduce 3Houses is like 22nd. So yeah help please and here the link for reference.  https://m.fanfiction.net/s/13796267/1/Savior-of-the-Universe

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