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Mercenary on the Winds

Faith in the Spirits Arc 1: To Align the Stars

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Time for the counteroffensive. The group charged in surprising unison, making short work of the combatants in the vicinity. From his point, Üllr wouldn't be able to make a sprint for a good target... how frustrating.

Could he still do something? Hmm...

Ah... that one human was healing clouded, but overstepped, she would open herself to an attack like that.

"Stay back, the horse riders are coming." Calling out to her, Üllr didn't wait for a reply, picking her arm and pulling from her position. For someone so scrawny, he was surprisingly strong, as the girl in his grip would find out. Maybe had to do with his clouded side?

"I'll fight them if they come close."

Üllr to (9,11), rescue Renais.

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"What's the matter, Knights? Can't deal with a few Clouded when you don't have pure weapons to help you?" Natalya wasn't above taunting this kind of enemy; they were the legitimate armed forces of the province, arbitrarily imposing whatever they wanted to do on the civilians, probably just because this was a village of Clouded. It struck her nerve ever so badly, she really wanted to show they meant business. The opportunity to blast away a mage, her mortal enemy as far as combat was concerned, was one too nice to miss out on. "Lani! Miria! You're up!"

Natalya moves to 5-12 and attacks Mage 2 with Iron Poleaxe.

One of them was smart enough to question him, but thankfully, the others were more than ready to just charge onto glory without thinking about it too much. A couple knights would be easy enough to deal with if it came to that, though perhaps the smarter fellow could be talked over to Ferid's side. Especially with how he seemed more loyal to Celine than whatever they were doing right now. "Lieutenant Ferid Sead from the Sylph Garrison. You're correct about the mission I'm on, and if it wasn't for this little intrusion, I'd be happily resting to ride to Plainsguard Keep by dawn. Your captain knows how to be petty about things, even if this is in his power to do." He eased up a little, hoping the remaining other Knights would relax as well.

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The enemy was advancing, creeping ever closer, but they were too slow, moving right into their awaiting defenses. There was an opening right ahead, ripe for the taking - time for a preemptive strike. 

"On it, Chief!"

Laniva to (5, 13), Iron Sword Merc 2.

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Miria nodded to Tasha, it made sense, if she could make herself a target for the pure weapons. She was human, she could take them better than most of the Tigers. And with her armor, just another added defense. Then suddenly, there was a shout, for her and Laniva to attack!

"Y-Yes ma'am!" She exclaimed, as she approached the nearby knight, she thought she'd try out the new armorslayer she had picked up. Something for cutting down these larger armored opponents... It was heavy in her hands, actually, extremely heavy, but she went for the attack anyway!

Miria to 6,11, yeeting the Armor out of existence with the Armorslayer!

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Cinead angrily swings at Fighter 1! 

[40, 26], [60, 10] 

Cinead's anger guides his fist, and Cinead's fists guide the fighter into unconscious! Fighter 1 felled.

Cinead gained 26 EXP, and +3 Brawling EXP! 

Renais moves in to heal Aly! 

Aly recovers 14 HP! 

Renais gains 12 EXP, and +2 Staff EXP 

Siorel decides that Renais could use a little purple in her life! (Purple Dance)


Siorel successfully refreshes, and boosts Renais's defense by 3 for the turn!

Siorel gains 15 EXP! 

Renais continues on to heal Syndra! 

Syndra recovers 15 HP! 

Renais gains 13 EXP, and +2 Staff EXP 

Renais reaches Level 5! 

13, 52, 39, 88, 17, 42, 23, 14

+HP, Mag, Speed, Res! 

Ullr Rescues Renais (Rescue Mechanics are identical to GBA mechanics, so Ullr currently has halved Skl and Spd) 

The Mother Tiger has chosen her prey... Brandishing the Iron Poleaxe, Mage 2 looks on in terror! 

[52, 24] (52) 

Mage 2 was cleaved in twain. No hesitation, no resistance. Mage 2 is dead, but you knew that already. 

Natalya gained 6 EXP, and +2 Axe EXP

Lead by Example's effects are doubled for the remainder of the turn! 

Lani follows up Tasha's display of force by targeting Merc 2! Iron Sword to Iron Sword combat! 

[16, 50]

Or you know, it would have been combat, if Merc 2 hadn't crumpled from the joint attack of Alvira and Lani! Merc 2 downed! 

Lani gain 30 EXP, and +2 Sword EXP 

Miria, with some difficulty, hefts her new blade and is eager to test Sword Armor 1's durability! 

[88, 57] 

Miria swings the blade, finding that it punches right through the man's armor, and the crushing blow was enough to instantly render her target unconscious! Sword Armor 1 defeated! 

Miria gains 26 EXP, and +2 Sword EXP! 

Miria reaches Level 6!

50    63    11    47    44    63    7    71

+HP, Spd, Def! 

Nyx Enters the Village(Inn) on 18, 17 

The moment Nyx entered the building, she would find the young man standing directly in front of her, with a reasonably well maintained knife out. He flinched realizing it was her again, and sheepishly scratched his head, as Persica came out from behind the desk. "Oh! Nyxied? ... ... ...Are things going well out there?" She noticed that her brother had his knife drawn again, and huffed. "Xanth. I told ye to hide when someone came in. ... ... ...We could both get the, uhhh, jump on them. It's safer... Oh heck." She marched over to Xanth, and quickly took the knife, and handed both the knife, and the sheath--when did Persica grab the sheath?--to Nyx. Xanth patted himself for the sheath realizing that his sister had given it to their savior. 

"Take that. There's someone among you... ... ...who could use it better than either of us. Oh. O-one more thing." Persica dipped behind the counter, and pulled out a small object. It looked to be a talisman of some sort. "I, uhhhhhhh, don't know if this will help. But I got this from a man who stayed here once. He... ... ...said it had protective magic in it, that it might help in a pinch. So... here, it might help ye all out. Please... protect Liste, and, uhhhhh, stay safe." Xanth just nodded, but there was a look of annoyance and exasperation on his face. He quite liked that knife, even if it was the one that nearly took his life. 

Nyx obtained a Steel Dagger, and a Guardian Charm! 

The knight sighed deeply, a small scowl on his face, "I almost wish you wouldn't call that man my commander. The only place I would follow him to is his funeral so I could maybe spit on his grave. Whatever truly happened at Axios is not worth the lives of the people that he's seen fit to put at risk. But the Regent has put out exorbitant bounties for any sort of information, and we're seeing the end state of that."

The knight's eyes slowly widened, "Sylph Garrison? Hah, damn, I almost wish you weren't seeing this sorry display then." The other knights slowly led their weapons down as they heard Ferid speak. Sylph Garrison was one of the more renowned orders, and often employed veterans. "Maraval has our order acting as if we're bounty hunters instead of actual knights... Tch, Captain Celine wouldn't have allowed any of this. These... clouded, are within our borders, and so we are supposed to protect them, until we've proven their guilt, not before. Your... message, Sir Gead, is it related to what happened at Axios?"


Merc 1 watched as her partner perished, but she waits no longer, rushing Alvira!

[59, 87]

The strike rakes across Alvira's scales! Alvira takes 8 damage! Magical Short Circuit triggers! 

Alvira returns the favor with an brick of ice! 

[65, 12] 

The brick flies into the woman's stomach, pushing her away from Alvira! Merc 1 takes 15 damage! 

Alvira gains 8 EXP! 

Priest 1, half out of fear, and out of duty rushes to the side of Merc 1 to put their expertise to use! 

Heals Merc 1 for 13 damage! 

Cav 1 sees his target, brandishes his Monster Blade, and charges for Cin! 

[30, 78] 

The blade strikes true, sending shockwaves through out Cin's body! Cin takes 26 damage! 

Cin down, but hardly out, he swings to counter! 

[78, 26] 

Cin gets in a good blow! Cav 1 takes 9 damage! 

Cin gains 10 EXP, and +1 Brawling EXP 

Soldier 1 saw Cin be targeted by the monster blade, and copying the dragon, and feline, he decides to team up on the tall dragon bringing his Javelin to bear! 

[53, 24] 

His form was good, the tactics sound, his aim true, but at perhaps the last possible moment the spear wavered, perhaps it was the dragon realizing danger approached, or perhaps a cruel trick of fate depriving a man of his first kill. He could only click his tongue in disappointment. The click was a silent curse, knowing that he would not be given the same mercy. Miss! 

Priest 2 heals Maraval to full HP! Getting ready to change targets to his Lieutenant. 

The other knights hold their positions... waiting for something.


Maraval listened for a moment, scowling at the fighting before him. Damn it all... these half breeds are even better than I gave them credit for... Then, his scowl turned into a smile as he looked up. The sun had vanished now. The passage of time since battle started evident. They should have arrived, or be arriving now. 

"2nd unit! Advance! Our reinforcements should have arrived by now... Begin our assault! Lieutenant, you and your men stay with me for now. We'll engage them last with our units that should be approaching from the east!" 

Enemy Reinforcements have Arrived! 


Chapter3 T3.png

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Cin felt the blade cut deep into his side once again, a different enemy but the same weapon. He bit back the scream, barely managing to dodge the thrown javelin, before forcing his magic to light up his fists. "I. I will not. Be. Beaten. You racist assholes and your goddamned pure weapons. Will. Not. Take. Me. DOWN!" And he pushed forward, swinging hard into the mounted enemy in front of him.

Cin sets his fists of fire and steel gauntlets the cav

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Nyx felt a little guilty of taking the knife, unaware though she was of where exactly it had come from, but decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Or gift rabbit, as it were. And the charm that Persica had given her… “Aye, m’gonna take care o’ this. N’when I come back, ye best be ready to meet th’ rest o’ my family.” She said simply, before shutting the door of the inn.

Having made sure the pair were safe, Nyx now needed to make sure the rest of Liste was, too - starting with… whoever the hell that was over by the river. It was pretty far off, but she could make it soon enough.

Nyx moves to (18,12).

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Alvira felt the sting of metal against her, but she didn't let it bother her. This much was nothing, now. "Great team work, Lani. Round two?"

Alvira to 4,12, Light on Merc #1!

"Yay~! We killed them all~ First wave done!" Sixteen smiled wide and crawled over to Üllr, realizing he had Renais in his arms. She swallowed hard, but in a swift motion, she picked up the girl and let her down, slinking away from her. "G-Great job, both of you. Just a bit more to go, right?"

Sixteen moves to 9,10, takes Renais and drops her on 8,10


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Syndra had underestimated her foe, not only did her ice almost fail to connect with her target, she failed to dodge her foe's counter attack. Still, she laughed it off slightly as she felt the healing rays from Renais' staff enter her wound. "Heh, looks like I'm getting careless. Thank you." She turned her attention towards the commander and her group. They were handling themselves well, but a cleric amongst the enemy was making things harder on the group. Perhaps if I make him focus on his own well-being he won't be able to heal the rest of them.

Syndra moves to 6,13 and attacks the Priest with Terra

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Her strike landed true, and the mercenary went down without much trouble. Laniva grimaced; there was a bend in the blade now, one that hadn't been there a moment ago. A problem for later. 

"With pleasure. Stay behind me if you need to."

Laniva attacks Priest 1 with Iron Sword.

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The knight crumpled pretty quick. This blade... sent a chill down Miria's spine, should she ever have to face a similar situation.

She did make the mental note that the horsemen were the ones carrying pure weapons. As a human, she was fine putting herself in front so that the rest of her friends could have a better advantage.

Miria to 7,10, switching to the Iron Sword.

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Well they managed to tear through the first wave, but her anger still hadn't subsided. Gean made her way towards the nearest enemy to continue her stress relief.

Gean to 7-11, axes Soldier 1 for some personal time

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"Gods, dammit, Cinaed...!" She wasn't blaming him; her muttering was done out of fear for what was happening to him. They kept targeting him with pure weapons, was it just because he was a big guy? Was it because he struck first? She hated it either way.

"Renais. My name's Siorel... I know I'm asking a lot of you, so I'm sorry for the extra work, once again, just, please keep him alive and well..."

Siorel to 8,11, Red dance Renais

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Alriana grunted as the man's axe collided with her; her armor cracked off from the force of the blow and scattered into several large chunks around her. It was far from broken, but whenever it's damage exceeded a certain threshold it forcibly detached to ensure no more damage came to it. She'd have to gather the pieces later so she could repair it. Annoyance and a glare that could bring death were on her face, but Gean killed the man before he could even see her glaring at him.

Aly to 15,9

She slunk off to the east; the frontline was too crowded and, especially with her armor effectively gone, no place for her at the moment. Perhaps she could maneuver into the knight's flank...

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Renais did not like being manhandled by someone she didn't know and someone she was sure didn't like her, but she casted aside her grouchy mood long enough to listen to Siorel. "I will do my best." She replied and rushed behind Cin. She didn't want to distract him from his slugfest so she silently healed the dragon, and hoped the soothing light would at least settle him enough.

Renais moves 7, 13 and heals Cin

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"Oh. Thank you." Nodding at Sixteen, Üllr let go of Renais promtply. She seemed less than pleased that he had moved her out of trouble. Not that Üllr minded much, she was holding no weapon.

The more pressing matter was the sound coming from across the river. More troops, tobe sure. At least some people seemed to be going that way now, and Üllr was weighing it himself...

"They're trying to corner us." It was obvious, but effective enough to be a tried and true fighting plan. Still, a cornered prey always had the option to fight back...

"Hmmm, need to attack..." He walked towards the bridge, getting a vantage point to the cavaliers, seeing the knights that argued with him across. They weren't going to charge just yet, from their stance, that was annoying...

"HEY, LAZY ASS!" Hands parallel to his mouth, Üllr shouted. "GOING TO FIND YOUR THIEVES, OR JUST RUNNING AWAY?"

Üllr to (6,10).

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Sixteen brightened up hard as Üllr started belting yells at the knights down to the south, cupping her hands to the side of her mouth as well! "YEAH, LAZY ASSES! YOU'RE ALL LAZY! AND ASSES! YEAHH!" Her more shrill voice carried her attempt at needling them across the water, Sixteen's hands coming down, giggling to herself. She offered Üllr a thumbs up from afar, having the time of her life.

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Cinead's anger sets his arms alight! Cav 1 looks over at Soldier mouthing the words, "Help." 

Cinead uses Burning Fist (-1 HP!) 

[52, 23], [47, 37]

The only help Cav 1 got was an express ticket to the afterlife. Cav 1 Mauled! 

Cinead gains 30 EXP, and +3 Brawling EXP! 

Cinead reaches Level 6! 

30    22    14    80    21    90    40    23

+HP, Str, Mag, and Speed! 

Cinead's Black Magic rose to C! Cinead Learned Elfire! 

16 takes Renais from Ullr, and Places her on 8, 10! 

Alvira accepts the Light, and decides to make it Merc 1's problem!

[21, 3]

With a flawless cast, the words said aloud, and the symbol draw before her in the air. Alvira waved her hand, and Merc 1 was seared, the blast more powerful that Alvira likely had been expecting. Merc 1, too, hadn't expected it and perished wordlessly. Merc 1 Vanquished!

Alvira gains 26 EXP, and +2 Light EXP!

Syndra on the other hand, accept the call of Darkness, and calls upon one of the 13, to strike Priest 1! 

[88, 95] (12)

Syndra procs Vengeance! 

Syndra just a little mad about the axe from before, decides to make it Priest 1's problem, with just a tad more oomph put into the spell! Priest 1 takes 15 Damage!

Syndra gains 12 EXP, and +1 Dark EXP

Soldier 1 turned to respond to Cav's 1 desperate plea, but as soon as the Cav went down, there was an unnervingly fast woman with an axe fast approaching. He turned to run, knowing that his time had come, but Aegean wasn't having any of it. 

[36, 4]

Whether Aegean realized it or not, she was quite mad. If not for the soldier's armor, he would have been cleaved in two by the savage strike. However, his armor did not save him from being launched several feet away, and his soul to a place he would never return from. Soldier 1 deleted, critical! 69 damage.

Aegean gains 22 EXP, and +2 Axe EXP! 

Siorel dances Renais, a touch of red on her face, both of purpose and worry.


Siorel refreshes Renais, and also grants +3 Magic to Renais for remainder of turn! 

Siorel gains 15 EXP! 

Renais rushes to Cinead's side, empowered by Siorel's plea! 

Renais uses the Mend Staff, to fully heal Cinead, for 28 HP!

Renais gains 24 EXP, and +3 Staff EXP!

Lani decides to bully Priest 1! 

[95, 2] 

"Always shoot the healer." Except in this case, it's stab. Priest 1 goes down! 

Lani gains 34 EXP and +2 Sword EXP! 

Lani reaches Level 5! 

17    57    21    33    70    85    63    17

+HP, Str, Skl, Def, Res!

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"Wh-Whoa..." Alvira was stunned that her magic had worked so well, looking at her tome, the knight, her claw, before finally giving Laniva an apologetic smile. "S-Sorry, Lani. But don't worry! This guy's volunteering to be your replacement target." She held little sympathy for the priest that couldn't fight back, no matter how pissed his pants were.

With knights approaching across the river and footsteps coming from behind her, Izanami-no-Mikoto sighed gently, her tails fanning out behind her ever so slightly. "Well, I don't really care whose money it is, but I've taken a little bit of a liking to these mercenaries... So let's appeal to them, first." She turned away from the river and turned the corner of a small brush of trees, laying eyes on Alriana with a wide smile.

"Greetings, creation! You are granted audience with Her greatness, Izanami-no-Mikoto, Queen of all Kitsune, world traveler, Mistress of Magicks old and new; The Spellblade; The Foxen Fancy; The Four Tailed Herald of The Ends... But you may call me Mikoto."

"I approach you, Alriana, with a deal. There appears a regiment of knights coming to flank your precious group across the water... Their means of attack rely upon a dying tree of which I can only assume they mean to knock down and cross. For the right price... I shall remove this dying tree, preventing their assault. Say... two thousand gold?" 

Mikoto moves to 16,9 and sales pitches Alriana

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Maybe their commander was underestimating how good a cat's senses were, but what might have been indistinct at this distance to a human was clear enough to her to grab important parts of it through the din of battle. Since the first wave had fallen, Natalya took stock of their situation, taking a good look toward the east. Seeing them through the tree line and past her allies wasn't easy, but she just barely made out more knights arriving downstream. "Either he's never fought Clouded before, or he's really full of himself. Maybe both," she muttered to herself, waiting for Sixteen to finish her taunt to give her commands. "Reinforcements to the east! We'll have to split our forces to defend both sides, so try to pick your targets where you can!"

Natalya moves to 9-11.

"That's classified. You don't have to be a genius to figure it out, though." What else would urgent orders from a place as important as Sylph be, given the timeframe? Ferid looked around and saw the rest of the knights still present relaxing, just as he'd hoped. Maybe this wouldn't have been as easy were he coming from a lesser-known unit. "People like him are the first in line for dereliction of duty if they think they can gain something from it. You seem like a smart man, so let me ask you: do you think the Knights have Maravals because of Artorius, or despite him?" His previous assertions about Celine suggested the answer, but it would be wise to confirm before assuming.

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"That's not a surprising answer, I suppose. You wouldn't be sharing the specifics with a grunt, haha." The next question had his eyebrow raise at Ferid, before sighing. "I'd say there are elements of both, even if it is mostly because of the regent. Regent Artorius is sort of an avatar for people like Maraval. He amplifies feelings that have been festering for years. He is the pinnacle of gluttony, and has ascended to the highest station in the land, 2nd to only Saint Veras herself. He stifles forward progression to hold onto his own power, and because of it he brings people like him out into the open as they are the only people that he can really trust. That said..." The man paused as if waiting for the words to find him. "People like him are so ingrained in Hecatia, that even if Celine were regent and hand picking the knights herself, there would be those who would still be desperately courting power. For the many who do this to protect Hecatia, there are perhaps twice as many who do it for the fame, and power."

He let out a breath, looking up to the sky. "Lad-- I mean, Captain Celine gives me hope that the stories of knights I grew up on were real after all, and with her cohort, Sylph, and others, I do really think that the knights can do good. However, we're crushed under the weight of Artorius and what he represents." He shook his head, "Haha... I'm just rambling now, and probably would have been brought up on charges for most of what I said. So you can just forget all of that." 

"Forward! Pincer these fools! Show them our might!" 


Priest 2 heals Cav 5 for 15 HP! 

Sword Armor 2 engages the Wolf who was shouting at his commander! 

[19, 68] 

The sword strikes true! Ullr takes 10! 

Doge is still feral. Let's go.

[32, 74]

His heavy hit make a small dent, but a dent nonetheless! Sword Armor 2 takes 8 damage!

Ullr gains 8 EXP, and +1 Brawling EXP! 

Mage and Merc 3, both combine to take down the stag forming a bridge! 

The Knights move in... 


Tio flopped back on the bed, a long sigh leaving her. Sarasin had kept them longer than she had wanted, and then there was the matter of food and things. So Tio hadn't quite gotten to the bath she was so looking forward to. The trek had been harder than she was expecting, and she was bit more exhausted than she figured she was. After getting out of most of her clothes, she just wanted to relax a moment. After everything she'd heard from Sarasin, it was a little difficult to calm down. Surely, there was nothing to worry about yet, but the fact that Axios had been attacked and specifically a relic was targeted was a crime of the highest caliber. Not a lot of people would be able to pull of a heist like that and live to tell the tale. Yet, that was exactly what had happened, and Regent Altair was heavily overcorrecting. The issues that could bring to their mission were large in both scope, and number. Especially since the Tigers were predominantly monsters, and clouded, and growing by the minute. It was starting to get late, so Tio felt like she and Elisa would be able to explain to them in the morning what they had learned. 

Just then, Tio felt a glimmer of magic, and turned to the window. She and Elisa had elected to leave it open, and there was now a small black bird inside. A single glance made it obvious that it wasn't a bird, but a familiar.

"Who..." Around the bird's neck was a small necklace of sorts. Tio sat up, and slid closer to the bird who also started moving towards her. Around its neck was a small piece of paper, which Tio took, and started reading. "What?!" The message mentioned the Altair Knights, and that she and Elisa were needed. Tio groaned; she would be laughing if this wasn't potentially a serious matter. Why on Amaranth would the knights be in Liste of all places? It didn't matter, they were here, and both Tio and Elisa needed to be there. Tio threw her clothes back on, "Go back, and find Ingverd! We're on our way!" Fortunately, the trek down would be faster than the one up, the unfortunate part was it was still a trek. Tio ran down the hallway, half barging into the same room where they had spoken earlier. Elisa had remained to speak with Sarasin more about the recent happening, as she realized that Tio had spent her patience for dealing with Sarasin.

"Elisa! Gather yourself, we're needed back in Liste. The Knights are apparently here, and acting erratically. The note said things are okay for now... but things almost definitely have changed! Come on!" Tio turned and started moving her way to the door. Elisa would catch up to her in a matter of moments. The more ground they covered now, the better. 

Just their damned luck. Instead of spending their hard earned reprieve relaxing they were now moving back down the cliffs to get back Liste, and then would have to come back once everything was done. Some unfortunate Altair Knight was going to bear the brunt of Tio's less than stellar mood if things got out of hand...

"Maybe this will end amiably... That's possible right?" 

Chapter3 T4.png

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Syndra heard her Commander talking about reinforcements, but realizing she wouldn't realistically be able to make it to the other side of the battlefield, chose to focus her efforts near where they had already been fighting. A knight carrying a big spear looked like a prime candidate for her next attack.

Syndra moves to 5, 11 and casts Ice at the Armor Knight

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4-10, elfire the cav

"Gean! Help me finish this one! And then. Uh. Wolf clouded, I don't know your name, but here, take these and get that mage. They should help do a little more damage than your claws." He held the iron knuckles he normally wore to the wolf boy 16 had rescued. Hopefully this would work. He hated exposing Gean to a pure weapon like this, but at least he'd softened the man up first.

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Alriana nearly threw the dagger she'd had ready in her hands at the approaching, self-proclaimed, kitsune, but held back once she saw the numerous tails attached to the woman. With how the knights had been acting she doubted that the woman was with them. The way the kitsune acted all but confirmed that suspicion, though her knowledge of the lizard only made Alriana more wary. "Forget deal, how do know those things?" Unless she had been listening in, there was no way she should know any of that...

"Because it's my job to know things, it helps me with my customers more~" She giggled, still all smiles. "Now, as you can see, they're already here. Since it won't stop all of them, I'll cut you a deal~ One thousand gold and their bridge is gone. Stop the rest from crossing over. How does that sound?"

True to the woman's word the knights had felled the snag while she was distracted, now in formation and ready to attack. For a moment she considered the offer, but her decision didn't change even with the price slash. "No. Don't need help with them. Can handle myself." There was also the fact she didn't trust the woman to do anything but run with her money; she was just too suspicious.

"Oh, my, really... Well, have fun, then~ I'll give you a discount on my wares after this is all over. If you survive." She smiled, turning and fanning her tails out in front of Alriana, their conversation over. "Good luck~!"

"Don't need luck." Was all the lizard had to say to the haughty fox, moving into the cover of the forest to harass the approaching knights.

Alriana to 16,8, dagger cav 6.

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