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Mercenary on the Winds

Faith in the Spirits Arc 1: To Align the Stars

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Gean heard Cin's call for help in dealing with the next cav wielding a pure weapon. She chose to take the follow-up, but remained quiet about it. Her anger was still no subsiding, and she figured it would be best to not say anything without cooling off first. "Sure thing." Knowing how far their new fighting partner was from the dragon, Gean decided to take the gauntlets just to shorten the distance between the two.

Gean hits 3-10, trades the iron knuckles from Cin, then reads cav 2 his last rites.

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"We're thinning them out! Great work everyone!" Alvira was incredibly pleased with the show that everyone was putting on so far, spotting another pair of knights coming up over a bridge. With the enemies closest to her falling, she focused on them, putting the tome away for a moment to prepare her ice. "Heads up!"

Alvira to 2,10, ice Soldier #2 behind the mage!

"Mmmm... Üllr!" Sixteen crawled up behind him, peeking between his legs before standing up and pulling her tome out. "Let me help, let me help!"

Sixteen squirms to 6,11, flux Sword Knight #2!

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Syndra sees a Tin Can that needs to be put in the freezer! Engaging Lance Armor 2!

[2, 4] (12), [15, 92] (48)

Syndra procs Vengeance, again, just to make a statement. Because Lance Armor 2 was never going to survive the winter. Lance Armor 2 has been frozen! 

Syndra gained 34 EXP, and +3 Anima EXP! 

Cinead's fury becomes a new, more powerful flame, and Cav 2 is the unfortunate recipient. 

[80, 56] 

The brilliant new flames strike true, locking the pure weapon holding cavalier in place! Cav 2 takes 14 damage! 

Cinead gains 8 EXP! 

With the cav locked in, Aegean speeds into range!

[89, 3

(Yo, can someone check on Aegean, I don't think she's okay) 

Aegean's swing was strong enough that the strike also parted the flames that had covered the cav's escape, cleaving through the man's spear, and sending him to his deserved grave. Cav 2 eviscerated! 

Aegean gains 30 EXP, and +2 Axe EXP!

Soldier 2 was getting ready to enter the fray, when Alvira appeared with his icy welcoming gift! 

[17, 87], [45, 38] 

The gift was not appreciated, as Soldier 2 keeled over after the second block of ice. Soldier 2 buried! 

Alvira gained 22 EXP! 

16 employs gravity on the sword knight who attacked her clawed friend! 

[52, 71], [22, 11] 

The first one was a test, the 2nd one was enough to crush the remaining life from the unlucky knight. Sword Knight 2 crushed! 

16 gained 26 EXP, and +3 Dark EXP 

Aly engages Cav 6 from the trees! 

[33, 22

Aly prepared a second knife, but decided she only needed the 1 as she sniped it right through the man's knight. Critical! 36 Damage!

Aly gains 30 EXP, and +2 Hidden EXP! 

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"Oh! Oops! Haha, I wasn't trying to kill him. I was gonna leave that for you, Üllr. Sorry about that; I'll hold back more next time." Sixteen seemed more bothered that she'd let herself kill the man over than his death, meekly giving Üllr a smile.

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Seeing as how there were a ton of people bullrushing the makeshift bridge, and the lizard person of their group - Aly, she thinks - Nyx figured there was something to do - especially considering they were heading towards the inn.

However, given there was a five-for-one discount on baddies at the moment, Nyx decided she wasn’t in the mood to shop for trouble.

Nyx moves to (13,12).

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"Hhraah!" Taking a sword cut was never fun, but Üllr proved he had the constitution to take it, striking back with his own attack in the chinks of the armored knight's plating. Before he could concern himself more with the speed of battle, Sixteen had showed up and taken the man down. "It's fine, good job."

He was safe from more hits, which mattered most for him, and there was no shortage of people to cull --case in point with how he'd already been called to help another front. "Right." It was good that they were trusting him, there was no time to focus much on gaining it as it were. "Thank you, I'll take it." They weren't his claws, but having something to hit enemies with that he'd have to worry less later let him swing with abandon.

Üllr to (3,9), takes the iron knuckle and swing at the mage.

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Laniva grimaced a little, cutting down the priest. There was little good to be felt in doing so, but it was important to remove the enemy's healers, lest they prolong the battle.

"Nicely done, Alvira, but make sure you leave some fight for me, okay?"

Sixteen sure is... enthusiastic...

Laniva to 7, 10.

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Elisa's fun was cut short by her wife's sudden call to action, standing up and pivoting around. "For the love of... We're really running into all the problems we could, aren't we? Sorry, we'll be back once whatever this is is resolved," she grumbled to Sarasin, bolting to action and following Tio outside. Sure enough, her considerable athletic advantage meant she was soon slowing down to let Tio keep pace. "If this is at all related to what we just talked about, there's no way they'll just let the Tigers be. If they were the more reasonable type, Natalya and Ingverd would've been able to solve things without needing urgency from our part, and--" Elisa's eyes caught a flash of flames in the distance, amplified in the deepening dusk. "Scratch that, you don't do diplomacy with fire magic! Come on, let's book it!"

With the knights getting past the river on the east side, a rapid relocation was in order, but Natalya couldn't just leave the captain without supervision. There was one former knight among their own ranks, though. "Laniva! You think you can take command while I handle the east? If not, just act on personal discretion!" Quick delegation over with, the tiger sprinted on toward the reinforcing enemies, noticing someone she hadn't seen before next to Aly, as well as Nyx coming back from the inn toward her. "Is the innkeeper safe? I'll cover you, take targets of opportunity where you can."

Natalya moves to 14-11.

"Couldn't have said it better myself." Ferid was pleased with the answer, feeling like his detour might end up being easier than expected. Even if the other knights around them weren't receptive to the idea, having someone covering his back would be enough to remove most of the problem, and lead to saving the captives. "A good soldier executes his given orders to the best of his ability, but has the head to dissent against ones illegal. You've done nothing more than show you're deserving of the cape." With the sun setting and light growing scarce, Ferid's eyes began glimmering faintly, enough to be distinct to anyone who'd have seen it before. "This has been a private conversation, as far as we all are concerned. Is that understood?" He looked around the group, hoping for at least a nod from everyone. They'd have to get moving fast in case either side had overwhelmed the other.

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Siorel tip tapped her way over to Cinaed, finishing her dance next to him with a pink flash of her spots.

Siorel to 5,10, Heal Dance Cinaed.

"Cin... I know you're upset. I can clearly see that... But let me strike first when that man comes for us. You can finish him... I won't take that from you. I just have some of my own frustrations that I need to work off. Nothing a good dance will fix..." She spun another knife out, one in each hand now. She was staring daggers across the water, locked onto that horse riders. "Pathetic creatures like you will get yours." She muttered her frustrations out, hoping, praying, he would decide now was the time to charge.

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"Siorel, I... Be safe. Ok? That's all I ask." He didn't like the idea of her risking herself like that, he couldn't really express why, but he couldn't deny it to her either. She deserved to fight just as much as anyone else here. He just hoped she wouldn't get hurt. "I'll move over so that we can pincer him if he charges."

Cin to 8-11

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Tio could barely see the flames go off in the distance, and cursed under her breath. Things were never, ever going to go according to plan, and if they were Altair Knights, the Tigers could be in a bit of trouble. Natalya and Ingverd would have easily been able to keep things calm on their end, which almost definitely meant that the knights had instigated. Especially if Ingverd had sent them that request. "Ugh! Can nothing ever be simple!?" Tio did her best to keep after Elisa now that she had caught up. Any injuries, or anything incurred from this attack was a setback that was entirely avoidable. Not to mention that it looked like combat was taking place in Liste itself, which meant that the villagers were at risk at well. Tio's exasperation grew with every hurried step, "If they cause problems for the villagers, or harm the Tigers..." Tio simply shook her head, and put forth her best effort to keep up with Elisa. 

The knight nodded, "Of course, sir. Not a word will leave my lips about this." He then smiled; Sylph Knights lived up to their reputation if Ferid was any indication. A couple of the knights nodded, while some of the others seemed hesitant to do so. Maraval's orders were nothing short of heinous, and those who were following him weren't too much better. They'd taken an oath to Hecatia, and her people, not to the regent or Maraval. There was naught he could do on his own, and the other knights weren't quite willing to stand against Maraval and the less scrupulous knights, but they couldn't just... leave things as they were. That was not what they were given the cape for. 

Renais used Staff Technician to heal Aegean! 

Gean recovers 8 HP! 

Renais gained 9 EXP, and +2 Staff EXP! 

Hark! Is the Moon out? Ullr engages Mage 1 with a howl!

[87, 50], [72, 83] 

With a devastating one-two punch, Ullr takes down his first target! Mage 1 goes down! 

Ullr gains 26 EXP, and +3 Brawling EXP! 

Siorel refreshes, and refreshes Cinead! 


Siorel refreshes Cinead's turn, and heals him for 4 HP! 

Siorel gains 15 EXP! 


The monks exchange a glance at one another... and focus fire on the golden armored girl! 

Monk 1 opens fire first! 

[11, 2]

The Monk's spell flashes bright, much brighter than normal. With a wave of his hand, the spell strikes Miria, and instantly knocks her to the ground! Critical! 33 Damage! 

Miria has been downed! 

Monk 2 changes targets to Laniva! 

[67, 83] The flash of light strikes Laniva for 6 damage! 

On the opposite side of the map, Merc 3 engages Aly, wondering why the Cavs didn't engage her at all! 

[83, 77]

It was likely because they missed her, but not in the way that he just had. Miss! 

Aly strikes back! 

[23, 58] 

Aly's knife embeds itself into the man's arm! 12 damage to Merc 3! 

Aly gains 10 EXP, and +1 Hidden EXP! 

Mage 3 believes that he can do better! 

[22, 67] 

His gust of wind connects with Aly for 6 damage! 

Aly throws all knifes to the wind! 

[7, 79]

Not even the wind affects her accuracy, this knife ending up in the mage's chest! 10 damage! 

Aly gains 8 EXP, and +1 Hidden EXP! 

Cav 7 approaches Mikoto! 

"You!" His pure weapon trained on her, "Are you with these mercenaries, or are you one of the villagers? Speak quick--" The man looked up, noticing Tasha speaking with Nyx, and seemingly issuing orders. The woman before him didn't seem to be causing any issues, nor was she clearly armed. "Ah, to hell with it. Stay out of the way, beast! The other knights will deal with you in time!"

He urged his horse further onwards, lance set, charging towards Tasha! "For the glory of Hecatia! Die, now, monster!" 

What both I and the Cav didn't realize was that Natalya was already swinging as the cav entered her range. Natalya activates Vantage! 

[78, 94] (47) 

The poleaxe swing was swift, and accurate, crushing the rider, and bringing the horse to its knees. There would be no more movement from either. Cav 7 felled! 

Tasha gains 10 EXP, and +2 Axe EXP! 

Cav 8 feels like he sees and opening, and engages Natalya! (She has Vantage, but there's no reason to fix this combat) 

[68, 86] 

The blade strikes... but it mostly bounces off Natalya! It made a tiny dent in her armor. Tasha takes 1 damage! 

Tasha looks a little confused, before deciding it wasn't worth it to ask why. 

[42, 45] (57) 

Tasha's swing was not as potent as the first one, but it rendered the rider in capable of putting distance between himself and Tasha! Cav 8 takes 22 damage!

Tasha gains 1 EXP, and 1 Axe EXP!  

Priest 3 moves in to heal Mage 3! 

Mage 3 is healed to full! 

Priest 2 finishes triage on Cav 5! 

Cav 5 is healed to full! 

The lieutenant looked over the battlefield. The mercenaries were much stronger than anticipated, but as the golden clad fighter found themselves in crumpled heap, he smiled. They weren't out of their depth here. Then his eyes found his target. There. The tall dark dragon who had attacked him at the start of all of his. He sheathed the blade he'd struck with before, and opted to switch to the lance. He pointed it at the dragon, "Let what happened to your friend there be a lesson. You're next, boy!" 

"Taunt them as you will, but remember the plan. We wait for our allies, and we'll pincher them." Maraval said, also readying his lance. 

To the east, raucous laughter erupted. "Forward! Forward, I say! Our brethren require us to strike at the hearts of the half breeds! So we shall not strike, but we shall kill! Death to the traitors! Death to the half breeds! Remove whoever gets in the way!" 

Reinforcements have arrived! 


Chapter3 T5.png

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Siorel nodded as Cinaed moved away to begin his flank, but whispered under her breath, "no promises." Her chance at being hurt was about to make itself known, two of the monks rushing their position. One of the Tigers' armored members went down, the other getting struck. Siorel took a deep breath. "Quick and clean. Just like you were taught..."

Siorel stays put and flings daggers at Monk #2!

Mikoto had been about to respond to the man on the horse, but he decided things for himself, then went off and got himself killed. She couldn't help laughing at that, covering her mouth with the sleeve of her kimino, such behaviour quite unbecoming. With a sigh as she calmed down, she gently pulled a tome out of the same sleeve, flipping it open and walking her way up towards the knights that had just rushed into the field.

"Gentlemen~ Surely such fighting is too barbaric and beneath you all... Perhaps you would be interested in making a purchase instead? I'd love to lower my prices for upstanding knights of the realm, should they deign to purchase from a lowly Monster such as myself..." She was playing a little dirty, but their dispositions had frustrated her, especially in the face of potential bargains. Hopefully one of them would follow their bravado to the grave...

Mikoto slowly walks to 17,10 and idles.

Sixteen hissed as Miria was sent to the ground! She was still afraid of the human, but she was their human! "How dare you!?" Her eyes began to glow, staring hard at the monk, before a bright flash of magic erupted his way!

Sixteen slides to 7,11 and casts Eyes of the Medusa on Monk #1!

With nothing left in their way for now and the threat of that captain's mounted charge approaching, Alvira snuck to the bridge, spotting them preparing their weapons across the way. "Hmph." She took a deep breath, readied some ice, cleared her throat, and... "Hey shit for brains! Over here! You want a monster to stick!? Stick me, dumbass! If your idiot brain can even find its way across this bridge!"

Alvira to 2,8, spits sick ills and applies a vuln

Edited by Mel the DM

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16 angrily targets Monk 1 with Eyes of the Medusa! 

[16] (This was not planned)

With a violet flash, Monk 1 has become a statuette! Monk 1 has been stoned, and not the fun kind! 

Monk 1 cannot move, or attack, but gains +10 Def/Res. Enemies can still pass through! 

Siorel decided she was done staring daggers, and started throwing them at Monk 2 instead!

[9, 70] 

The knife struck true, needling its way into the man's left arm! 12 damage! 

Monk 2 decides to return the favor! 

[9, 8]

The monk ripped Siorel's knife out of his arm, and in his vindictive anger, chanted a perfect spell. With another flash, the well crafted light spell struck Siorel, knocking the dancer to the ground! Critical! 30 Damage! 

Siorel is downed! 

The Lieutenant smirked as their light mages seemed to be making quick work of the mercenaries now. The pair had been above average for years, and it was certainly showing now. Then he heard a shill voice aimed at either himself, or the captain. "Ah, it appears that we're starting to break now? I'm sure the two fools that followed you to their graves believe us to be idiots as well? Bay at the moon like the bitch you are. When I'm done with your friend, and you're on the ground in the tears, I'll be sure to stick you too."  


The Lieutenant turned over his shoulder, "Yes, Captain?" 

"Save that fire for when we advance. There's no reason to waste your breath on a corpse who doesn't know that she's dead. Our friends to the east almost certainly have arrived... We'll quick work of them. Do not break under their pressure, men! Their dying gasps are upon us! Weather the storm, and then we strike!"

Cav 5 Equips the Monster Pike! 

Maraval Equips the Iron Greatlance! 


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Cin to 7-9 snap a man's neck (no fire added to attack)

Cinaed turned as he reached his destination, ready to pincer the lieutenant like he and Siorel planned, and instead watched in horror as first Miria and then Siorel were downed by two monks. He let out a primal scream of rage as his magic burst out of every inch of his body, magic swirling around him in fiery spirals before finally settling down into a faintly glowing aura around him. The flames wreathed him and slowly twisted to form first horns, then wings, cloaking him in the fiery form of a full dragon. He strode forward, rage fully controlling him now. He grabbed the monk that had just attacked Siorel, hands around his throat and twisted until there was an audible snap. Tossing the body aside, he turned towards the lieutenant and screamed, "Come on and fight me yourself, you coward. I. WILL. END YOU!"

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"You couldn't stick a whore with your cock if you paid them your whole wage, fuck wad. Make sure you survive once you fall off that high horse; I want something to laugh at!" Alvira got another chunk of ice ready. She slammed her tail against the ground; she was more than ready to ruin these men. "Looks like your friends weren't worth much, huh?" Alvira was a little in awe of how upset Cinaed was getting, only hoping that his fire was going to hurt the knights, not him... Keep it together, Cin. They're gonna be fine, as long as Renais is around... Don't burn yourself for these assholes; they aren't worth it.

Siorel had thrown her first knife, getting ready to throw the other, when the world got really bright, then really dark, a groan leaving her. She could feel the ground, which was odd... Then a sudden searing pain running through her arm, causing her to lurch over onto it and hug it, a pained gasp following. "F-Fuck...!"

Edited by Mel the DM

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Monk 2 is dead. He's just dead. 

[90, 37]

There was no crit, but he's just dead. 

Cin gained 26 EXP, and +2 Brawling. 

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Hey, convenient timing, Nattie! “Aye, they are. Got somethin’ fer whichever o’us uses knives, n’some kinda charm tha’ Persica gave me, but m’thinkin’ I’ll keep that’un.” Peering over Nattie’s shoulder, Nyx slipped just a little closer behind the slightly taller tiger, and nocked an arrow. 

“Watch yer tits, Nat!”

Nyx moves to (13,11) and does the funny pew pews on Cav 8

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Siorel dropped, and so did Miria. Things were looking dire. Renais turned to them both with some shock in her eyes. "A-ah...no..." Despite trying to calm her nerves another image hit her, the same one from before. One of fire and smoke, though this time less smoke obstructed her view and she could see faint figures before her...bodies on the ground. They were still as a stone, so it seemed like they were- "A-AAAAH!!! NO NO NO!!!" She gasped out as she tried desperately to shake off that terrible sight. "No! I can save them! I can save them!" With fear in her step, Renais rushed to Miria's side and tried to catch her breath. She took out her mend and used as much magic as she could to help her friend. "Miria! Miria get up! Get up please! Get up!"

Renais (in a slight panic) rushes to 6, 11 and Mends Miria.

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The last thing Miria remembered... there was a big flash of light. Everything was blurry after that. Everything felt muffled. What was going on? Had she died? Maybe?

She felt something around her, things were... getting clearer. If she was beyond her 'mortal shell', and was in what went after, what afterlife let her head hurt like it did? Or the copper taste in her mouth? Or...

...ria! Miria get up! Get up please! Get up!

There was someone shouting at her as the sounds of metal clashing and spells slinging. The fight was still going on! And she was on the ground! And not in armor! Miria scrambled the best she could off the ground to see a panicked Renais. "I-ah--!" Her head still hurt but she did her best to ignore it. Her body was starting to sore too. "I'm okay Renais, I'm... I'm okay." She felt her face, her helmet had gone missing. Where did it go?! She'd have to worry about it later. She quickly got herself back into her armor. She'd push out the rest of this fight. If she was still up, she still had to do her part!

Miria holds position after being revived.

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Gean's arm felt like lead. Even after Renais' healing she could still feel some draining sensation from the arm she held the shield with. Gotta be smart with this thing. It's done more to me than the enemy has. However the moment Gean looked back up from herself, all hell broke loose.

Aegean's eyes widened upon seeing a certain golden armor girl crumple to the ground. Then the same monk decided one was not enough and Siorel went down to a burst of light. While Gean's anger was flaring right now, her dragon companion took that statement to a whole other level. "Keep it together Cin! Don't get reckless!" Gean shouted. She had faith he'd be able to hold his own with the remaining knights here. If he flew off the handle towards the others, things could even more messy.

Moving in closer, Gean decided that being at full strength would best going forward. She chugged her vulnerary and looked over the rest of the team. Thankfully Miria was getting back on her feet thanks to Renais help. "Keep it together Rene! You can do this. Miria, don't overexert. Gain your bearings first!"

These knights were definitely a step up from what they've been used to, but now they really were asking for trouble, and the Tigers were going to give them all they deserved.

Gean to 4-10 and sip a vuln


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One-two, swiftly the mage went down. Üllr could get behind the feel of those gauntlets, recentering himself and looking around. Numbers were thinning nearby, but another force of those knights seemed to have joined further east. Üllr considered his options, but others seemed closer to that side than himself. There's also the fact that golden person got smacked down with a blast of light. "Rrrrr..."

Growling, Üllr rushed to the bridge, stopping in his tracks as he noticed the man was... grayish? It was like... no, he was literally petrified. "What...?" He was no statue before, that's for sure,, but it seemed like, in the heat of the moment, a light spell was cast on him for that result. He would have to ask about that later --he wasn't taking bets with this being a permanent spell.

Üllr to funni coord, hit monk 1.

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What in the fuck am I looking at? The crimson dragon Cinaed had created was equal parts awe-inspiring and terrifying. Clearly incensed over Miria and whoever the dancing companion of his was getting knocked out by the monk, his rage seemed to be taking over. "Sir Cinaed you need to control yourself! This is exactly what they want to happen!" Syndra wasn't sure her words would reach him right now, but she had to try at the very least. The other notable curiosity was the other monk, the one Cinaed didn't casually toss aside like a sack of potatoes. It looked as if he had been transformed into a statue. But how did that happen? Renais's been healing us constantly and Alvira's off taunting them like a child... Could it have been Sixteen? Unsure what to think of these developments, and unable to investigate the stone man up close due to the wolf-man, Syndra just decided to regroup with the others.

Syndra moves (cautiously) to 8-10

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Alriana had weathered the first series of attacks as well as she could, but the sudden appearance reinforcements had her worried. She was confident, but not stupid; she knew she couldn't take on eight knights and walk out unscathed, or maybe even alive. "RRaaah!" With a growl she fell back to the cluster of trees behind her, her tail tripping the swordsman as she pulled back to prevent him from swinging at her. All there was to do now was tend to her wounds and prepare to fight.

Aly to 14,8 vuln up.

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