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[FE16] Azure Moon - Draft every last one of them!

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Now that there has been a successful (somewhat LTCish?) playthrough of the maddening draft, let's try a Hard mode one with our favorite angry boi Dimitri

The ruleset is inspired by the SS maddening draft, but adapted for Hard. In particular, Stride is banned this time and grinding is handled more restrictively.


  1. This draft is for 4 players.
  2. Byleth and Dimitri are free for all players.
  3. The game will be played on the Azure Moon route, Hard/Classic, New Game.
  4. The last unit to remain undrafted is free for all players.


  1. Undrafted units may not be deployed or used as adjutants.
  2. Undrafted units may be recruited from other houses. Interactions with them via monastery features (e.g. tea time, instruct, support conversations) are allowed.
  3. All non-DLC monastery features may be used freely.
  4. DLC-exclusive features are banned. This includes characters, classes, monastery features, auxiliary battles etc..
  5. Drafted units from other houses may be used for Mission Assistance.
  6. Paralogues are free up to 10 turns.
  7. One auxiliary/quest battle per month is free up to 10 turns. Doing more than one is allowed, though.
  8. Warp and Stride are banned.
  9. Attacking the Death Knight in chapter 6 at 4-range or more is banned.


  1. Everyone is free in Prologue.
  2. Undrafted units are limitedly usable in Chapter 13. They may do anything except: enter combat with a weapon equipped and use gambits, combat arts or spells.
  3. Undrafted units are free in Paralogues where they are force-deployed.


  1. Violations of these rules have a penalty of 10 turns, per unit per chapter.
  2. Violations of the warp/stride rule and the C6 death knight rule have a penalty of 99 turns per chapter instead.
  3. If you aren't playing for turncounts, just don't break any rules.


Terrador: Dedue, Catherine, Shamir, Dorothea, Hilda, Ignatz, Cyril + Manuela

Carmine Sword: Felix, Ingrid, Leonie, Seteth, Marianne, Lorenz, Alois + Manuela - 72 turns

Moblin Major General: Sylvain, Mercedes, Caspar, Lysithea, Ferdinand, Raphael, Hanneman + Manuela

Gradivus.: Ashe, Annette, Bernadetta, Flayn, Petra, Gilbert, Linhardt + Manuela - 74 turns

Units remaining:




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3 hours ago, Terrador said:

should be fun. hopefully i remember to read gradivus' notes for maddening for some ideas 🙂

Last in, first to pick. It's your turn.


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