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We're back with FE16 PMU Iron Man (Maddening Mode)


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After a 2 month hiatus, we are finally back with our Fire Emblem: Three Houses Pick My Units Iron Man Run (on Maddening Mode)


As a reminder, these were the units chosen for the PMU:

Mortal Savant Hapi (by: Father Shrimpas)
Warmaster Hanneman (by: Saint Rubenio)
Swordmaster Raphael (by: Benice)
Holy Knight Ingrid (by: Lonestar)
Trickster Jeritza (by: Dayni)
Wyvern Lord Annette (by: Sooks)
Warrior Constance (by Dr. Shaky Jones)
Valkyrie Lysithea (by: Ether)
Sniper Mercedes (by: AnonymousSpeed)
Paladin Hubert (by: Barren)
Dismounted Falcon Knight Byleth (by: Ether)
Dancer Edelgard (by: The ChoZen One)


And the PMU Rules: 

- Maddening Mode
- Iron Man (No divine pulses or resets, If Byleth or Edelgard dies, the run ends. No retreating. If a defeat condition is met, the run ends. Paralogues and all!!)
-Units have to be in their respective chosen classes as soon as the classes to them are available and from the moment they are, they have to be used for every chapter battle (can only be changed temporarily during auxiliary battles when training to get skills)
- Iron Man Officially Starts at Chapter 2 (Chapter 1 will not count to save time)
- No Chalice of Beginnings, Start game stat boosters.
- Ashen Wolves, Anna, & Jeritza are allowed
- New Game+
- Using NG+ Renown to raise Skill level is not allowed. Only for supports (to recruit students) and to get Professor Rank A.
- Abyss Renown items are allowed depending how difficult the run gets. As well as the Yellow Aux battles as well as carry over gambits from a previous new game file (including Ashes and Dust) But I will refrain from using anything I feel is not necessary. I will use these most likely though.
- DLC classes are allowed.
- I am allowed to look at map/enemy data on stream to check ambush reinforcement placements & triggers.
- The battle of the eagle and lion will be treated as an iron man map. If someone dies, I can't use them again.
- If a Unit dies, already start preparing your votes for the backup units I will use (Give a unit and a class you want them to be in). So far we have Warrior Ignatz and Armor Knight Manuela.


Streaming Part 4 now!!: 


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I lost the run as soon as I came back to it lmao Bad idea.... my brain wasn't working as it usually was during the run or the last one I did. I was also super rusty. But oh well. I wasn't really in the mood for Three Houses anyways now that I been playing all the other FE recently. We will come back to this one day when I'm in the mood. Whether it be just a standard Iron Man attempt again or the PMU (I will use same units that were voted for so don't worry for those who never got to see their units they picked)

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