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Keeping a promise: SRW T draft thread


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I said I'd start this before the end of March, and that's what I'm doing @Excellen Browning.  Even if it's four and a half hours before the end of March, my time!

Scenario 1 - 4/4 (1/1)

Went with Terada's birthday for Sagiri (because Chapter 42 can bite me).  This SRW Point is a gimme.  I gave as many kills to Shiro as I could (all of 1).  Big Volfogg's Melting Siren was quite helpful here!

EDIT: I forgot to plop my draft list in!

Great Mazinger, Brownie, Gundam Mk-II, Re-GZ, Sky God Windam, Flame God Rayearth, Sea God Selece, Super Aestivalis, Master Gundam, Alpha Azieru, King J-Der, FTO, Ichinana

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Hey guys, eclipse wanted me to let you know that, since she's technically fulfilled her promise, there's nothing else she really needs to do, and she's not planning to continue to this thread any further.

I asked why she wanted me to relay this message specifically, and she said it was because of my birthday, April 22nd. She said it was because I was an April Fool.

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