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(FE4 spoilers, maybe) "What if Gen 1 ended differently?" but it's a story I wrote

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Hey, hi, thanks for taking the time to check out this thread! If you've played through the entirety of FE4 or at the very least have an intimate knowledge of the game's events, and are looking for more, then this is a story for you. Otherwise, you may suffer from moderate to severe spoilers, so you have been warned...

Anyway, have you ever wondered what might have happened if Sigurd survived? Well, I've written a story that describes that very possibility...


Bleeding Hearts: An Alternate Holy War Story

(Note: This is a slightly revised edition. It doesn't have many changes [which are listed at the bottom of the doc, so the story may be subject to change in the future], but if you want to read the original, you can find it in the topic linked below.)

This was originally written for the Serenes Forest Monthy Writing Competition, which anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in! (Anonymous entries are accepted!) If you're looking for an avenue to write, read, and/or critique, it's a casual and welcoming place to test out ideas and flex that big, juicy brain of yours, so show us what you've got! [Details are listed in the OP of that topic.]

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You should probably change the title of this post. I feel bad for anyone that would get spoiled. It's on the front of page of Serenes and even with the spoiler tag in front of it, it's not easy to miss reading it accidently.

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