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Searching for Someone with PAL Copy For Glitch Documentation

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I'm currently working on a project that involves the explanation of Fire Emblem glitches. In my research on Radiant Dawn, I realized that there was no documentation online of a specific image that relates to a particular glitch in North American releases of the game.

Short version: I need someone with a PAL copy to go into the library within the base and take a picture of Muarim's description. It can be a picture of a television screen taken with a phone or a screenshot. Anything works.

Long version: In early North American copies, Radiant Dawn had a game breaking bug involving transfer bonuses. The way to see if your copy is glitched is to see if Muarim's description refers to him as Ike's sister (like in the attached picture) or a tiger laguz. I've been searching for a picture of Muarim's correct description for my project for days now, and I keep coming up short no matter where I look. The glitch was fixed in PAL releases, and Muarim's description is correct in fixed copies. North American copies that were released later in Radiant Dawn's lifespan may have the correct description, but PAL copies are guaranteed to have the correct description, hence why I'm looking for someone with a PAL copy. I'm in North America with a bugged copy of Radiant Dawn and have no way of emulating a PAL copy to document this description unfortunately. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. As long as the image's text is readable, any quality is alright. Thank you in advance.


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2 hours ago, lenticular said:

You mean like this?FERD-Muarim-info-crop.thumb.jpg.184c2ceddb4f0a74f7c88968e5bce367.jpg

Thank you so much! I've been searching for this for ages, and this is exactly what I needed. Thank you! You're a lifesaver!

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