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Trying to find a LP of a fanhack/game

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A while back I remember I was looking at this Youtuber who covered/hosted FE romhack 'game jams' so to speak, and one of his LPs that I can recall was an original, lightly crack-y but moderately sincere take on Heirs of Fate that cast him and some other FE Youtuber/ROMhack people (or FE-ized versions therof) as the parents of the playable cast. I can recall that one of the 'parents' was that guy with the ice-blue horned armor avatar that I've seen once around here, and his kid was trying to wear the same outfit but was a bit small for it. I've searched Youtube a few times but I can't recall who he was or the name of the hack.

I recall another hack that he did that was an in-FE take on a Warriors game that just starred the FE7 cast, as well. I don't want to play that game or the other one, I just want to find the Youtuber and his LP. The only other thing I could recall was that his Youtube banner had a thing about waffles on it, but that might be long gone.

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