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Is Silver Snow worth playing?

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On 5/23/2022 at 10:04 PM, kratoscar2008 said:

I dont like Claude so SS is probably the best route after CF and AM.

Plus I was able to do my harem run thanks to no Lord that I have to keep alive so to me it was worth it.

Plus I like how it's basically a big family fighting to get a family member back.

Harem Emblem Post Skip.png

Looks like Edelgard in Silver Snow is not here.

Honestly Three Houses is not my best games in women character.

My personal favourite ranking games women character when I play :

- 1st Love Nikki/Shining Nikki 

- 2nd : Dream Club 

- 3rd : Time & Eternity 

- 4th : Fire Emblem Three Houses 

- 5th : Tales of Graces F 

- 6th : The Quintessential Quintuplets ∬ : Summer Memories Also Come in Five 

- 7th : Dead or Alive 

- 8th : Tekken 

- 9th : Trails into Reverie 

- 10th : Naruto Shippuden

Hororable Mention : Sword Art Online, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn and Date A Live.

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On 5/9/2022 at 12:13 AM, NEMESIS/GSS #1 SIMP said:

Well I'm sorry that I didn't get the knowledge from playing a ton of previous fire emblem games. Three Houses was many people's first FE game. The illness thing should've been brought up before the final battle with Rhea. 

You do realize that the whole "Dragon Sickness" deal doesn't apply to Rhea, right? That was a Manakete thing, and they don't exist in Fodlan. Rhea's people aren't subject to the typical FE draconic madness.

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On 5/13/2022 at 9:40 AM, Dark Holy Elf said:

The lack of emotional connection between the party members is very stark.

I encourage someone to prove me wrong here but in the years of devouring fanart for this game, I don't think I've ever seen someone draw a specific grouping of Seteth + Flayn + the six Silver Snow Eagles. Seteth and Flayn both support fewer members of the Eagles than any other House. The Eagles barely remark on what fighting their homeland, Hubert, and Ferdinand would mean to them. As a fan of a number of those characters, the whole thing feels very hollow.

Maybe that's the point. I've definitely seen it argued the route is intended as a tragedy, that everyone becomes the worst version of themselves: Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Byleth, the Eagles, even Rhea. I myself go back and forth as to whether the route is deliberately tragic or just a shell of a first draft for other routes.

Well, to be fair it is the only route where every last character who isn't Byleth can end up dead. Silver Snow is the only route where Byleth can end up completely alone. Think on that for a moment and tell me it isn't a tragedy.

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