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My Top 15 music in this games.

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This is my personal favourite music in this games :


- 15th : Broken Routine (White Cloud Chapter 10 - 11 in exploration)

- 14th : A Star in the Morning Sky (Statistics and Ending character)

- 13th : A Vow Remembered (Motivated Event)

- 12th : Recollection and Regret (Tragic Event)

- 11th : Somewhere to Belong (Relationship Event)

- 10th : A place to Rest (S Support Event)

- 9th : Tearing Through Heaven (Chapter 8 - 9 - 10 Battle Map)

- 8th : Edge of Dawn (Silver Snow/Azure Moon/Verdant Wind Credit)


- 7th : Chasing Daybreak (Chapter 13 - 14 - 15 - 16(SS-AM-VW) Battle Map)

- 6th : Blue Skies and a Battle (Chapter 7 Battle Map)

- 5th : Between Heaven and Earth (Azure Moon/Verdant Wind Chapter 17 Battle Map)

- 4th : Fódlan Winds (Prologue -Chapter 1 - 3 - 4 - 5 Battle Map)


- 3rd : The Apex of the World (Crimson Flower Chapter 18 - Azure Moon Chapter 22 Battle Map)

- 2nd : A Funeral of Flowers (Silver Snow Chapter 21 Battle Map)

- 1st : God-Shattering Star (Verdant Wind Chapter 22 Battle Map)


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Not sure how I'd do my top 15 music tracks for Three Houses, but I do have an idea for my top 5. 

#5. Between Heaven and Earth- A great song that lets you know that the Academy days at the Monastery have long since passed, and that the 5-year war is not to be taken lightly. Especially fits considering that the song plays on the same battlefield where the Battle of the Eagle and Lion was held, now appropriately titled: Blood of the Eagle and Lion in Azure Moon and Verdant Wind.

#4. Paths That Will Never Cross- I couldn't help but notice that you didn't put this song in your top 15 list, though I suppose I can understand why. I personally love how tragic battling unrecruited students is,  and this song fits the mood perfectly. 

#3. Funeral of Flowers- I haven't played through Silver Snow, but simply by listening to this track do I realize how much of a masterpiece it is. It fits the tragic tone of the battle against Rhea, having turned into the Immaculate One against her will. The only things that hold back this piece from being placed any higher is the rather terrible story reason for Rhea's transformation, and the battlefield being reused from a previous chapter in the game. 

#2. Apex of the World- I personally prefer Crimson Flower's version of the Immaculate One boss fight over Silver Snow's. While the final boss fight in SS is rather tragic, CF's version is more epic, where Byleth, Edelgard and Co. get to finally take down Rhea in an epic battle at the burning capital of Faerghus. That, and I feel the reason for Rhea's transformation here was done way better. 

#1. God-Shattering Star- Easily my favorite track in the entire game. The battlefield, Nemesis' return, and this tune are all reasons why Verdant Wind's final boss is my favorite in Three Houses. I love how it recreates the battle between Rhea and Nemesis seen in the very first cutscene, and fighting all the way through to Nemesis was simply awesome.

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My lukewarm take on Fire Emblem music is that final boss themes in this series are overrated in general, and Three Houses does not buck this trend for me.

My favourite piece is Chasing Daybreak. It's dramatic, it sets the stakes of what you're fighting for well, and more than anything it really helps the timeskip hit hard. I like forward to the third quarter of the game every time I play. I also love how the second Gronder theme is a remix of the first, but with a darker tone.

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15 is pretty ambitious, but I can come up with a top 5 map/battle themes:

#5. Roar of Dominion. The tune gets super-serious in the pivotal chapter 12, even encompassing the "prep music". Really lays down how decisive this fight is gonna be.

#4. The Shackled Wolves. A pretty cool theme that really helps to give the Ashen Wolves their own personality. It's among my faves to use for Aux battles, as well.

#3. God-Shattering Star. That chanting is an awesome inclusion, reinforcing the foe you're facing as a fierce specter of the past. The music, meanwhile, is a total banger.

#2. At What Cost?. I'm a fan of all the final boss themes in this game, but this one's my favorite. It really hypes up the Umbral Beast battle, while having tones of Aelfric's own desperation. 

#1. Tearing Through Heaven. This one is an absolute banger, full stop. It's my favorite backing theme for Aux battles, and just fills even mundane encounters with hyper energy.

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These are some of my favorites, I don't think I can really rank them. The music in this game is incredible all around.


Roar of the Dominion - ditto what @Shanty Pete's 1st Mate said. It's a big reason why Chapter 12 is one of my favorites. It has those "desperate resistance against an overwhelming force" vibes, and I love that it plays during the prep menu as well. "REPORT!"

Chasing Daybreak - ditto what @Dark Holy Elf said.

Shackled Wolves - my favorite Aux Battle music, never gets old.

Dwellings of the Ancient Gods - I love the eerie, mysterious, downtempo electronica feel of this tune. It's a nice change from some of the more hectic early game pieces like Fodlan Winds and tearing through heaven.

Scales of the Goddess - maybe not everyone's favorite that comes to mind, this is the Part 2 monastery music. Sometimes I fiddle around with menuing and other nonsense tasks just to zone out to this one.

H/T to The Long Road  and A Funeral of Flowers

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