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Timed Poll Reset Bug?

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Not sure if this is just how InVision does poll behaviour, but inĀ this topic over on W3H subforum, I tried to change the poll I had previously which had just lapsed at 10am ET today, but I didn't get around to changing the first post until 90min or so later. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way on my end to reset the poll timer, even by cancelling the 'automatically close' option.

Strangely, I could actually edit the poll last week - though I suspect I had the topic post open for edit before the poll closed that time around.

If there's no means to reset a poll (user or admin wise) other than something more root database dependent, that's fine; just wanted to understand how the system actually works as it is intended to do.

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Hey, I encountered this a couple weeks back and have got around it by removing the poll, saving that edit, then re-editing the poll back in. It's time consuming and obnoxious, but so far that's the only way to do it that I can see, at least until someone else figures out a better fix.

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