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2 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:


Also forgot to eat the cake after his promotion last chapter, so more stat booster used.

You could have eaten the pref cake at the first opportunity. The game keeps track of stats that go over the cap, so you would have simply gotten the spillover HP automatically after the promotion.

In fact, at levelup the game stills rolls for stats that are already capped. Sadly it's not displayed on the levelup screen when that happens, but it does.
Because of this, when a unit promotes it's stats might well end up MUCH larger then what the promotion screen advertises.

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On 9/21/2022 at 11:13 AM, BrightBow said:

You could have eaten the pref cake at the first opportunity. The game keeps track of stats that go over the cap, so you would have simply gotten the spillover HP automatically after the promotion.

That is both good to know, and rather interesting.


On 9/21/2022 at 11:13 AM, BrightBow said:


In fact, at levelup the game stills rolls for stats that are already capped. Sadly it's not displayed on the levelup screen when that happens, but it does.
Because of this, when a unit promotes it's stats might well end up MUCH larger then what the promotion screen advertises.

Now that you pointed it out, you can sort of see that in action this chapter. When Sheela promoted in the last update had capped Dex (and it showed the normal bonus, 15 +3) but in her first levelup this chapter you can see she already has 20 Dex.


Now lets see if I can't finish this defense chapter off in time for my loose schedule.


When last we left off, we were the very middle of a defense map


And I open back up by...utterly missing. That complicates things a fair bit, as I planned on finishing this guy off this turn with Ma'aya, and now it can get a free hit on Slayne... sigh, lets look at some other fronts while I figure out how to fix that.


This should rather reliably clear the way for me to getting some help in the north. Probably not fast enough for those eagle riders, but there is a small complication


If he misses one hit, Am Solim breaks...unfortunately I think this is my best option despite how much I don't like it....

And it works. Well that is one hassle out of the way


Not much is actually happening in these fronts, but I did get an amazing level on Lyttia while dancing for the exp.


After that miss, I pull Yaeri back in so she can help out if need be. I also put Ma'aya in range, both in the hope she can draw fire instead of Slayne (for some chip damage), but also to trade Slayne over to a lighter weapon (it wont make much of a difference, but the extra avoid might help). Also Sheela is set to enemy phase both those ranged enemies.


And Sheela has just capped her Agility with that levelup.


Seems that Ma'aya gambit worked, as this one got chipped down on enemy phase just enough for Hoelun to get the kill.


And she levelup things she barely needed...well I guess the HP isn't that bad...


And Slayne didn't miss his Arbalest hit this time, so


Ma'aya can go for the kill, just like I planned for last turn. In retrospect, if she missed a hit back then she could have been in trouble (but then again, Slayne could have also got a multuchance proc for the kill as well)


and I will gladly take an Agility levelup. Honestly she is still at the point where most stats are kinda exciting for her, which is to say she still has a long way to go.


Athol also manages to levelup while healing Ma'aya back up. Seems I didn't need Yaeri up there at all, but if the enemy eagles hadn't gone for Ma'aya, or if I had another miss...

Well back to fronts that are going better.


In the west, the green units actually lucked into a cav kill on their turn, so Merida can show the remaining one how cavalry effective weaponry is done.


I think about getting this enemy phase kill with Hilda instead, but Theo is more reliable, and I am only going for one kill this phase.


Things are going much better in the north, my excellent Cyltan should be able to help out next turn, the infantry are getting close to helping there too, and Yaeri is back on her path to the south, and next turn


I finally talk to Masoud about getting some help from the locals


And we have two groups of green help to consider


First we have that Cherwood that Slayne implied he was a part of before.


And given Slayne's performance so far, I am willing to take him at his word here.


Or we can get some more Axey boys to come down and fight for us.


Although praising there poison isn't the best draw for me.


And the choice of green allies is a Samson-Arran split, using the exact same excuse too.


Even more reason to go with Cherwood, as I want a bit of a distraction for Zade's crew to deal with something particularly dangerous that spawn in their neck of the woods, plus the trio in the center can handle themselves.


And this was why I waited till after the turn 10 save to get this help. We only get 5 turns of green unit help from these guys.


I think I already made the case for this choice fairly well.


Given their time sensitive nature, I appreciate this extra choice to it as well.


While I wanted to start sending Hoelun over to open the chest, this armored guy's defense made this attack a safer option, especially with Cyltan's Am Solim bow sitting at a single use...


As now he can finish it with one of his other bows (even if she hadn't crit one of her attacks)


Oh well, he has had plenty of amazing levelups so far, he can survive a couple of duds.


I then have Ma'aya trade with Cyltan to have her spend her action repairing that special bow of his.


Back in the south Hilda uses per personal weapon's brave effect to get a safe kill against an enemy's brave effect weapon.


For a solid levelup on her, given where she is at.


Theo also manages the one-shot on the other with effective damage


And Lilia gets a fairly garbage levelup on the Theo heal.


I am also having Slayne get some enemy phase action against an archer, and specifically avoid enemy phase action with Sheela, as the bow in her direction has a high crit rate.


I guess that is better than nothing...


And just as some bow knights start charging in, the Cherwood troops arrive to help out.


And they start tearing things to shreds with high speed, Multichance, and a crit rate.


Seems my timing with the Cherwood arrival was just about perfect, as this beast is what I want my southern troops to deal with, without any additional distractions.


As it drops that flyer promotion item I so desperately needed, and is really dangerous to deal with.


Thanks to the Seriatim Bow having 4x hit brave effect to it, this is the best way to ignore that enemy crit rate


And given she has capped agility, I could hardly ask for a better levelup on her.


That deals with the eastern front for now


Now to deal with the immediate threat in the north


And chip that mage safely (not to mention Ma'aya trading the Am Solim back over to Cyltan.


Now for the south, hopefully the green units can keep those bow knights distracted. With any luck I can hit the critical Tomahawk hits on enemy phase to chip that Wyvern down a bit first.


Huh...it just didn't attack on its turn. I guess I gotta do this the hard way


This effective damage hit is a good start


Especially after a crit, which means


I am certain to be able to finish him with Lianka after this hit


And better yet, Hilda got the roughly 80% chance of killing, for a fairly stellar levelup on her. Defense is great, she is still in the range where getting prof is kinda nice, and Agility is usually good.


And now Lianka can trade chain the promotion item


For Yaeri to finally promote.


Back in the north Ma'aya grabs the squishy mage kill


For another level. She has finally hit that nice 10 dex threshold.


And Slayne gets in a bit of chip here to


Save Cyltan some Am Solim uses (thanks to Slayne triggering multichance I even save a second with that chip).


And that is a solid levelup for him as well, his Agility was falling a bit behind, and he just hit that 10 dex threshold (although the extra prof isn't doing that much for him)


Honestly, if that Adept bow got the drop on us, it could be trouble, so I am grabbing this kill now


And that is another excellent levelup, as those are almost all the stats she could really use right now.


Let's also one shot the siege tome while I am at it.


I guess that caps his Agility.


In the north, Hoelun is getting close to that chest, and I am trying to get Cyltan close enough to the edge to get the kill on that gold caravan, but it is an uncomfortably dangerous thing to do.


And then a Arbalest spawns in the west to get Merida down to uncomfortable levels of health, so she backs up and chugs a Tisane.


And let's kill that arbalets right now.


Also Hoelun grabs this nice bit of loot from that chest in the corner


but after grabbing this quick kill here, I need to pull back with him a little


That should hopefully split enemy phase fire in the north there, and Sheela should be able to handle the ranged axe hit coming her way as well.


In the south, we are slowly meandering back over towards the enemies, but the Cherwood archers are showing their worth, and handling the enemies on that front rather effectively.


And even more Arbalests show up in the west to embarrass themselves on Troy.


And its a very good thing I pulled back with Cyltan, as these guys would have gotten the drop on him otherwise. Also glad I had a second Raecryst to spread around thanks to that desert chest last chapter.


This should chip this guy down enough for Ma'aya to get the ki-

Oh right, I forgot he got Multichance skill, eh I guess him getting the kill instead is fine.


well, kinda


I mean it is easy enough to kill both of them, and hopefully the greenies can draw the ambush fire.


This should be close enough for Cyltan to grab the gold next turn...


This is probably overly cautious, but Siegfried is only enemy phasing the armor. Really enemy phasing with him is something I have minimized, as he can't heal himself


But I don't want to deal with stun, and I distinctly remember stun not stopping mages from using spell. Also the extra dex, and extra defense are both things Siegfried could use at this point.


GAHHHSHSH just Cyltan got crit by an ambush spawn....


and that is not the greatest levelup for him at this point. I really should have had the Am Solim equipped on him, but I guess I was checking attack stats with the thief repeater...


NOOOO, Sandor...I was kinda hoping those two would make it out of this alive this time...


Time for some revenge...


Although I am pulling back at the same time, that ambush crit on Cyltan is making me feel very uncomfortable...


And I will gladly take a bit of extra strength on him, as that is what was falling most behind (of the stats he might actually get..)


Now lets kill this mage before its effective damage can become a problem (and out of range of those scary swords masters coming in).


Ma'aya grabs another kill


For another level. Not to complain too much about an agility levelup, but she could really use a strength or defense levelup...


I must admit, I sped through a LP of this chapter to check if there was reinforcements from that edge this turn, as the only way it is safe to go for this is if nothing is coming, and I am starting to run out of time for getting the gold...


I am also seeing if I can pull some attention off the last survivor of Cherwood


This is from a little earlier, but I wanted to show off how good these guys actually are, a lot of evasion skills, the basic crit skill, multichance, capped Agility and Dex. These guys are good, but they have slowly been whittled down, as they faced the imperial army mostly alone for a few turns.


On the next turn Cyltan pulls back and chugs a Tisane


While we start working on these scary swordsmen


Well that was a bit unlu-


well, I guess she has already capped two stats, so its not that surprising (and her prof is higher than it ever needs to be for a bow user...)


Unfortunately we need both the boys to hit for this ki-


Or he can just get the crit and save me the hassle.


Alas the knights didn't take the bait, and the last survivor the Cherwood is making his noble last stand


Another thing I was a little quiet about at the time,


but I had Yaeri get the rusted axe from the convoy while she was grabbing her promotion, so now she can do


This little fae event, which calls back to that old event from Genealogy of the Holy War, which itself was referencing an older Aesop's fable...


Sadly this is our only encounter with the fae on this map


And the last time I did this event I was honest, this time, I will take the other option, and I hope this


just gives me a Golden Axe


Nice...also it is funny that she thinks of the Golden Axe as just garbage.


...OH GOD...I had her too close to the edge of the map, and she should have just died...This is the most never punished of the runs so far, and it makes me feel extra dumb with how avoidable this was. I could have pulled her back even one more space, or healed the 4 health she is down, or even just equipped her personal tome for enough defense to survive this...


and that was a 3% chance of the run ending right there. I bungled the north really hard, as I thought I was just far enough away to not be jumped like this, but I was just not expecting the extra move of promoted  enemies when I did my placement....


and this scary round of promoteed enemies even finish off the last hero of Cherwood.


and dooms poor Buck as well.


I was simply not prepared for the extra move of promoted mounted units, although Lyttia's power keeps her safe at least.


Ugh, he can't even kill it on his way out...


A welcome levelup for him really.


I guess they are ramping up the danger right here near the very end...


That trivializes the flier at least, and she can pull far out of range


Given how lucky I was on enemy phase, I deserve some trash luck like this...


That is another safe kill right there.


And now to deal with the east.


fortunately I have enough magic damage that the armor knights with +3 defense Phalanx Spears are not a problem at all.


If this misses, I am going to be in the uncomfortable position of needing to grab the kill with Accorte, which will leave her vulnerable to the same possibility of death she just faced...


But he didn't, and that is a better levelup than I deserve at this point.


I should probably get an enemy phase kill here, but I think I can get away with getting those kills next turn instead...that gets us to enemy phase...


And ambush spawn siege tomes are just plan rude, even if we are about to start the last player turn...


Here we are, on the last turn, but things aren't going well


As we have a lot of pressure in the south here. Getting Lilia to safely with that promoted bow knight is unlikely, but if I go for the kill, I will have to face the turn 19 reinforcements as well. Alas I don't think I have much of a choice at this point


Honestly, I am going to need the luck latter in the turn...


As I really, really need to kill one of these red ones, and this unlikely chance is my best bet, so I need some luck to get it...


Unfortunatly this guy has a chance to attack first with the Ambush skill, so I have to go for the range attack here, which means I am going to have a harder time blocking off the red cavs...which means I probably will have to go for that Zade kill...


Well at least he got more speed


sigh...I guess I have to go for this...


And I made it, but I can't block the red guy off, so I have Lianka switch Theo over to his personal weapon, range heal Zade, but


I think it still has about a 20% chance of killing anyone (except maybe a lucky Lianka crit, or a Zade dodge with the Edelstern's Orison skill...)...I wish I noticed that this was triple threat earlier. When I was looking over the enemies I thought it was simply multichance, and as such prepared people for surviving two hits... Luck has been on my side a lot, but this is tempting fate a lot...


At least the north is a little safer, as this should chip this one enou-


or he could just Multichance for the kill, and even get a strength levelup off of it as well.


That is the north easily dealt with, despite all my problems with it before.


And in the east, I am just pulling back, so the only ways this can go wrong are the triple threat guy, or if more reinforcements show up, but I kinda remember them not...


...Oh, this happens at the start of enemy phase? I thought it was at the end, as the last time I did this everything was already dead on the enemy side (except Calliera of course).


Thank goodness for political infighting amongst the enemy leading to such incompetence. If promoted enemies like that kept coming we would have started to really break. Therenius really saved out butts.


A lot of enemies...and green units, did die for very little this map. Even one more turn of attacks and I might have lost someone here.


And they actually do start fleeing the map. It was kinda cute, and a real lucky break for us.


But Athol has apparently gone missing anyway.


The fool literally went wandering off as soon as she felt better, despite how much effort I went through to protect her being immobile on this map.


 At least it sounds like the empire isn't likely to find her


But these bandit types might be worse. Also, they might be trying to incorporate more fae elements, at it seems she was bewitched by the forest's beauty, although that could also be mundane in nature.


Yeah, her noble garb would give her away


Especially when the word is out that she is out in these woods with the army.


I guess she is getting captured by the empire anyway, just with the help of these bandits instead of directly.


Yeah, that lie isn't terribly convincing, and even if it was, she might not like what the bandits might do to a common maid they cornered in the woods...


And they literally carry her off, evading our troops the whole way through.


Against all odds indeed. Somehow we dodged a 89 for survival in that utter mess of a chapter.


Perhaps they will learn of the political machinations which saved them, eventually.


Zade has some good instincts on him, as Cyltan could have died, and Athol has been kidnapped.


Which he discovers immediately.


Hoelun really is the level headed one here, if anyone is to blame, it is her


And we don't have the time to play the blame game anyway.


Sounds like they already know her fates...and poor Zade is stuck in a stupid question loop.


We even already know she has been sold to the empire.


Again, Hoelun has become the level headed one now that Athol is gone.


Such is the setup for next chapter, with our desperate rescue attempt.


Zade, you can't be everywhere at once, can't be by her side at all times, and that battle was too taxing for you to be distracted by thoughts of Athol.


Seems this has spurred us to action though, but it seems


We will have to split our forces to take on both of these at once. Next chapter is going to be interesting, as it is one of my favorites (after all the siege maps)

Seems this is the most never punished chapter yet, but there is no way my luck can hold forever. In the meantime, take way better care than I seem to, and stay as safe as my troops do anyway.

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13 minutes ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

This is probably overly cautious, but Siegfried is only enemy phasing the armor. Really enemy phasing with him is something I have minimized, as he can't heal himself

He can heal himself. He has Regenesis. It's not even on his pref or anything. He has it as a personal skill.

14 minutes ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

But I don't want to deal with stun, and I distinctly remember stun not stopping mages from using spell. Also the extra dex, and extra defense are both things Siegfried could use at this point.

Paralysis is funny. It's basically the physical equivalent of Silence in this game. Although besides physical weapons, it will also block you from using consumables or items with passive effects like Rings and therelike.

18 minutes ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

I must admit, I sped through a LP of this chapter to check if there was reinforcements from that edge this turn, as the only way it is safe to go for this is if nothing is coming, and I am starting to run out of time for getting the gold...

I just always send a fliers and approach it over the cliffs at the Northern edge. As long as you make sure to canto back onto the cliffs, you can't get targeted by more then one two-ranged attacker, so even effective damage is not much of a risk.

Well, technically I send two fliers. The 2nd one is to make sure the 1st one won't have the ranged weapon equipped it used to snipe the wagon on enemy phase. So they don't kill any potential attackers with counters and end up being exposed to more then 1 enemy.


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On 9/22/2022 at 2:48 PM, BrightBow said:

He can heal himself. He has Regenesis. It's not even on his pref or anything. He has it as a personal skill.

I completely forgot he had that skill...


On 9/22/2022 at 2:48 PM, BrightBow said:

Paralysis is funny. It's basically the physical equivalent of Silence in this game. Although besides physical weapons, it will also block you from using consumables or items with passive effects like Rings and therelike.

The effect it has on consumables and passive items are the really odd part of it, it make tomes avoiding its restriction feel almost in error. Although I like the comparison to a physical silence skill (even if the item effect is still really odd).


On 9/22/2022 at 2:48 PM, BrightBow said:

I just always send a fliers and approach it over the cliffs at the Northern edge. As long as you make sure to canto back onto the cliffs, you can't get targeted by more then one two-ranged attacker, so even effective damage is not much of a risk.

Well, technically I send two fliers. The 2nd one is to make sure the 1st one won't have the ranged weapon equipped it used to snipe the wagon on enemy phase. So they don't kill any potential attackers with counters and end up being exposed to more then 1 enemy.

That is what I did last time, but with only one really competent flier, I just never felt like I had things under control enough to go for it, as Yaeri was basically spending all of her time damage control until the grounded troops arrived, and when they finally got there, I thought it would be easier just to let them grab the gold instead. Although if I wasn't as concerned about getting her promoted, and having her trigger the rusted axe event I failed to trigger thanks to my prep failure (not to mention triggering the green army help), I might have had her pull off that maneuver anyway.




The translators really like archaic words with megrims there (low spirits seems the best fit definitionwise)


...I wonder what feeling they mean there. Could easy be love, depression,


or perhaps some more visceral anger, if it is his temper that needs to be in check.


Now for our main strategy, which makes this map rather interesting.


As Garlan's force is about to be a big distraction, and his section of the map acts like a defend map.


While Zade has a more traditional seize map, and Cyltan has something similar as well (but a little different).


I would more expect them to make the threat of such retaliation known to stay our hand, but that might simply be semantics at this point. She is a hostage, although the enemy hasn't had time to leverage that advantage yet.


It is interesting that they now shade Meleda with the color of the enemy. Although the way this is described does remind me of how Thraca's A path is.


Again, the small details like this I appreciate, where they explain how the other forces tried to sneak in.


Just noting the time...


And there are names for most of the little villages there, which is charming.


After that concern over retaliation against Athol, it is interesting to see concern over retaliation against the citizens as well, although from the green units this time.


Apparently that middle boss is a bit the kind of monster that would retaliate against citizens.


They do try to setup Orphelia as a rather important character with a bit of history with Zech, and Zade


Now this is reminding me of a line in Thracia, where Lief laments that he isn't a true hero, as his weak holy blood doesn't give him the strength of heroes like Ced and Seliph, but fighting on despite that weakness is what makes him more a hero than either of them.


And most importantly she will give Zade his promotion item...at the end of the chapter (assuming she doesn't die here).


Time to talk about deployment. I feel a little bad about consantly leaving the axey boys behind, but the just fell behind. Fortunately 15-x gives you a chance to catch basically anyone up. I was a bit surprised I was allowed to undeploy Hoelun, as I kinda remember her being force deployed with Cyltan so you can certainly lower the bridge, but I decided to swap her out for Cezar instead to move through terrain better than her horse (and I am simply glad I can leave her behind for once). I also ended up switching out Haldyn for Aynellia...which reminds me, I have put off talking about the troops we get at the end of chapter 12 for far too long, but I guess this is the first time I have deployed any of them, so I might as well talk about them now.


Aynellia is a slightly less broken Lianka, with some powerful buffing skills. She has most of the evasions skills like Lianka (only missing the 1.5x terrain bonus), she gets the always brave attacks, with her personal weapon she gets the Thracia vantage skill, although she doesn't ignore defense like Lianka does. Most importantly she has the adjacent allies get +3 attack skill, which is her really unique feature, and even without it, being a slightly worse Lianka is still incredibly powerful. Also she gets regen with her personal weapon equipped, and always has the basic crit skill, figured I would mention that for posterity.

Neira is a mounted healer, and that is about it. She starts extremely low level, can use bows (which is better for her than a melee weapon, as she is less likely to kill herself if she does attack), and gets the +20 evasion skill for slightly better survival. Being a mounted healer is useful, but I have never used her that much on my last run.

Jamulan is a character I have always seen as similar to Helme. Both are solid mounted prepromotes that could easily be slotted in at any point after their recruitment, and be good. He starts a little stronger than Helme, but uses axes instead (which gives Helme a bit of an advantage, as he can use the powerful Great Swords), and has the more classic half health wrath like skill, instead of Helme's multichance and basic crit skill. I know I keep comparing the two, but I have always seen them as rather interchangeable from a gameplay perspective.




Now lets talk about who is going in which group. Garlan's group is a defend map, so I sent the power couple, as their enemy phase power makes the most sense in that group; the armored knights, as both their defense, and defensive buffs are useful for defense; I put the cavs in the north, as being able to kill, and canto back into a defensive position is useful for defense; Aynellia is coming for her buffing power, as defensive formations let me take advantage of positional buffs easier; and I bring Lilia as a healer, and Theo for some mage power.

In Zade's group, I went with Slayne to help deal with the defensive pickle at the end of this map; Ma'aya for some training; Accorte for some magic (as I seem to remember some rather physically tanky foes in that direction), Siegfried as the healer (and spare magic), and Lyttia for dancing, just in case, This was overkill really

Cyltan's group is the one that in retrospect I could have planned better. I brought Sheela and Dune to help snipe that dragon on the pillar (and shoot up the crags a bit if need be); Zayid is there for Sheela support, and extra physical fire power; Cezar is there to open the bridge, and be a nuisance to the enemy; and finally Yaeri is there to sneak some attacks up the crag, and canto to safety, and to more easily switch fronts once I have cleared this one. There are two really big weaknesses with this plan, and pro points if you can see these two issues already, and can answer it now.


It is closer to 6 to 1 if we include the troops around the boss into the mix. If they were to really press in with that numbers advantage of theirs we would be in real trouble, without a fair bit of room to retreat through.


I will try to end this quick Garlan, but the other two fronts aren't a cake walk either. Also that soldier has missed the most important lesson a military man can, the trick is to make the enemy die for their country, not yourself.


First thing first, repair the Soaring Flame, as it WILL see some use this map. Although there isn't too much action yet,


Other than dancing Zade so he can jump the nearest assassin


and she can get an excellent levelup on her dance (hopefully that defense levelup doesn't mess with enemies wanting to attack her too much...)


As long as he gets these hi-


...I should not have been as cocky as I was. I could have probably chipped him with Slayne to make that kill easier, but I was too trusting in Zade'a accuracy with the Edelstern before I saw the numbers. That complicates things.


In the north, I am staying out of all ranges, while preparing for my defensive position to use some of those buff abilities.


On the fort front, I am ignoring the dragon's range for now, and trying to bait in the armor with Zayid, but otherwise playing it safe. The attack on Redessa is a mess thanks to that Zade miss.


Meanwhile the boss of the overwhelming force Garlan is facing


has successfully smelled out that something fishy is going on. The 1000 number kinda implies we split into thirds here (although unit count wise it is more like Garlan has 50%, Cyltan, and Zade have roughly 25%).


Fortunately for us Marragas smells a trap instead of a distraction, which means his caution is playing perfectly into our hand.


One particularly important thing for this first enemy phase is that the enemy with a silence staff targeted Orphelia, instead of any of our northern troops, and in doing so moved far enough away that I probably wont have to worry about it for a while.


Hopefully she does live, as I need that promotion item, and it will be a bit before I can reach her.


Zade caps level, and while I would have liked different stats in general, for right now


that Dex actually helps a little, as if he misses this kill again (and doesn't dodge one of these...) he will die, for a rather embarrassing game over. He does get the kill, but that was roughly 1/40 chance of a game over in this combat here. The never punished continues it seems


Ugh, of course the monstrous commander is a member of the clergy.


This Nirving is kinda making me think of Garon...by which I mean I could imagine him giving the "rebellions are like seeds" speech any day of the week.


Now it is revealed that Nirving is the one that has Athol imprisoned. Zade just picked the wrong front by going for his home castle.


And she is going to escape immediately. Also fun fact, Equester is an old Latin word for a mounted knight, which fits with the Roman words for troop sizes that the empire tends to use.


As he gets ambushed on the stairs by her savior


The mysteriously armored man


Who is also mute.


and supposedly named Derrick Zoy.


And we can't let this cute little Zoy Athol pair die before we reach them.


Although Norving notices the escape fairly quickly


And it convinces the dastard to take the field, who will become a nuisance latter into the map.


I start turn two on Zade's front, first healing him up for safety, and then trying to chip this assassin for Ma'a-


...or he can just kill it himself. Also, Arbalests are rather effective for finding the Assassin's as well.


I guess Zade can try chipping this sniper instead


to feed Ma'aya her kill


for an underwhelming level


Alas the armor didn't take the bait, so Sheela has to kill him herself


...or it can block the kill with a great shield proc. Although I am glad to see more strength on her.


I guess Zayid can go for the kill instead


and gets it, for a very similar levelup to Sheela (with similar positive reaction to it)


Although here comes the first big issue with my deployment plan. With this guy having multichance, and effective damage, I can't risk using Yaeri, until this guy is dead, as she can't quite canto far enough, so she is kinda useless for a beefy part of this battle.


Well Cyltan can easily break the archers up here, and can canto back out of all ranges.


Cyltan continues to be strength blessed...what a beast.


In the north, I will enemy phase a few of the things coming with Troy, although you can see a fair bit of my battle line pland for next turn, with Troy taking his place above Aynellia, and Prody just giving his defenseive boost to Hilda.


In the south, Ma'aya got an industry proc, so she can enemy phase chip one of the thieves, and in the center  have left most of the infantry in arbalest range...


Although now it is time for Calliera to accurately call into question Therenius's competence.


As she has clearly seen through our plan (or at least has a modicum of caution)


Although to be fair, Therenius's hit them with the whole fist idea isn't the worst one in the world, but his commander in the field is far too cautious for such a brazen strategy to work, and it can utterly fall apart to a clever enough strategy (see the battle of Cannae), which this kinda is.


If she were in command, Zade may well have failed here, as she has our battle plan pegged, and it relies on an element of surprise. Although again, Therenius isn't necessarily wrong either, clever plans like our can easily fall apart, and when they do, can take the whole army down with them.


Although here is where Therenius is really wrong, neither of these points have defenses even close to on par with the fortifications we have taken out already.


Although this point sounds more of petty grievances from Calliera, as the quality of the enemy troops isn't the enemy's problem, it is how they are being deployed, and used.


I do think that Therenius, but Calliera's exasperation is right, this is neither the time, nor place for that debate.


Therenius's pettiness is one of our greatest advantages in the invasion of Meleda. Also I kinda love's Calliera's bafflement here


As it really emphasizes a dichotomy in their mentality, with Calliera following meritocracy, and immediate practicality, meanwhile Therenius follows arbitrary and ancient stratified structures of class and gender.


Ick, he really thinks she slept her way into her position? He must be blinded by his pettiness, as watching her work last chapter made it clear how competent she is in the field.


If you weren't so obsessed with her being a woman, and you stopped acting like an incel, they might not call you Lady-whipped, although you may well have earned the moniker of incompetent.


This man really is an imbecile.


It is interesting that he is so willing to consider sleeping with Ajax, also I feel compelled to compare their stats to judge his comparison


She is obviously the better leader based on their skills, I mean she buffs allies with Imperator, and he has Imbecile to debuff allies instead, although his claims towards being a better swordsman might be marginally true. Also, it is great characterization that he is sitting on 4 rings to buff himself, the most in universe pay-to-win mechanic in this game.


Even Ajax he views as his inferior... Truly an imbecile who would run the empire into the ground if given his way.


It is also odd how much contempt he shows for people attracted to woman. I don't know if they are trying to hint at him being gay, or an incel...


And now he is going to try and do what Kempf did to Olwen, but less competently.


And they use the sound of coins to indicate the guy is being bribed here, to further emphasize the corruption.


What a vindictive wierdo. His incompetence will wins us Meleda back, as Calliera could have probably stopped us here, or in that last battle without his meddling.


Just to emphasize the value of keeping Yaeri out of this guys range, the first attack he make triggers a multuchance proc...


The green units sure are ambitious with talk like that.


It says something about the loyalty of the Imperial troops here that the only possibility he can think of, is that another supporter of the empire has killed imperial troops to kidnap Athol for their own personal gain.


I like how they frame this as Zoy protecting Athol from the enemy, with their funny little dual sprite on the map. Also, despite Zoy's muteness he can manage to force out a cogent sentence if he has to.


Now back to player phase, I can have Cyltan get this kill, and canto back out of range


which is a good thing, as it managed to get the hit, which is unfortunate, as this is the front that is relying on healing items.


Speaking of which, Zayid needed to chug a Tisane this turn. Alas, I am in a bit of a pickle here. The Arbalest is keeping me from really using Yaeri, and the mage has effective damage against any of the infantry that can get into range of the arbalest, and thanks to its 2-3 he can finish off anyone getting the arbalest kill at two range, so I can't rely on Sheela's high res to tank the magic hit...this may take a little maneuvering.


In the north, Troy grabs one more kill before returning to my enemy phase position


For a solid little strength levelup on him


I also grab one more kill on player phase up here, to ensure that Hilda can survive enemy phase, even if everything possible goes wrong.


Meanwhile to the south, Accorte chips th-


I mean Slayne chips this guy


For Ma'aya to get the kill


For a defense levelup that she really needed.


And Siegfried gets an excellent levelup healing her up.


I also finally get around to visiting that house in the north, and I hate to disappoint him, but I plan on killing that one


Because I want the treasure, as it is a free promotion item.


This turn 15 hazard I will probably have to deal with...really it is a harsh time limit, as I doubt Zoy can last long against a Wyvern


I talked this about this northern formation a bit already, but I am giving most of my front liners that +3 attack, and Hilda gets Prody's buff as well, as she is the squishiest of them (well other than Lianka, but she kills before enemies can attack her)


While Ma'aya is drawing in another enemy phase thief attack.


Those are nice stats for her, but she is starting to look a little strength cursed..


Zoy does luck into a kinda early kill on his foe, but the enemies aren't going to leave him alone.


Seems my enemy's misplay has solved my conundrum in the center, as this lets me wipe out the mage fairly safely with Sheela


In large part thanks to thus guy's odd range.


Unfortunately Cyltan isn't healthy enough to get the Javelin kill this turn, so he Tisanes instead.


Meanwhile, in the north, Theo cleans up the only one of their attackers to survive enemy phase. I also heal up Hilda, but otherwise, that is about it for this turn up there


Accorte again tries to chip a thief for Ma'aya


and succeeds this time, and fortunately Ma'aya got her missing out of the way on enemy phase


so she picks up a down right amazing level on the kill.


In the south I am slowly drawing the enemy in, this time with Zade instead of Ma'aya.


The next player phase, we can finally clear out this little starting area for Cyltan''s front


I guess the Resistance is alright, and she could use the luck...


And with Yaeri free of her yoke, she kills the Javelin. This lets me listen to that little house


Talk shit about that asshat Therenius


And that fits with his belief's about how social classes should work


They are already making their stand as we speak, and we are getting close to saving them, as we should be able to cross the rive over to them in the next turn or two.


Back in the south, Accorte claims a kill for herself


She does like to gain Agility.


So in the south Ma'aya is drawing in the next thief, and Zade is in position too jump the next Assassin on next player phase


While in the north, I am planning for a little chip with Bonacel, and to jump the rest of these guys with my little army.


Although he ends up with a rather underwhelming levelup from it.


...These snipers moving complicates things a bit


Back in the center, I need to take this guy down to safely lower the bridge, so Is start with this chip


Although he great shielded one, but the Am Solim should be able to finish the job nicely.


He did need the Agility at this point.


And that lets me lower the bridge. You might also notice that I am moving Sheela and Dune in preparation for attacking that Wyvern on the tower.


In the north, I am going to clear out as much of this range attack as possible with canto


And Urven gets a rather sucky level from the kill.


Merida gets the next kill


And the sucky cav levels continue it seems.


That deals with the immediate ranged threats


And that seems to have at least partially broken the bad cav level curse there


But I messed up my canto plan a little here. I kinda need him to extend the line in this direction, but with the waste terrain there he can't do so while escaping sniper range...oh well, Troy should be tanky enough to live that.


And if I had tried the Lilia heal earlier, and seen I got Industry proc, the formation I put Troy and Theo there would have been less dire. Oh well, everyone should still live the enemy phase, even if it is a little scuffed.


Although in the south, I am pulling back a little, as not only did that other thief not take the bait, some cavs (you can see them a little in the bottom right hand corner) started advancing on us, and I wanted to be better able to face them without worrying about unexpected enemy movements.


At the start of next player phase, Prody goes for a kill


and he gets an excellent level from it.


 Next Lianka kills the one with the magic sword


For a levelup.


Now to delete those terrifying little snipers


With my cavs so I can canto back to slightly better defensive positions...although the places I can canto back to aren't the best.


The south is kinda simple this turn, Accorte will kill one enemy phase, and we can wipe the other on player phase.


Finally in the center, I can get to talk to Orphelia to secure Zade's promotion item, but unfortunately Zade isn't in the right front, so


She will have to hand it off to him at the end of the map instead.


It is a bit Cav reliant, but I have my formation all set up for the north this enemy phase. Unfortunately Dune needed to move a little to reach him, so the Assault on the tower dragon will start next turn, and the rest of the central troops are just moving as quickly as they can.


And Lianka levels up on enemy phase. Although she is so innately broken, that I really have a hard time commenting on how good levelups are for her.


Troy also manages another level, and he seems to be working on that strength stat of his, which I thoroughly approve of.


Now for player phase, Accorte earned this kill


And the solid levelup that came with it. But I really ended up bungling things a bit in the north


Nothing that will kill a unit, but it isn't great. One major issue is these all have 1-2 range, and cavalry effective weapons, which hit like trucks even on normal units, and it was a hard choice to have to pull back, made all the harder by them being close enough to hit Garlan at 1-2 range if I didn't impede their path. I start planning a three unit defensive formation with my armored units, and immediately bungle it by moving Prody back without even thinking. Troy is the other unit of this now 2 unit blocking force, but he needs the damage halving power of the Iron Dukes to pull it off. Lilia is taking one hit, but with a Pilum hit she should survive it, and while my units are not going to be happy, I did survive my momentary stupidity of moving Prody without thinking.


Unfortunately I don't have the fire power to kill this right now, but both my units can take two hits (plus a round or two of poison on top of it), so I might as well get started


Unless Sheela does something like crit/flurry proc, and she actually got the double crit instead


Using the seeker bow is a little unnecessary, but it felt nice to be so certain of the kill.


He has needed a levelup like that for a long time...Well the rest of the central front is kinda simple


We visit the village Orphelia was defending to hear a tiny bit about her past with Zade


And talk to the next green unit


With a nice little promise of loot from the village visit to come.


You might notice a similar formation here in the south, as the one I tried before the cavs started coming in...well that gets us to enemy phase


And Lilia does live the hit just fine


So we just have to finish off the survivors.


But I have finally noticed the other, much bigger problem with my preps in Cyltan's contingent. This guy has First Blood, so he always strikes first, and his Berserking tome has 2-7 range. All of my units that can go from outside his range, to attacking him can only do so at 2 range. If I had deployed a melee cavalry, like Jamulan/Helme, this entire conundrum would have been solved, but now I am in serious trouble. Although I am getting a little ahead of myself here, as this is a problem for a few turns from now...


Onto to status attacks I dealt with FAR better, Zade pops the sleep assassin.


Then I can chip this reluctant Cerberus


Or he can just crit for the kill, and have an excellent levelup from it as well.


I did also think about going for this kill, but I didn't like what my accuracy looked like


Especially when she would have to take a hit from this immediately after


In the center, I secure my Wyvern loot while I am here.


And start clearing away the flies the green units have attracted


The green unit was handling his own just fine, but this is faster


And Yaeri gets her first promoted levelup from it for some extra Agility.


Zayid also gets Harold's promised reward from his village.


We are a bit spread out, and out of enemy ranges on the two lower front


And I am advancing a little in the north, although I haven't rebuilt my defensive formation yet, but we have a little bit of time


As we have hit a point where I needed a bit of a break. We hit the turn 10 save, and have done a fair bit, but we still have a lot to do. Most notably finding a way of dealing with that Berserking tome...but that is a problem to be solved next update.

Wanted to get this out yesterday, but oh well. In the meantime take care, and stay safe everyone.

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7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

And most importantly she will give Zade his promotion item...at the end of the chapter (assuming she doesn't die here).

Despite what her description might suggest, she can't actually die here. She is immortal.

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11 hours ago, BrightBow said:

Despite what her description might suggest, she can't actually die here. She is immortal.

Ah the classic invisible immortal skill, a Kaga staple from the times of Thracia.



Back to map at the start of turn 10


I am trying to convince this sniper to move, by both giving him a free hit on Zade, and hitting him from afar to make doubly sure this guy moves.


I also talk the last green unit into leaving the map for his village


And there he shares some details about Zecharias's supposed last stand.


Although the real value of village is in allowing one of Cyltan's crew to join Zade's forces, and the way things are going, I would much prefer the opposite...


In the north, I just rebuilt my little defensive formation, in preparation for whatever force starts moving next.


I have covered the plan for the south, but there are a few important thing to note are occurring in the center. First Sheela is heading back to hopefully aid in the fight against the turn 15 wyvern I know is coming. Both Cyltan and Yaeri are outside of the boss's berserk range, but can only attack him from two range, but as I noted last update, that is a bad idea as


He can berserk them before they have the chance to hit him at two range, although I have a bit of a wonky plan to deal with that thanks to


Cezar having enough evade with the Main Gauche, and terrain bonuses to drop the boss's accuracy to 0 with that berserk tome. Although, this dodge does get us to the next player phase


Where the sniper took the bait, and I can give the kill to Ma'aya


with a dance of course, for


Another amazing levelup for Ma'aya


In the north, I am waiting on armored knights, so I don't even bother moving anyone up while the armored knights give them time for a tea break


Also of note, some of the armored knights in the south are moving, so I get my mages ready to mulch them when they approach. And Cezar is advancing on the berserk boss by jumping form terrain to terrain, but the heart of this plan wont start till next turn. Speaking of which


Lets start with the only move in the north, just moving Lianka so I can jump the enemies coming in instead of letting them attack us at all.


In the south I use Slayne to...miss the last assassin


So I dance him for another attempt, and Lyttia gets herself a blank level to emphasize how scuffed this turn might end up being


Although the second attempt works, and even gets a kill with a skill proc


And it is helping to bulk Slayne up with levelups like this


I also get a plan B prepared in case the dumb plan I have with Cezar blows up in my face, as Zade grabs a Bellflower Leaf from the convoy, trades it to Ma'aya who can use flight to get it to Cyltan's crew, as Zayid grabs it from her. I can use this to recover an ally from berserk, which can probably get me out of this mess. In retrospect, this plan would probably work a LOT better than the plan I actually went with, although I don't actually remember how Berserk works in this game, so I was reluctant to mess with it


So the original plan is to convince the boss to switch to its other weapons by getting Cezar into range of his other tomes. Although there are some serious risks to that, like


The roughly 1/400 chance of Cezar getting killed


And when he is hit with the first shot I almost had a heart attack.


And while it can't hit, seeing one of Athol's Pursuer turn around to attack us is a much bigger problem for my plan.


I can get him out of the way with Cyltan, and I want to do so to have Yaeri is in range of his +10 accuracy comander skill, so that


She has a 100% chance of killing, and surviving the boss's brave first strike, but if he hits twice...which he does, then the next Athol's Pursuer can go for the kill on her


And the change in the fort makes it impossible for me to block him off from reaching Yaeri


Although I try the best I can while healing Cezar of his heavy hit...It is hard getting through the rest of the turn with this sword of Damocles over my head.


In the north I kill the first of the armored knights with Merida. Those Phalanx Lances are giving them some serious defense so her magic swords really help.


And that gets her a nice Strength levelup on her final unpromoted level


And Theo kills the other with his effective magic as well


And in a similar way gets a single stat levelup of one of the stats he most needs.


Speaking of killing high defense armored knights with Phalanx Lances for comically high defense, that is also what the south is dealing with.


Although her 1 stat levelup is much worse than the other two we got this turn.


And a dance lets her get the other armored kill as well.


Unfortunately she had to be in silence staff range for this kill, but that isn't the biggest deal in the world.




She even capped her strength on the level she got from the kill.


The south really was the best place for Slayne on this map, as he can now snipe the guys being debuffed by the boss, like that silencer.


Also the only real action in the north is that Merida promotes.


As they are waiting on more plodding armored enemies to jump.


Things are temporarily quiet in the center, so Yaeri is grabbing a spare healing item from Ma'aya, as she prepares to rejoin Zade's front. I took the boss out here just in time (and Sheela's arrival time was impeccable as well), as


We have just hit turn 15, and the arrival of the hunting Wyvern. I have a bit of a hard decision to make here, whether to have Cyltan fight the Wyvern here, or talk to Zoy...


Well the north is fairly simple to deal with.


Fun fact, on both her armored knight kills, she procced multichance to kill them before they could even try to hit her back.


I also give the kill on the silence staff wielder to Ma'aya in the south


I do end up having Cyltan talk. I just don't trust Zoy not to suicide himself on the Wyvern.


Don't beat yourself up too much for being a teenager Athol, you just wanted to hang out in the woods with your girlfriend Hoelun.


It is kinda funny to promise Zoy the thanks of all Solis, when it is the thanks of all Meleda he has earned, but I guess that is what Cyltan can offer him.


And he just walks off mid sentence. I must admit the nonchalance of that act amuses me.


Oh Athol, aren't you already betrothed?


I guess they are saying its a promise ring instead 😛


More seriously, they do drop some heavy hints throughout this that Zoy is Zech in disguise. At the very least Athol seems to believe it is.


Unfortunately it is time for Cyltan and Athol to disappear from the map, just like Zoy did. Although with Zade still working on seizing Redessa, they are getting a little ahead of themselves by heading to the castle now.


Has Zade really been so Tsundere that she can't believe he would worry about her?


I wish I still had Cyltan for this upcoming Wyvern fight, but I will have to make do. Fortunately Sheela is the best Wyvern hunter I have..


In the south, I am testing the AI of one of those Snipers with Zade, and I couldn't canto out of


Enemy siege tome range, but she not only dodged, but got a levelup out of it as well. Although after her amazing levelups, one like this is rather underwhelming.


The Wyvern also surprised me a little by attacking the only person in the area that also had 1-2 range


The last use always has the best crit luck of the weapon...


Back to player phase, Sheela hits it fairly hard


And that should get the Wyvern down into Zayid (or Starfall dagger) kill range


Unless she multichance procs for the kill herself. I guess Magic is kinda OK on her, but it still feels underwhelming.


It seems kinda ironic to get this game's version of the restore staff after dealing with that berserk boss.


Well, the sniper didn't move, so I instead try it with Slayne, but he is just shy of getting the kill with a dance...


Unless Siegfried uses his personal staff to buff him


Given the translators love of archaic language, I am surprised they don't use bowyer. Also they are clearly trying to evoke the idea of a Stradivarius Violin


Goodbye Legrand


~insert violin music~


I must admit, I waffled a fair bit on where I wanted to send Dune after looting the tower, but I think I will send him over to the northern army during this little lull in the action. Onto the next turn


Slayne continues to wreck havoc with his buffed Arbalests


Although that was a really bad levelup for him.


And with a dance he kills the scorpion wielder now.


Which has convinced me to send Ma'aya over to threaten the siege mage.


Dune is getting close to the safety of the northern army, but the enemy have given me the time to do so


before he elects to send a wave of cavalry after us...Well onto next player phase


Ma'aya grabs the siege tome kill


and Accorte kills the last defender of Therenius.


And the poor guy learns too late that sticking with that monster was a mistake.


...Oof, a blank levelup.


Bring it on you bloated blue-blooded blowhard


But of course the coward is going to flee instead, that way we can't dispose of him early.


And true to his classist sentiments he tries to get some of his "inferiors" to stick around to die for him. Given that he isn't replaced by any other units on the throne, it seems his cajoling didn't work.


I also finally get access to another shop that sells promotion items, for Ma'aya to buy for us on the cheap.


Meanwhile, in the north we have a plan to jump the enemy cavs after they charge in, with Troy getting a bit of enemy phase action with a Pilum


And he gets a levelup that I am fairly certain is useless for his weapon types...


Come player phase, Dune already got a chance to contribute on his new front.


That does get him to that key 10 Dex threshold.


We are going to have to press in fairly deep to kill all of these guys, so even Aynellia is going in for a kill.


I wish this were more accurate, but he gets the kill anyway. Fun fact, he did actually need Aynellia's +3 strength for this kill, as it also gets the 1.5x effective weapon buff to attack, so it looks kinda like he didn't on this stat screen.


It feel kinda fitting to kill the magic sword with actual magic...


His Agility is finally starting to look alright, but he is starting to fall behind in other areas after all these single Agility levels.


These last two are a bit far out...


Eh, I wont complain too much about agility, as that avoid has saved me too many times this run...


That takes care of the last of this little force charging in


And he is getting close to a lot of his key caps at this point. He has hit his HP cap, and agility cap, and that brings both Strength and Defense to within 1 of their cap as well.


In the quiet fronts, it is time to get a lot of our secret money out of the convoy to get the money we need to afford some more of those promotion items we could use.


I also finally use this boat ride, but it isn't that useful, as it is a bit late


But Sheela's crag climbing ability makes her the most likely to do anything on this front.


Unfortunately both my key cavs are in range of this healer that has both a sleep staff, and a siege tome, which is rather unfortunate...

...wait, what am I doing? I could end this right now, and I don't have to risk this bit of suffering to shop, as next chapter is 15-x where I can literally buy any of the promotion items at my leisure.


The only thing I could imagine wanting, that I can't buy next map is another magic sword (which I do get one of)


So here on turn 20


I seize for the win.


And like that the larger enemy army retreats, or surrenders (seeing as their commander, Marrages returns on a future map, I am inclined to believe most of them retreat). I do kinda wonder, if I went through the effort of killing him here, would he return? I don't actually think so, but I have never gone through the effort of routing this map, or killing him for that repair gem of his.


And so we have retake Zade's ancestral home.


Yeah, I did have a few kinda embarrassing close calls this map. I have been far luckier with this run than I probably aught to have been.


And Therenuis really is the architect of our victory. His incompetence ensured the enemy's defeat.


Especially by benching Calliera, as she has the tactical chops to make things a bit trickier for us. Heck, the simple surprise of the berserk boss did a real number on Cyltan's crew, if Calliera showed up to throw another curve ball our way...


And Zade immediately banishes Athol to her room like a child. He really is over protective of her at the moment.


Yeah, this has been hard on her too, not just hard on you Zade.


It is kinda charming to see Zade excited to see a friend from his childhood.


She did talk about Zech's fate a bit already, so Zade is asking the right person at this point.


We did kinda see this a bit at the end of the prologue, with the massive army's arrival just after our departure. It is also kinda interesting to se seeing troop counts as well, and really emphasizes how much more manpower the empire is working with.


It is interesting that we are returning with roughly the same number of troops. Although it sounds like Ajax took most of the imperial troops with him, so we might not be at such a huge number's disparity this time around.


Dealing with these traitorous Duchies is sure to be our next step, before retaking the capital. Wiping out the monster of Frall with be particularly satisfying...


I guess Ajax went with the other classic siege tactic, starving the city out. We have always been in too much of a rush to go for that (plus it would make for more boring gameplay). It also does foreshadow that taking Frall will be one of the key steps in retaking the kingdom, as even the empire had to find some way of turning them to take Regina.


The power of reputation, and diplomacy won Ajax a city without the price of blood.


They really are trying to build a revenge motive for Zade with that cowardly sack of manure Therenius.


I am kinda with him on finding Mr. Imbecile killing Zech to be not credible


Seeing as the Duchess of Frall is a monster, that seemed a fair precaution for Zech to make.


See, ambushing Therenius's troops, and ruining his moronic plans seems more likely


Although the unnamed, but obviously, Valerius being the real cause of Zech's demise...or at least defeat, seems far more plausible.


It is kinda touching to have Zade's promotion described for us in such a way. It is like Zade is taking up his brother's legacy by promoting.


Armored, and engulfed in flames...They have dropped a few hints about Zoy being Zech, but this does add to it in a distant way, even if the claim is that he is dead.


Although despite her father's promises and obligations, he passed them onto her, so he could die.


I do like it when the mounts get a name. Zade will use the gift of Verula, and Zech's armor too I suppose, well.


The game has been dropping a lot of hints, and the prison chapter is going to drop its own bombshell in that regard, but...

well I should save my thought on that till we get there.


Unfortunately we don't actually get tot recruit her, despite how this sounds


And much as I hate the very Reese like talking a recruit out of joining, this is kinda a good reason. This gives us a character who can hold Redessa for us, so we can know it is secure without leaving any of our troops behind to hold the castle FE4 style.


Ah, you did fine out there Orphelia, and apparently have secret immortality as well.


Also I like how they are emphasizing that her skills are in the more in the area of logistics, which is a massively underappreciated (and often outright ignored) aspect of warfare.


Hearing about Zade's jealousy over Orphelia's intelligence is rather amusing, and cute.


It almost sounds like they were close to a Cyltan/Hoelun style arranged marriage, but I guess it is vague enough that they might simply be hinting that the old Duke was pressuring the two into a relationship.


Phfft...It does sound a fair bit like she is implying Zade is gay, and that he left her for Theo.


...I guess that talk about thing being like Cyltan and Hoelun might be more accurate but for very different reasons. Zade was apparently stuck as a ward/hostage to the old incompetent Meleda king for a little while in his youth.


And there is Zade's promotion item. I wonder why they used what looks like a bouquet of roses for the icon. Although there is one last story scene before we go.


Where Zade scolds Athol for her recklessness, and does so by emphasizing the heavy weight upon her survival. She is the last of a great dynasty, and obliged to not only survive, but propagate that legacy, and dynasty.


Although this talk like she IS the kingdom seems rather silly. Her death wouldn't force all the citizen's of Meleda to leave their homes, as the land would still be there. Sure there would be pain, and chaos in the transition to whatever new dynasty, or government would take over, but it wouldn't really be the end of the peoples in Meleda.


Luck both giveth, and taketh.


Zade is really feeling some undeserved imposter syndrome here. He is putting his brother on a pedestal, and can't appreciate the titanic accomplishments he has accomplished himself.


And that is some angst teen suicidal talk there. I guess they both are teenagers aren't they.


This sounds so passive aggressive, but I think they are trying to have her be sincere, and he is responding to her hugging him.


And that is just the kind of reassurances I feel like he needs. Zade isn't his brother and that doesn't make him lesser.


And she almost confesses to him. This crush has been building for a while, and Zade just does not seem to be interested, with people always having to talk him into humoring her...


There is Emma calling her out on her feelings for Zade


But that is the conundrum of being a teen, trapped in awkward transition between being a child in some ways, and an adult in other, not fully in control of your future, but just enough control to get people hurt.


That gets us to 15-x, basically battle preparation for the big army split to come.

The never punished continues it seems. Next up is 15-x, and it isn't really a full chapter...I am going to try and get through chapter 16 as well next week, but we will see if I can make that pace. In the meantime take care, and stay safe everyone.

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