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Anon's Fanon Personal and Impersonal Skills with Characters to Use Them

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Long ago in a distant land, a now-dormant poster posted a thread challenging users to come up with 31 Fire Emblem characters over 30 days. Naturally, I participated until everyone else stopped participating, then went on a little longer before calling it quits too. Being me, the characters from that thread festered in my mind for a while, and as I've recently been delving into Conquest a lot more, my mind especially went back to the personal skills I'd created for them. Some of them were cool, some of them needed adjusted, and others were outright terrible.

Accordingly, I've gone back and written formal effects (rather than the previous vague descriptions) for each of those personal skills. Some have been totally re-envisioned. One unit, Heinrich, had a terrible personal skill which I scrapped in exchange for two more interesting options that I couldn't decide between. For many of these characters, I attached their original class and a class for them to Heart Seal into. As you might guess from that and the writing of the personal skills, these characters are conceived for a game with Fates-style mechanics.

The classes used are fairly standard- the only things I think are worth noting is that mercenary and myrmidon are basically combined (like in the Tellius games), Cavalier has been split into Noble (Lance Cavalier) and Raider (Sword Cavalier), and "Devout" is the term used for Priests/Clerics/Monks/Shrine Maidens. Most of the skills these classes give can be assumed to be fairly similar, which mostly matters because Zuberi can get gentilhomme in his default class set and that's very important.

Some of the character bios need a little work, although I think a lot of them are conceptually solid on the character level. Poorly explained? Probably, they could use new bios, new crit quotes, definitely new death quotes, since most of those are pretty lame. Their stat layouts are also all terribly designed, those would especially need to be re-done. However, I really wanted to focus on personal skills for now.

For convenience, I've linked each character to their original description in the challenge thread. Without further adieu-

Characters from the Original Thread:



  • Spread Influence. When defeating an enemy with a dagger, debuffs are spread to enemies within 2 tiles of the enemy.
  • Lord, Thief


  • Consistency. +10 hit, but -10 crit
  • Fighter (Hero), Wyvern Rider


  • Pack Attack. Dual strikes from this unit deal +3 damage.
  • Noble, Myrmidon


  • Independence. +15 avoid and -3 damage taken when no unit is supporting this unit.
  • Raider, Knight


  • Restless Fingers. When Pythagoras has his Wooden Toy in his inventory, +10 hit. When Wooden Toy is not in his inventory, -15 hit but +10 crit and +10% skill activation rate
  • Archer, Noble


  • Survivalist. At the start of player phase, this unit heals 25% of their maximum HP if on a forest tile
  • Knight, Fighter


  • Uncertain Future. When below 50% HP, this unit has +15 avoid and -3 damage taken, but -15 hit and -3 damage dealt.
  • Pegasus Knight, Wyvern Rider


  • Divine Resistance. Tomes deal -3 damage to this unit.
  • Devout, Pegasus Knight


  • Friends to the End. When supported by Pythias, +10 hit, +10 critical avoid, and -2 damage taken.
  • Fighter, Devout


  • Enduring Friendship. When supported by Damon, +10 crit, +10 critical avoid, and +2 damage dealt.
  • Myrmidon, Thief


  • Bubbly. When supporting or supported by another unit, both units get +10 avoid and +10 critical avoid.
  • Fighter, Raider


  • Distraction. This unit deals +2 damage for each ally adjacent to the enemy. +2 damage if the enemy cannot counter.
  • Alternate Personal Skill: Appear from Nowhere. This unit, if unpaired, can instantly pair up with any unpaired player unit anywhere on the map.
  • Thief, Raider


  • Learn as You Go. Double weapon experience when using a weapon of the highest rank this unit has in that type.
  • Mage, Thief


  • Showoff. +20 crit when supported by a female ally.
  • Myrmidon, Troubadour


  • Best Effort. When supported by a unit of a higher level, +15 hit and +2 damage dealt.
  • Archer, ???


  • Lover of Letters. +1 damage dealt and -1 damage taken if this unit has a tome in their inventory. +2 damage dealt and -2 damage taken if this unit has a Secret Book in their inventory.
  • Pegasus Knight, Mage


  • Proper Jurisdiction. This unit deals +3 damage on player phase. This unit takes -2 damage on enemy phase.


  • Confirmation. This unit deals +3 damage if their hit rate is 100%.
  • Mage, Troubadour


  • Classy. When at full HP, this unit has +15 avoid and heals 4 more HP to allies when using healing staves.
  • Troubadour, Noble

There's also one more character who I'd thought of but didn't get to before quitting the challenge. It is an honor to introduce them now, with a full bio, stat layout, and several possible personal skills.

Day 1,518 (23): Eldest Rider



The older sister of Thrim and Twegra. She was born in the frozen kingdom of Northumbria to a family with a distinguished tradition of military service, and even as a child Anes displayed exceptional talent in all areas. She was eagerly accepted into her country's Pegasus Knight program as a bright-eyed pupil. Her parents were proud of her and expected her to push the family legacy even further beyond excellence. Her teachers expected her to easily be the top candidate in all her classes. Her younger sisters wanted to be like her more than anything.

She eventually snapped.

After a few years in the Pegasus Knight program, Anes stopped showing up for training entirely and instead took up full-time binge drinking. She wouldn't report for inspections, wouldn't return to the barracks, left her pegasus tied to a pole instead of returning them to the stables, and reportedly once told a concerned flight instructor to "swallow a frog and choke on it, you stupid prick," end quote. Disciplinary action would've been severe if she didn't drop out before the administrators even had a chance to realize what was going on. Since then she's been flying around the continent, doing odd-jobs to get by and avoiding responsibility and her extended family with equal panicked fervor. She has not given up drinking, and squanders most of her income on liquor while begging supplements her meals. Some people consider her a disappointment, others a tragedy, and others still a constant source of trouble.

Anes has the highest strength of the three pegasus sisters, but the worst luck. Her magic is extremely low while her resistance is very high, and her skill and speed are fairly mediocre for a pegasus knight- that still puts them above average, but not to a spectacular degree. Her offensive stats combine with a very high lance rank to give her some useful player-phase potential: She can double and 2HKO slower, bulkier enemies, and using silvers or other high-ranking weapons she can one-shot frailer ones. She even has a decent chance of one-shotting armored units with effective weapons. However, her vulnerability to crits and generally middling defenses mean she's mainly restricted to hit-and-run tactics or taking out enemies as part of a big push. In plain English, enemy phase isn't her strong suit, and you won't want to leave her in range of multiple enemies. Her promotion options, the same as any Pegasus Knight, are Falcon Knight and Dark Flier, but since her magic is so poor you'll probably be sticking to the former.

Personal Skill: I wasn't sure what to go with, so I threw together a few different options:

  • Reckless Flier. This unit deals +2 damage to non-mounted units, but suffers -15 hit at all times.
  • Intoxicated. Stat boosts from tonics are increased by 2, but each tonic consumed penalizes this units skill by 1.
  • Strong Liver. This unit recovers from debuffs twice as fast and takes half damage from out-of-combat sources.

Lastly, I've put any other skills which I came up with, whether they are attached to specific characters or are even personal skills at all.

Other skills:


Worthy Foe: +3 damage dealt and -1 damage taken when fighting an enemy at full health

  • It's quite like Xander's Chivalry, I know, but I thought this more offensive twist was decent enough to merit mentioning, and there are some common character archetypes it would fit well with.
  • Originally this skill was conceived as a personal skill for Mandla, a character who I can no longer read my original writings on due to a glitch detailed here.

Divide: A map command which works like shove, but only works on paired-up units. Instead of pushing the pair, it pushes the unit back out of the formation while leaving the lead unit there.

  • The main advantage of a skill like this is that you can separate paired-up units even if paired-up yourself

Anyway, thank you all for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and that it inspired that Conquest-y part of your brain that comes up with cool personal skills of its own!

I personally like the new version of Lover of Letters a lot, with Pack Attack, Showoff, and Consistency being strong follow-ups.

I'd like to see other people's suggestions or comments, especially for Anes and Heinrich, where I haven't settled on their personal skills.

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