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Bound Hero Battle: Basilio & Flavia


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@GuiltyLove Nice Awakening-themed clear! Impressive show from Halloween Grima. Duo Chrom of course got to take down the poor armor in the end too.


Very easy map, with easy options for getting into Wings of Mercy range. The enemies were miles away though, so the dance button was needed, but at least I got to throw tomatoes at Basilio in the end.



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@BoaFerox Nice seeing you clear a map with your namesake in it. I am assuming that the Ferox in your username is from Awakening xD Dying from tomatoes would be my ideal way to go because I like them so much. Looks like Tana turned back into a fairy for this map!

I would love to see Halloween Grima on the Awakening HoF...

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On 11/30/2022 at 4:14 AM, GuiltyLove said:

I am assuming that the Ferox in your username is from Awakening xD

It's not actually, I've had this username online since long before Awakening released xD
I believe I was trying to find a username somewhere where almost everything I could think of was already taken, and then my dad just suggested the latin name of a random fish he saw in a book he had just bought... and it sounded kinda cool so I went with it haha. I certainly noticed that they used the same word when I played Awakening some years later though! I believe it means something like "ferocious" in Latin (which I did not know when I made my username, I don't consider myself very ferocious lol. It fits the people of Regna Ferox quite well though!).

And Halloween Grima in HoF would be great, fingers crossed!

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