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Grand Hero Battle - Lumera: Dragon Monarch!

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From the Fire Emblem Engage game, a new Grand Hero, Lumera: Dragon Monarch, is waiting in Special Maps. Defeat this dragon monarch filled with compassion to make her your ally!

This map was quite easy.

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@Diovani BressanNice to see tiny Marth with the Arcane weapon! I should have pulled for the sword so that Palla could get it, but I didn't want to spend back then. I ended up sparking for the Arcane lance yesterday because my luck was bad as usual x_x I hate pulling. Winter Marth is so powerful!



I really need better fodder for Petra but I don't have much. I wanted each unit to get a kill, so that's why I had ninja Shamir get the last kill despite the solo weapon and seal not working  

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@Diovani BressanNice clear! Winter Marth cleaning up the range with Save is very helpful.

@GuiltyLoveThis is a neat little team, nicely invested Nino! Female Shez is a fun unit to use, I got her to +10 recently thanks to summoning a ton of green for Flame Tana. The Special charge effect in her weapon makes her a fun Galeforcer.


This map wasn't very hard, but Tana got to show off her new Arcane lance at least!


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I used an actual Emblem team for this battle and tried to get the special kill animation with everyone (Ike is so bad tho)


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Kinda wished there had been some reinforcements~

@Diovani Bressan - Nice to see Duo Marth in one of these! His refine was pretty good~

@GuiltyLove - Nice clear! I haven't gotten a single copy of Shez yet, kinda jealous of everyone building her up.

@BoaFerox - Easy job for the Tanas, especially with the Arcane Lance. Did you end up getting Ophelia for Summer Tana?

@Yggi - Good job on the clear! Especially with such a simple build on Ike~

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