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What do you think the odds of a NG+ being added?

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I am still waiting to get this game tomorrow, killing time by reading mechanics stuff while trying to avoid story spoilers. From what I understand, it's pretty tricky to grind up a lot of characters, something I have loved doing in the older games. And you need a lot of money and SP as well. I had planned to start with classic hard, and NG+ into maddening, but without NG+ I'm wondering if it would be better to do normal for more chances of battles, try out more characters.


I do hope NG+ becomes a thing. I put over a 1,000 hours into three houses getting all the skills for everyone, and I'd like to do the same here if possible. What do you think the odds of it being added are?

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Just imagine the sheer idiocy of not putting an NG+ in a game with pseudo-gacha/rng mechanics (Okay, I'm being unfair, but you see what I mean), and you should see that there are some good odds about a NG+ comming up.
But odds will mean nothing in the future if they don't implement it.

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I would love to see them add it in a future update. While this game ends more akin to Awakening where you just teleport to before the final battle and you have the whole world map to explore and keep you company, I do think a NG+ would be fun where you could play the game from the beginning with all the emblem skills you've gotten and stuff.

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