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What are some good ring pairings for each char?

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Looking for good ring pairings. Running hard for the first time on a Tactical JRPG (only having beaten FE3H on normal) so still trying to figure things out.

I know some obvious good pairings but not sure what's good for others. Currently on ch9. Mainly right now I want to know who Ike and Leif pair well with and who Chloe pairs well with.

Pairings I know

Alear- Marth


Anna, Clanne, Celine- Celica

Frame, Jean- Miciah

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Diamont Ike/erika is very strong depending what skills you inherit.

My all time fav is Yunaka Corrin. Having the ability to poison and lower stats at once or to create smoke clouds has really saved my hodd in maddening. 


Alycrest Lyn is also very good. With his personal Luna (which can proc from every arrow in her ultimate) and all the extra speed you get from lyn, he has become low key my best unit.

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If you have multiple mages, consider putting Miciah on Celine early on (before promotions). She has good magic but no staff usage, and Miciah gives her that. Celica can then go to Clanne, Citrine, Mage Anna, etc. 

And while Sigurd is great for Loius' low movement, don't neglect how insane Sigurd on a mounted unit is. If you need to catch a thief, rescue an ally, etc, the pair can cross some crazy distances. 

Alcryst Lyn is good as mentioned. I will have to try Corrin Yunaka now 😉

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5 hours ago, bookwormbabe29 said:

Alcryst Lyn is good as mentioned. I will have to try Corrin Yunaka now 😉

Please do! I was rocking 3houses dlc on Yunaka before, but I absolutely love the switch to Corrin. If you have pass/canter on her too, it makes it even better.

I will need to try the Celine idea for my 2nd run.

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Marth: alear pre 11 post 11 any of your griffon riders. Marth makes you a dodge fiend so any friffin rider will love the option. Add in the rapier as an armor option it's very good

Sigurd: Louis pre ll, any great knight or hero post 11. The main thing to remember is that whoever gets the sigurd is often gonna have to be independent. Having it on a a squishy that will die is worthless unless you plan to ball up and use him as a reposition tool. Louis is good for this early as mages can't just one round him due to their weaker tomes. Add a pure water and a javelin and watch him enemy phase like a beast. Later on though, mage tomes get really good and Louis is often doubled. But then you'd probably want someone like chloe, or a wyvern rider like Rosado to hold it.

Celica: any mage not using thunder tomes. I say this because I hunted the olwen S ring so thunder tomes are better at a distance. Also shoutout to clanne or the Elysian princesses as they get more range off of the warp in their classes.

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