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Bound Hero Battle: Kaden and Selkie


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@GuiltyLoveNice clear! Unity is definitely a nice skill to have, I've used it a lot on Summer Tana myself. Selkie really took a bite out of Lilith at the end, but then Lilith bit back!


Fairly easy map as BHBs tend to be. The difference between this and the recent Mythic map was absurd. I must have been sleepy when I made this clear because I have no idea why I didn't just use Odd Tempest to initiate. Wouldn't have needed to use the dance button if I did, which would have made me feel better lol. But oh well, not like it makes a big difference in difficulty, and more warping is cool, right?


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On 1/31/2023 at 7:11 AM, GuiltyLove said:


Got some new toys for regular Lilith. I'll still run Dragon Wall and Fortress Def Res on her in the future, but I like avatar game and the Unity skill here a lot


I see a lot of sharings from you. Love them!

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