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Donations... are they worth the trouble?

Donations... yay or nay?  

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  1. 1. Do you use donations in this game?

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Is it worth sinking a lot of money into leveling up each region? I feel like I might've messed up by doing this (leveled them all up to 3), since I'm starting to question if that money was better spent on buying more weapons/items and forging stuff.

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Don't think so. You do seem to get some decent unique weapons from it at higher levels but, the gold needed is insane and I don't think it's worth dumping like 90k gold when you can just forge stuff instead. 


Was going to say it might be worth it to do the first level. Then you can adopt the animals, but the animals you can adopt aren't dogs and they're the only ones that matter. 

Looking at the reward list, seems to me it's basically a waste to invest any money in it at all. 

Maybe in post game when you're just doing skirmishes it's worth it when you've got nothing else to spend money on. 



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Does anyone know how donation level interacts with the amount of metals you get?

My current strategy on hard - lvl 2 everything. I am thinking about upgrading lvl3/4 on some of them if metal rewards increases are good. I am sitting on 50k after ch16 and don't see many things to spend money on.

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I'm not totally sure but afaik it increases the drops and possibly gives you more sparkly bits. I invested to level 3 in Brodia for this but honestly didn't really notice much change. 

Personally I say the go to for metals is, get five dogs, seems the black ones give silver more often but that might just be me, but get dogs, collect after each battle, then you can trade the silver ingots for steel or iron when needed. No need to bother with skirmishes imho. Silver trades to iron at 1 to 100 I think. So getting even one or two silvers in the ranch is way faster than doing skirmishes. 

If you wanna grind it, just go to the tower do a super easy level one tempest trial auto battle the first map quit on the second and everything should reset. You might not even have to finish the first battle. 


This will be the way I'll grind for forge material if I ever feel the need. 5 dogs, quick tempest trial exit, rinse repeat. Way faster than doing it the way you are supposed to. 

Also I think if you ever want to grind gold doing the Wyvern shooting mini game is maybe the fastest way. You'll get some basic items with that you can sell and doing a round of it should net you about 1000g worth of items. Again seems a lot faster than doing skirmishes. Though the thought of grinding wyvern battles 90+ times to invest gold in a country is not something that appeals to me so I probably won't bother. It does seem like it's potentially the fastest way to do so and also will avoid the level scaling skirmish issue. 

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Sadly, not really. You do get some decent/nice things, but the cost is just far too much for what you get. I'm trying to get a 'perfect' file on a normal run, which means farming gold with Anna to max donations (among other things) and while the stuff is nice, the gold could be better spent elsewhere. 

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If you are on maddening it is for sure NOT worth.  Some things I want to point out 

A) The percent for silver or gold skirmishes doesn't increase the spawn rate. It only increases the chance for an already spawning skirm to be gold or silver. 

B) If you have all dogs in your farm, you'll get plenty of grafting materials along your journey. 

C) Later in game you can buy over 500 steel and convert it into whatever you need. Why spend that gold for a minimal increase when you can save it?

D) Brodia has the least amount of fights so definitely not worth it for them.

E) Solm imo is the only one worth investing, and only if you do it right away. You get a very nice


S rank Axe if you do. (Technically the other areas do as well, weapon wise. but they aren't worth imo.)


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