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Robin: Exalt's Other Half - Legendary Hero Battle


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The Plegian Grandmaster from Fire Emblem Awakening descends onto the battlefield, tome in one hand and a plot in the other.

Master's Tactics, whose condition is being above 25% of max hp, is all about debuffs, beginning with granting Robin and nearby allies the [Grand Strategy] bonus, which grants a buff equal to the current stat penalty on each individual stat x2, effectively turning them into buffs. For his convenience, Robin will inflict All Stats -4 on himself as well as -6 on the two highest stats of his nearby allies. If that weren't enough, it also inflicts All Stats -3 on the closest foes and foes within 3 spaces of those foes through their next actions. Whoever the closest foe may be, there is no hiding from this effect, it is map-wide. On top of all that, he inflicts an in-combat debuff of Atk/Spd/Res -5 and denies his targets follow-up. This is on top of the existing Slaying effect. His Special of choice is Ignis, scaling off 80% of his Defense.
Part of the Plan, which is active while above 25% max hp, inflicts another -8 on the targets Atk/Spd/Res while stacking another layer of Grand Strategy onto Robin. If that weren't enough yet, he also gets a guaranteed follow-up.
Seal Atk 4 makes Robin incredibly bulky, with the Guard effect being almost guaranteed to be active. Canto Control limits the effectiveness of all Canto effects around Robin. On Abyssal, there will be no utilizing Vantage against him with the Hardy Bearing sacred seal.

This battle has many powerful foes, summoner. But we are no ordinary opponent...

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The only way I could have made this a more personally fulfilling fight is if I were somehow able to slot Nowi in.

Nah wound up being the main defending force. She was originally meant to be the one who killed Robin outright, but then I remembered there was a far simpler solution to the problem. Watersweep.
Ascended Laegjarn provided said coverage, plus a good chunk of raw firepower. Pun not intended. Rouse and Nah's refine really kept her statballing in prime condition.
Nyofai Fjorm was secondary firepower. Thanks again Whitecap Bow for being... basically the best non-prf non-arcane weapon in the game.
Peony was brought on for her Cross Spur boosts. Could have brought NY!Peony/Triandra for the extra dance, but that'd feel a little too cheap... plus penalty negation on a map where the boss inflicts a penalty for existing too much is nice.

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Robin was annoying for sure, I had to pre charge the Deadeye and get rid of the debuffs on Seliph to proc Eather and defeat him.


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@XenomataNice clear! Nah got so good after that refine. Nice to see New Year Fjorm in use, I kinda wish I had her, if only for collection purposes. 

@Yggi It certainly took quite a bit of dancing around to set up for the kill on Robin at the end there, that looked tricky. At least Jamke hit him with the overkill in the end to make up for it. Nice clear!


Certainly a much easier map than last month's. Unlike in that one the enemies are all clumped together here, so it's just a matter of taking them out. Which is easier said than done of course, them sticking a 99 HP Near Save in front was kind of annoying. They've been giving them Guard effect more often lately too which is giving my Tanas a bit of trouble since they can't get Tempo. At least it wasn't an Axe Armor this time so it wasn't completely impossible to break through, and after that it went pretty smoothly. Used Pulse Smoke to get around Robin's cheat Ignis, that skill keeps proving useful frequently.



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Go stand in the corner and suck my true damage, you hyper-inflated fuck.

That was ridiculous. For having such average base stats, Robin gets so much Speed from all the stat swings that I can't proc any Spd-based skills on him, and his sheer resistance to damage with Seal Atk 4 is absurd; I was encountering issues tanking and killing him as early as Hard difficulty. I quickly reasoned that I was going to have to trap him and chip away with Finish skills on Infernal and Abyssal.

It didn't help that I had to sabotage my builds because of all the enemies that couldn't be countered normally. NCD on Olivia, NFU and Joint Drive Def on H!Nils, Vantage on Larum, Distant Counter on Balldigan... I was especially sad about Balldigan because I'd just kitted him out with Arcane Qiang and wanted to flex his titanic Def stat, but he desperately needed to run crowd control on all the ranged enemies trying to nuke H!Nils and Larum from orbit.

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@BoaFerox Wow, you survived an attack from Robin! He is so hard to kill. Nice clear as always.

@Some Jerk That Smite at the end to trap Robin was very smart. This looked painful for you.

I can't be bothered to do anything else. I may try this with the Lilith team, but it's a bit hard now and the dragons will need a guest to deal with the boss himself. I finally got Valentia Palla to +10! Spring Est was nice to have because her Prf neutralizes debuffs.


Edit: Micaiah is back as Lilith's friend! I needed someone to blow up the armored unit and Robin.

Edited by GuiltyLove
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Its getting harder and harder for normal units to keep up with the premium units lately. Pretty much every one of them has so many stacked stuff on that the gap has never been as big as it is now.

Still my finally complete fates princes managed to clear this. It'd be a waste of all that investment in Forrest if they could't.

@Landmaster@Diovani Bressan @SatsumaFSoysoy 

@BoaFeroxAh there's the Tana team again. That was quite a bit of damage and the usually very bulky Legendary Robin.

@Some Jerk Oh nice Robin bullying there. I approve considering how annoying he was. Also nice Nils.

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I somehow managed to do a clear with Shamir and Nowi, but I forgot how I beat it. Here's the picture


You know that Robin is really hard to kill if not even Catria could OHKO him in that other video...

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I recorded a clear but forgot to upload if. i only remembered it today, when I decided to upload the limited battles and Vigarde's GHB.

@Xenomata Nice clear! NY Fjorm is a very rare unit to see, especially that well invested. She looks great. And Watersweep on Laegjarn was a nice idea.

@Yggi That was a pretty nice setup, of going around the map and defeating foes to be sure you would have the specials ready to defeat Robin. Well done!

@BoaFerox It's always nice to see these clears where all four Tanas engage in combat. Nice kill on Robin with Flame Tana.

@Some Jerk Wow... that bully on Robin was awesome! And to think you needed the 5 damage from Finish 4 to be able to damage him. Your dancers did a grat job, even though not all of them were dancing. Pretty nice to see you making good use of the arcane weapons. Seeing Nils at +9 makes me guess that you are waiting for this year's Blazing Blade Hall of Forms to see if he will be there?

@GuiltyLove Oh congrats on Valentian Palla! It's great to see she is done, and already killing everyone! and Valentian Catria has so much power that she can easily destroy Robin. Lilith & Friends also did great.

@Sasori Cool to see the Fates Royal children together (I wished we had at least one female one). Siegbert surviving with 1 HP was great, and it's pretty niceto see that Forrest got some pretty nice skills by killing his own aunt. Shiro needs some merges, to keep up with the others.

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5 hours ago, GuiltyLove said:

@Diovani BressanI was surprised Brave Seliph could still move three spaces even after Gravity. Claude destroyed almost everyone!

In reality, effects like Gravity do not apply to the unit the Armored ally is saving with their Savior skill. Seliph was not affected by Gravity staff, while Grima, Claude and Azura were.

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Not late on this because I forgot, but because I've been mass clearing every LHB/MHB with the 4 Elise team. So I've been rendering a bunch of videos lately and haven't had time to actually post them. But I don't want to be too late on this one before the new map comes out.

@Yggi - Jamke is always great in these. I was worried towards the end that Robin would cause some trouble, but looks like Seliph only needed one round before Jamke came to clean up.

@BoaFerox - Impressive that Tana and Peony were able to take a counterattack from Robin. It's a lot easier to deal with him before he has a chance to active any of his annoying debuff skills.

@Some Jerk - Looks like all you're missing is an Arcane Dagger. Not only getting the trap on Robin and chipping away at him but leaving Olivia to tank a blue refrigerator was really impressive!

@GuiltyLove - That actually looked pretty easy for the Whitewings. No one really posed a threat thanks to the Cheating Skill. Which I think is justified on this map.

Nice work from the Lilith, team. Didn't seem that bad, either. And it's always fun to see how much damage they do.

@Sasori - Woo, Kiragi's finally here! Forrest has been snacking on some nice food, too! He packs just as much of a punch as his princely brethren.

@Diovanni - Nice work, Robin may be annoying but Seliph is more annoying! Claude's prf in action looks really fun!



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On 2/28/2023 at 1:29 PM, BoaFerox said:

Nice clear! Nah got so good after that refine. Nice to see New Year Fjorm in use, I kinda wish I had her, if only for collection purposes. 

On 3/18/2023 at 8:00 AM, Diovani Bressan said:

Nice clear! NY Fjorm is a very rare unit to see, especially that well invested. She looks great. And Watersweep on Laegjarn was a nice idea.

Fjorm is a treat. I kind of wish there were more opportunities for her to fight compared to Laegjarn, but then she did compensate for what Laeg wasn't able to do by herself so it's all good.

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