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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon save editor or hack with Nightmare?

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I've been played the Full Content patch of FE: Shadow Dragon, and while I love getting all the content, despite saying you can recruit everyone, in Chapter 16 you can still recruit only either Samson or Arran. So I was wondering if someone made a save editor for this game yet or if I have to learn how to hack with the Nightmare program or something?

(also on an unrelated note, even though I haven't gotten to this part yet but I say someone point out and I looked into it, I also wish you could access Chapter 24x more naturally without having to kill Tiki and lose the Falchion then revive both in the next chapter, but that's just a minor thing)

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Well, I guess I can try editing with Nightmare, although it might take a while to figure it out, since no save editor seems to be available and no one seems to know much.


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