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Grand Hero Battle- Vigarde

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There was a moment during this battle where I scratched my head in confusion about the enemy AI's movements adn decisions:
In the video you'll see me swapping Shanann and Tailtiu before starting the battle; this results in the Staff cavalry into attacking Sigurd instead of Shanann, an outcome that happens if the two characters start in ther correct position right from entering the level.
I have no idea what's influencing the AI in those 2 different situations (noted: the enemies to the same actions and move to the same places in turn 1 regardless of me swapping the units or not).


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Pretty easy GHB.

@GuiltyLove Nice clear! As a Nowi user, I know very well how strong she can be. Shamir killing Vigarde with Aether was nice as well.

@YggiYou got a very nice Shannan from Hall of Forms. Getting extra 13 damage against Vigarde with Reflexes and Finish was great. And it's always nice to see Sigurd in action, being an enemy phase unit this time.

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@GuiltyLove Nice to see Myrrh come out to play. Ninja Shamir landed a really heavy hit on Vigarde, good way to deal with him. Valentine Faye is a unit I don't have, but kinda wish I did. Yours looks really nice as a Far Saver.

@Yggi I'm no expert, but I think this might be due to the AI sometimes using the team's slot order as a tie breaker if every other factor is equal. I know this frequently comes up when building defense teams for Aether Raids at least. Nice clear as well, Shannan definitely enjoys those HoF skills. 

@Diovani Bressan Nice clear by the Marths, Florid Cane is a pretty cool weapon option for the infantry ones. It was useful here despite the Canto Control on the map. 


I was definitely not ready for another Tana to release right now. Summoning has been terrible, went 400 orbs without pulling a focus unit at all, so sadly the new Tana doesn't feature in this clear. She unfortunately can't Galeforce either, so I'm still kind of stuck with too many ranged units for a one turn team, but hopefully I'll find some opportunities to get her in there someday. The map itself was trying pretty hard to be annoying between Bulwark, Canto Control and Save, but it wasn't too bad once I managed to break past that Axe Armor.


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