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Permadeath in divine paralogues?

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Hey folks, I'm playing hard/classic, and I'm currently doing Chrom/Robin's paralogue. One of my units just got KO'd, but instead of a death quote, it was a withdraw quote. Does permadeath not apply in the divine paralogues?

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Vander and the 4 main royals have retreat quotes rather than death quotes, but they're still unavailable gameplay-wise. The 2nd royals also get retreat quotes if you lose them too quickly, when they still had appearances in the main story left (I think this is mainly an issue with Alcryst dying before the end of chapter 11, but it could happen with Celine or the others if quickly lose them in the 2nd chapter or immediately take them to paralogues/skirmishes right after they join and lose them there in Fogado's case or Hortensia's case), but they're also still dead gameplay-wise.

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On 4/23/2023 at 5:00 AM, UNLEASH IT said:

Eirika casually talking to me like she didn't just completely obliterate one of my units

RIP Merrin. As if I didn't hate Eirika enough already.

Really, that was a beyond stupid decision for the game. Either they should've made it a mock battle without permadeath but with raised difficulty, or maybe made it so that deaths aren't for real, but the trial ends in failure the second someone gets KO'd.

Or, and here's an idea...

...Recontextualize the paralogues as you diving into the Emblems memories to relive defining battles from their games... with only Alear playable from your army. The rest of your army would be fabrications based on the bond ring units, using the bond ring portrait as their portrait.

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