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Skills That Really Fit Units Well, Character/Personality-Wise (SPOILER ALERT)

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So from a purely character/personality-wise perspective (so we're not taking into account in-game usefulness at all), are there any skills that you think really fit certain units well?

Ivy and Veyle with Draconic Hex feels like a given, with both of those characters being magic casters (which usually cast spells and curses/hexes) and having heavy dragon themes in their character/unit type.

Vander with Mentorship also feels like a given, character-wise, due to him being a mentor figure to Alear, Clanne, and Framme. With Lindon formerly being a teacher, Mentorship also fits him as well.

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Posted (edited)

Panette and Wrath, it pretty much just Bloodlust+.
And to add to what Bloodronin said she would probably have Ambush as well. Which kinda should be an assassin class skill.

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Wrong game, but while Dark Mage is a terrible reclass for Peri, it does give Heartseeker and Lifetaker, both of which are skills that suit her character very well.

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I’d imagine that Alfred with lifesphere would make sense because he’s a work out nut and wants to get a second wind. Plus when you look at his character lore, he did have health issues growing up.

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