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So that FE4 rumor....

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I've been hearing around the internet that a FE4 remake was also revealed alongside Engage's leak. Since Engage leak turned out to be true, I just want to know if there is some truth to the FE4 news or it is just usual internet rumors. Was there ever even a leak to begin with? 

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The leaked screenshots turned out to be 100% true, and there was mention of a FE4 remake on the horizon, but the rest of the accompanying information wasn't quite so perfect. For instance, if I recall correctly, the leaker claimed the game was a collaboration between IntSys, Koei and Gust, but then it turned out to be IntSys all the way. There's a chance that, despite the leaks turning out to be true, the FE4 remake part was false.

Personally, I lean true on the FE4 remake part. Sigurd gets an odd amount of prevalence in Engage, having the best availability out of any non-DLC Emblem, being wielded by Lumera in the first demonstration of enemy Emblems and seemingly being the defacto "leader" of the Emblems when Marth is absent; and with Three Houses's massive success, it seems like an obvious move to remake the game that supposedly inspired it.

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I think it's probably happening. But there have been 3 separate FE remake rumors for a long time now (FE4, 6, and 9), and none of the major leakers have really been willing to definitely stake their claim on any of them in particular. Only that a remake of something is happening.

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Nothing against the people who want it but I personally hope it’s not the next one we get. After Engage failed to be the long last game I had hoped it would be depressing if the next game was one I adamantly refuse to play.

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On 6/26/2023 at 7:22 AM, scigeek101 said:

So far Fire Emblem 1 2 and 3 have been remade. It stands to reason that 4 will be next. 


True, but the remake of FE3 came well before that of FE2. So it's entirely possible that Jugdral gets "skipped", for the time being, in favor of a remake of FE6 (or perhaps both Elibe games in one).

Anyway, I do think a Genealogy remake is likely, and that it'll probably come out on the Switch. Both the DS and the 3DS had a remake as their last FE title, so the Switch doing so as well would be in line with that. Of course, the latest Nintendo Direct came and went without any such news. So I think this game is still at least half a year away.

In the meantime, if you want to experience FE4, it's on Super Famicom via SNES Online. Or you could emulate with the Project Naga translation.

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I think announcement is quite likely in the next Nintendo Direct (September?). It will be glorious.


Dark screen.

Return of the legendary tale that inspired the award-winning Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Twelve Crusaders flashback scene unveils, accompanied by commentary.

Back in the days of yore,

Satan's evil darkness spread throughout the land,

engulfing the world in a terrible nightmare.

Suffering day upon day of endless grief,

the people gazed futilely toward darkened skies.

The twelve lords of Jugdral descended from heaven

to confront the wicked darkness.

Invoking light, they reduced Satan to ashes.

Mankind's lost hope returned.

And today, as time flows endlessly on,

this tale has become but an ancient legend.

Title drop.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Inheritors of Light

Gran calendar 757.

A cutscene with the hero Sigurd striding across the vast plains, with his squire Oifey and Christmas cavaliers in tow.

Switch to battle footage as Sigurd kicks ass.

Lex and Azelle shown fighting.

Quan, Ethlyn and Finn join.

Arvis bestows Silver Sword upon Sigurd.

Deirdre in the forest.

Eldigan rushes his troops to protect Sigurd's back.

Show glimpses of Lachesis, Edain, Brigid, Ayra, Ced, Erinys, Tailtiu, Beowolf. Steel against steel, magic, wide maps, tactics, return of battalions, romance, betrayal, heroes and dark secrets - a epic with an incomparable scale.

And so war wages on across Jugdral...

December 2023


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3 hours ago, Safy said:

December 2023

Announcing a major game for December 2023 in a September Direct would be an incredibly interesting move! Although by that point, they'd only need to wait a month and they could release it in January like they did with Engage. And with two other TBS JRPGs coming out in November - on the same day no less! - I'm not sure it's the wisest idea to do that. At this point, I think waiting for Early 2024 is the way to go. THAT BEING SAID, I'll take a Genealogy remake as soon as possible thank-you-very-much!

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I think the announcement of Shadows of Valentia and the actual release of the game were pretty close together, like less than six months. *Checks* Yeah it was announced in January and released in April. So a September-December set up wouldn't be unprecedented. I'm hoping to see something from them soon at any rate given how long Engage had been finished before release.

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