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Favorite Blazing Blade Character Tier List

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I've been going through Blazing Blade, my favorite game in the series, and ranking its playable cast, from my favorite to my least favorite, and organizing them in tiers from S (highest) to D (lowest). I thought it'd be fun to share what my final ranking is and to see how other lists would look. This is entirely based on how much I like them as characters, not on how good or bad they are as a unit. I'll talk about some of them a little bit, too.

  • S-tier: Lyn, Eliwood, Hector, Nils, Ninian, Nino
  • A-tier: Matthew, Lucius, Isadora, Heath, Fiora, Canas, Pent, Legault, Jaffar, Rebecca, Florina, Kent, Sain, Oswin
  • B-tier: Wil, Athos, Renault, Raven, Rath, Louise, Karla, Farina, Priscilla, Dart, Bartre, Karel, Wallace, Geitz, Harken
  • C-tier: Dorcas, Erk, Hawkeye, Serra, Vaida, Guy, Lowen, Marcus
  • D-tier: Merlinus

I think it's pretty well-known around here that Lyn is my favorite character in the series, so her placement is self-explanatory. For Nino, she's a character that I've always liked, but she's steadily climbed higher over the years. She's got good supports that dive into some interesting things, such as her natural talent with magic and her illiteracy, and I really like her character arc and role in the main story.
Going down to A-tier, I put Lucius and Isadora as high as I did because I think they're two of the most interesting characters in the game. I like how varied their supports are, and I like how layered they are. For Lucius, one of his most memorable supports is the support with Renault, that one goes pretty deep and feels genuinely sad for both characters.
In B-tier, I struggled a little bit to rank Louise. I knew I definitely wouldn't put her above certain other characters, but I wasn't sure about the rest. Where I ultimately placed her feels right. I don't think she's super deep or anything, at least not with what they show us, but I also think she's just kinda cool. So, yeah, putting her where I did feels right. As for Karla, I hate that she's only available in Hector Mode and that she comes so late, because I think she's similar to Lucius and Isadora in that she has some really interesting supports. I like how odd Vaida finds her, and her support with Karel is probably the best one for the both of them.
On to C-tier, Dorcas is the favorite there. He's just a dude trying for his wife, ya know? Hawkeye is sort of like Louise in that I just feel like he's kinda cool. As for Lowen, this might be a little unpopular, but he's kind of...boring? He's fine, and I like him, don't get me wrong, but compared to almost every other character on your roster, he's one of the least interesting.
D-tier only has one character, and it's Merlinus. Yes, I'm fully counting him. He gains levels and promotes, he gets supports, and he even gets a platonic paried ending with Marcus. He counts! Anyway, similar to Lowen, in a cast full of so many characters that I genuinely find cool and/or interesting, Merlinus isn't as interesting to me. He's my least favorite on the roster.

This was a very difficult ranking to make. Blazing Blade is my favorite game in the series, and I do like every single character on the roster. This really is one of those games where I like EVERY character. Ranking them was hard! But I did it, and my ranking feels very right and true for me. So, what about you? What's your list look like?

I made the tier list here: https://fe-tier-list-maker.github.io/


Blazing Blade.png

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