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So Baldurs Gate 3 is out...

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Eh, I gave up playing solo... planning the perfect ambush is too much fun and i wouldn´t know how to do some fights solo anyway.

What squad is everyone running? I reclassed Shoadowheart to a Life Cleric for more dakka everyone else (Lae´zel, Wyll) remains the same.

6 hours ago, Parrhesia said:

I, uh, did not see any option for a non-Dark Urge custom character, so I'm the Dark Urge, and discovered this only after asking people what they thought about,

I messed around with a Dark Urge Lolth-Sworn Drow Bard and the dialogue options feel like they pull you in 5 different directions all the time: kill, insult, (racially) discriminate, use brainbug, bardthings.

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i'm running oc fighter, with default class wyll, karlach, and gale, to see if the game survives me running without a cleric or a rogue

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23 hours ago, lenticular said:

I would say "maybe yes", but tentatively so. I also didn't care for the original Baldur's Gate, but am enjoying BG3 a whole lot more. I'm not as high on it as many people seem to be, but am enjoying it even so. I'd have it at something like a 7 or 8 out of 10, whereas consensus seems to have it somewhere around a 9 or 10. I think that the combat is much better than BG1. Partly that's just because I think that 5E is a better system than 2E was, but I also think they absolutely made the right decision to ditch real-time-with-pause and just go fully turn-based instead. D&D rules were designed for turn-based play, and not trying to fit the square peg into a round hole makes them flow much more smoothly. Obviously, the caveat there is that some people just don't care for turn based systems, but given that we're on a Fire Emblem board, I hardly see that as a likely problem for anyone here.

Appreciate the response, and found myself nodding along 

(I also certainly prefer 5E to 2E from a gameplay standpoint. I was definitely disappointed that it seemed like video games moved away from D&D in almost a perfect reversal of how well I felt D&D would suit work for a video game battle system.)

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So far everyone's default class, with Protagonist as Life Cleric. Karlach and Gale are locks; usually Wyll has fylled, but Astarion was the locks guy, but then I brought in Shadowheart for the tail end of Act 2 (plot reasons) and gave her Sleight of Hand. Lae'vel even got a turn in alongside Karlach for a bit.

Wishing you could access companion inventory without swapping them into the party. Also wish swapping was a little more seamless, though maybe it encourages it being okay to miss things more, which is fair.

Also, glamour shots!



Here's Ravanna looking not beat to shit for once! Showcasing her permanent disadvantage on Perception checks!


Here's Ravanna doing a war crime!


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Posted (edited)

RIP Lae´zel, she squared up but she ain´t Her. Vlaakiths Will won´t be done. Maybe I should try speak with dead on her, just for fun.

Imagine getting the Nightsong before even getting to Moonrise Tower, couldn´t be me. 

Fighting is good so far (normal, I think Balanced it´s called) but goddam do I have some accuraccy issues. The Meenlock fight was brutal. Feels like I´m missing 3/5 of my attacks.

Contrary to seemingly popular opinion, I´ve had my share of problems with visual bugs, things not loading in when loading in a new area or when returning via warping, cutscenes playing twice. Nothing nessecarily gamebreaking, but hella annoying when you want to go over the bridge or in a building that does not yet exist.

+1 for dog and owlbear

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Someone I know bought Baldur's Gate 3 and agreed to let me borrow it. I intend to play it after I've finished Persona 5 Royal.

I'm thinking I will have my character be a half-elf archfey warlock. The reason: I like Celtic mythology, so I think it would be cool to play as a character whose magic comes from a faerie patron. I know extremely little about D&D and I have never played it or even watched an Actual Play (unless one counts the original Record of Lodoss War anime from 1990 as an Actual Play); I didn't even know about the eldritch blast memes until after I googled the class options in Baldur's Gate 3 and saw a bunch of comments about eldritch blast when I was looking at warlock subclasses.

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This game has amazing replayability through dialogue choices and events alone. Unfortunately yes, Act 3 is a little buggy and there are some story inconsistencies. My main complaint is dealing with summons. They are extremely disruptive to NPCs as they automatically freak out when you have any of your summons around they seem to dislike all of them and will keep chasing + shouting at them to go away, additionally some of the summons can't even jump which is extremely annoying when traversing through the map.

I'm not familiar with DnD at all but the stat/dice/roll system was implemented well enough that my dumb ass could understand most of it by the end of Act 1, i'm thankful for this because I typically have a hard time adapting to new combat systems.

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