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Rate the Unit 32: Saphir

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2.1.) mention the diffculty on which you rate the unit 

2.2.) what classes your unit went through, what skills they had and so on; don´t consider obviously suboptimal builds.

2.3.) no DLC rings, no non-unit DLC bonuses

2.4.) no grinding in skirmishes

2.5.) no rng abuse (no resetting for bond rings)

2.6.) cooking is allowed

2.7.) ratings to be given in the format X/10

2.8.) if it isn´t mentioned above, it´s fair game

2.9.) no "Kagetsu exists and obsoletes Lapis, 0/10", explain your rating


Unit: Saphir

Class: Warrior

                     Lvl   HP    STR   MAG   DEX   SPD     DEF    RES   LCK   BLD

Bases:            7    51      24      2        23     19         19        9       15     15

T. Bases:      26   24      12       1        16      12         15        6       13      7

Growths:      /      80      35      0        25      30        30        5      20     10


Personal Skill: If unit’s HP is 50% or less at start of combat, grants Hit/Avo+20 during combat.

Innate Proficiency: Axe

SP: 2000


Support Bonuses:

C    Hit+10, Avoid+5
B    Hit+10, Critical+3, Avoid+5
A    Hit+10, Critical+3, Avoid+10
S    Hit+10, Critical+3, Avoid+20


Tools and mo stats:

Average Stats - Fire Emblem: Engage (FE17) (triangleattack.com)

Engage Numbers - Google Tabellen


Rating: 5

Next unit on Thursday

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There she is. Best Girl. 10/10

She requires no investment to be able to perform the always excellent longbow backup strat, so that already makes her a great filler pick. Her bases are solid, a bit shakier than Mauvier's (though Mauvier's awful class makes him want a second seal to really make use of his bases) but good all around. She's tankier than Pannette and faster than Etie, for a couple examples - a good physical all-rounder, if useless magically, which isn't a big deal. Her personal skill, while not as impactful as Lindon's, basically invites you to get her Resolve for ultimate low health funs, and her base SP pool easily allows it. Otherwise, you can replicate Lindon's niche of giving her a longbow and Demonic Hex for a reliable 3-range debuffer. Like Lindon, however, her bad availability and lack of a dedicated deployment slot hurt her.

I'm going to rate her the same I rated Lindon, 6/10. They complement each other well as lategame fillers. They cover a wide variety of niches between the two of them.

She's really 10/10 like Lindon though. Straight up the best female design in the entire series. There, I said it. Dark-skinned old knight lady? We need more characters like this and less generic anime teens. There are enough of those, give me more badass veteran ladies. I know the files say she's 35, but 1. No, just no, and 2. C'mon, by fictional woman in Japanese media standards that might as well be 86

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I feel the same about her as I do Lindon, so giving them the same rating also makes sense. I went with Sigurd!Saphir with Wrath/Speed+5 which turned out pretty well overall. I'm a fan of hit boosting personals in general; Saphir doesn't really need to inherit things like Hit+X to get 100% hit rates which is nice.

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So now we get to Saphir. Is she any good? Let’s talk about it. For me this is assuming hard but could apply to maddening.


Saphir is recruitable in chapter 19, you would need Alcryst, Diamant or Alear to talk to her. Sooner you can recruit her the better since she starts as a green unit.


She starts off as a Warrior which is already considered to be one of the best physical classes in the game. So she is in a good spot. Merciless dealing 50% extra damage to an enemy that is broken will always be useful. For example you can use fracture on a flying enemy and then follow up with a steel/long/killer bow for extra damage. 

Will to win encourages low HP set ups since you get a hit and avoid boost. Resolve+ and Wrath could make her a tank provided that you give her a weapon with Micaiah’s engraving on it so that can stack up well. Vantage+ and Wrath also works really well. Dual Assist+ if you like long bow chain attack utility. You got options.


Honestly, I’ll go out on a limb and say she’s 7/10. For someone that is designed to be filler she can actually contribute for the remainder of the game without ever needing to reclass. At worst she’s a 6 but that’s still not bad by any stretch.

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3/10 (based on maddening)

I'm gonna be honest, I really like Saphir as a character, but as a unit she just doesn't feel all that special. She has decent strength, but she falls well short of units like Pannette and Etie. She has decent speed, but not at the level of monsters like Chloe and Kagetsu. She does have decent bulk, but Engage honestly just has too many ways to make bulk completely irrelevant in the later half of the game.

I'll also note that I'm giving her a lower score than Lindon, despite him serving a very similar role as late game filler. The main difference is that Lindon is a magical filler instead of a physical one, and that brings a lot more utility with it. There's also just a lot less competent magic units in this game than physical ones.

Finally I want to mention that me giving her a low score doesn't mean I think she's unusable or anything. I'm using her in my current run and she's scoring one rounds on several enemy types with a Brave Axe and a few levels of Axe Power. And if that doesn't work she can always go for Killer Axe crits, or just set up kills for other filler units. The issue is that most other units you recruit past chapter 10 can do the same thing or something more useful. If I compared her to other units in the whole serie she'd be a 6, but that would also mean every character in this game would get a rating between 6 and 8. I prefer using the full scoring range, which inevitably means some characters are going to get a low score.

Other people are free to use their own criteria of course, I just wanted to point out why my score might seem so much harsher than the others.

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I missed lindon. Rip me.


Anyway Saphir: 5/10. maddening.

she come in a good class with good starting SP. Her stats are fine but not the best. She Is a really decente filler.

In ltc She can do a good contibute with fracture/any other break + silver Grest axe boosted  by merciless.

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Lvl. 20 Warrior Saphir:

65 HP, 31 Str, 2 Mag, 28 Dex, 25 Spd, 24 Def, 10 Res, 18 Lck, 17 Bld, 5 Move

That's a lot of HP.  Abysmal Resistance, though (better than only Amber?  Worse than even Louis?).

Physical filler, yep.  Warrior is a good class, at least, with the 3-range Chain attacks and respectable Str.  Allergic to magic which is definitely a weakness for a front-liner, though.  Combination of decent Str & average Spd means she can both go for doubles vs. the slow and Smash weapon one-shots vs. the fast.

I'm not sure why you'd do this given that there's not that much game left, but you could hypothetically do some sort of weird Panette-style build with Saphir where your reward for going to low Health and turning on Wrath is +20 Hit rather than more Crit, theoretically making Vantage strats more reliable if you had some sort of low-accuracy, high-crit weapon (a Killer Axe?).  Given that this turns on later and is probably worse, it's questionable, but it's something she is better at than units whose passives are a blank on this, so it's something.

In general, if you need last-second filler, I'd probably suggest Goldmary or Lindon over Saphir.  But it's not like she's a bad choice, exactly.  4/10 it is, can be a 5/10 if you don't ding her for the low availability at all.

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