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  2. So I got Awakening, played for a while, got stuck and stopped. So, I'm back with this girls only pmu! I need 16 units, 15 + MU, which i allready set up (sorry guys). Go wild, choose skills, have troll classes, please choose skills, pick Chrom's wife. (did i say choose skills?) :) Units Where will Chrom be? Oh, just chillin unequipped in the back. Yeah.
  3. As far as we know: Linhardt, Ingrid, and Leonie will be the last students to be revealed. The other teachers and or other plot relevant characters on the other hand, I don't know.
  4. So, next week the last 3 students and then the teachers or (early) plot relevant characters, til release?
  5. I am grinding for multiple hours everyday, but so far I have collected only 30 Mio damage points yet and still not enough resources for another Sakata copy. I am starting to get seriously worried since the event will end next week and my freetime will be over tomorrow.
  6. I just started playing FE2 yesterday, while I'm on my breaks. The thing is that I really want to play it on easy mode due to the increased exp gains, I have no much interest on playing it on the slow vanilla exp gains, and i don't want to grind. I tried really hard to begin a new game on easy, but the android NES emulators only take 2 inputs simultaneously, I tried it on my computer as well, but with no success, and don't know why. Can anyone here lend me a battery save file on easy mode, please?
  7. @Espurrhoodie Sigurd and Julia? But Sigurd is dead! Reminds me of the lady who claimed she had sex with a ghost... Idk, maybe all animes have good openings? Why did I watch this: Like ten times already?
  8. I mean it would be a change to have a fire emblem game where Steel weapons are finally better than Iron weapons, however combat arts might still be inferior to just doubling an enemy in most situations, which was what happened with SoV.
  9. I came to think that the combat arts system may lead Steel Weapons into OU tier. Let me explain: Steel Weapons are now more durable than Iron Weapon. Attack Speed disadvantage will not matter if Combat Arts doesn't allow follow-up attacks. The increased might and potentially compensated accuracy.
  10. Nero Bride is primarily used for her 1st skill in Arts Blitz comps. Paracelsus is preferable over her on those teams because the boost to NP refund he gives is far greater. You're not using Nero or Paracelsus as frontliners. You'll be suiciding them with Poster Girl or leaving them in front to get wiped by an AOE NP. This way you can set up the Arts DPS more easily. For example, a team of DPS Waver / Waver / Paracelsus / Caster Gil with Plugsuit and taunt CEs.
  11. I just realized something else I would like to see: where's the one male Gerudo? It's a small thing, but it's a big part of the Gerudo that there is one male Gerudo born every 100 years. In Breath of the Wild, they don't really say anything about it. Does the one male have to be kicked out of the city unless he wears women's clothes? Is the one male Gerudo still given a position of respect by Gerudo society, or is that respect forever gone because of Ganondorf? It's a small thing, but it is mysteriously absent and I think it would be neat to get answers.
  12. Ever hear the legend that inspired the Jack O'Lantern? It was of a man named Jack who had personally slighted the Devil, so hell would not take him, but who was far too wicked for heaven. His spirit was condemned to wander the Earth, with nothing but a Lantern as guidance. Long story short, I think Slaver copped a similar deal. Never to truly pass on to the afterlife. After all, if one legend gives the devil standards.... Ah, copyright laws and fair use. Concepts that, for better and worse, have extremely broad definitions. I really do wonder if a revision of them would be worth the trouble, or if it would end up doing more harm than good. I paid a bit of attention to copyright law. There's a surprising amount of stuff that's fell into the public domain either by sheer age (Dracula, fairly recently Tarzan), lack of renewal (the Charles Biro version of Daredevil, completely unrelated to Marvel's one, who wore a suit the was split down the middle Red & Blue with a spike belt. This character was mute, and was raised by "Australian pygmies" (which is weird, because while there was a race of pygmy in Australia, they were, according to records wiped out when the group collectively referred to as Indigineous Australians arrived... quite long ago) after his parents were killed by his uncle for their fortune on a trip to a mine they owned. As one may expect of a character in such a position, he fought using boomerangs, and his archnemesis was the Claw, who could best be described as an intelligent Kaiju. Personally I'm more worried about sleep paralysis. The hallucinations it brings can be horrific.
  13. I drew Inigo as a groom again for my birthday yesterday :^)
  14. Similar story, only I had that game for the GameCube rather than the PS2. I agree that it was really bad. In facr; had you not mentioned it, I probably would've completely forgotten it and said something like Fire Emblem Fates - Revelation or something like that.
  15. Being able to pass money around gives him some nice unique utility. His combat is nearly unsalvageable, though. In Verdane he already can't hurt anything. And enemies only get more durable from there. You might think he has at least good growths. But he starts with 3 STR. That's 6 whole points less then Alec started with in the previous chapter. And he is already struggling to deal damage. And unlike Alec, Dew can't double attack or use B rank swords. A 40% STR growth just isn't anywhere close to being enough to get him out of hole. Honestly, the fact that they gave him Sol of all things, seems like a cruel joke. With C rank Swords, magic swords are the only strong weapons he has access to. But even they deal just barely enough damage to feed him kills. It still doesn't allow him to properly lay into enemies and actually contribute. A promotion gives him a ton of good things. Meaty stat boosts, Pursuit and A rank swords. But having to carry him all the way up to level 20 just is no fun. ...nevermind that those are traits that Ayra and Holyn already got at base. Speaking of, Thief Fighter isn't actually a good combat class either. It's bases are barely any better then those of unpromoted Sword Fighters. Dew basically becomes a 1st tier unit after promotion.
  16. Today
  17. So I guess famitsu will drop its next preview tommorow or Tuesday which I'm definitely looking foward to! Of course we now know our last 3 characters for next week but we'll see a preview of the next instructor after Catherine I'm guessing Seteth following the pattern so far.
  18. For me, it is almost a tradition to be eyeing up the special edition, waiting for the budget to be plump enough to justify that kind of discretionary spending, but by the time I have the cash, the special edition is all sold out. This time I was able to catch the gamestop online store while it was still in stock and much to my surprise, they ship to my isolated address. So I was actually able to pre-order the SE for once. While I am (cautiously) hyped for the game itself, I personally am looking forward to the artbook. Flipping through concept art and observing the process from concept art to in-game graphics has always been a fun past time for me. As for the CD, I've liked the music so far, and if what we have heard is indicative of the rest of the music, then I might have found my new music set for long hours in the OR. Some new pins for the med coat would be nice too...
  19. whoa what happened here
  20. I know a lot of people disagree with me here, but: The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask. The dungeons are a little linear, the game is 90% OoT reused stuff, Way to short for my tastes, the Mask gimmick wasn't that well handled to me, and the sidequests were mostly just stand around and wait for specific time to elapse. I know you can do other things in the mean time, but odds are that most sidequests don't end up happening at the same time anyways. And as for the reused well... pretty much everything, people can try to tell me "oh, but it's a sequel!" But that's an excuse to say that it's really just OoT with edits.
  21. Might be easily distracted by items.
  22. this is not a discussion that will go well.
  23. he's good for: - stealing money; - pass down Sol to swordfighters; - pass down Bargain to healers; - he's needed to get a secret magic sword; - he can unlock bridges. otherwise, he's good mostly for fighting bandits trying to burn villages. can't do much in actual combat without a magic sword.
  24. meanwhile, somewhere in the world of Serenes:
  25. i love them so much no homo to the boys. [edit: if you see any other things, you're imagining it.]
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