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  2. Darnit, I wanted Axe or Lance Valor. Got no greens so went for blue. The good news is, after 50+ banners I finally got a free pull again. The bad news is it's Ophelia, a unit I couldn't care less about and doesn't have any useful fodder for me either. Sigh. Yes yes, I know she's a great unit, but I can't stand her attack art so I won't use her, she's just dust in my barracks to me.
  3. Even got the doting older brother thing. I think the Green Xander memes are only going to intensify.
  4. Aversa and Naesala both provide something unique that you can't find on other units right now. Panne has this to a lesser extent. Azura is also a popular choice for being a ranged dancer that isn't seasonal (though she's a Tempest Trials reward and not a Grand Hero Battle unit). The best options right now are either armors or Litrblade + Close Counter + Vantage units (or Jaffar with double Savage Blow). The problem with Close Counter is that ranged units usually don't have the bulk necessary to give up their A slot for Close Counter considering that the melee units that will be attacking them have stat advantages over them. Ranged armors get around this by simply having way more stats than other units, and Vantage units get around this by being able to avoid being hit in the first place. The other category of units that can use Close Counter, just not as well as the above builds, are the Litrowl (and similar weapons) builds, like Sophia, Henry, Boey, Summer Laevatein, and Saizo.
  5. I have watched the new video released by OJ and there is a footage of Dimitri fighting on the horse, but as I remembered the leak said that he will stay as a infantry throughout the game. So that might be another thing they changed in the later game development? And if Dimitri's final class is a calvary one it makes sense to me.
  6. Man, that was kinda sad to see him pass away from suicide. He really shouldn't kill himself over his problems, suicide is never the answer and I did heard that someone kills themselves on purpose that never go to heaven and they can actually get send straight to hell which it's a terrible thing to do. Rest In Peace to Etika. By the way, why did Etika kill himself for? Was it his obsession with losing and accidentally deleted his entire content in YouTube, his arrest with the police that happened weeks ago, family problems, or was it something bad happened to Etika like someoneone sended him a death threat towards Etika?
  7. Got Donnel and Titania this morning. Another year without those two valor skills.
  8. 3 greens and 2 blues because the game wants to make it difficult for me to make a decision. Have Tiki, so 4* Shigure it is. He's a candidate for a future merge project (all blue fliers are) so I'll take it - he's my ninth copy which is surprisingly high given his relative rarity.
  9. Oooh a free pull. 3 Blue, 2 Red 3* Oscar (Worse fodder exists. +Atk/-HP)
  10. Or you can be like me and be a blind monkey. I was awake when the season closed, switched my bonus structures before the light season started, and was very confused when i lost my first two defenses. Turns out I placed the armor schools instead of infantry. Both losses would have been wins with the extra level to even the playingfield. I was so confused since my light team usually wins almost all matches. I am just an idiot for thinking it was Armor school bonus.
  11. Random prediction: King of Valla Male Corrin with a Staff.
  12. What do you think about A R M E D R E B E L L I O N ? Where's the "Choopi Choosi" thing come from? How limited are your liabilities? So look. I got myself this pomegranate molasses like, two years ago, and it's great. Very nice. Problem is, see, its expiration date rolled around not too long ago, and I still had most of the bottle left, which is an issue. All I know to do with this stuff is pour it on ice cream- what can I do with pomegranate molasses to avoid having this problem in the future? Maple syrup or pancake syrup?
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  14. Granted. Autobattle. That's the closest you're gonna get. I wish there was a way to stop everyone dying in the Birthright and Conquest routes (e.g. Ryoma, Takumi and their retainers not dying in Conquest).
  15. Haha, this one was funny. Not only are Kiran's first accessories hilarious on him, they also explain Noire's and Ryoma's seasonal outifts.
  16. Hey guys, it's been a few months. First of all, sorry it's been a while since I've made any big changes with the hack. I was diagnosed with psychological depression right after the semester ended so ive been dealing with that. I'll get back to working on it soon-ish. No date for the next patch, but as of right now, the chapter after the route split on Andrew's side is complete. An update will be released after about 2 more chapters. Thanks for holding out!
  17. I started doing halfbodies 6 months ago annnd... I think I did decently so far? Here's Naoto Kurogane from Blazblue and Johan from SaGa Frontier 2. The latter was real fun to do with his outfit and hair (his original sprite has arguably spikier hair than Cloud).
  18. If that's the case, I'm gonna lean towards Sniper. Even though thieves/rogues can wield bows, that class requires swords to class change into.
  19. I just hate Fates. Fates had no story, and the story is my favorite bit. I wish they would make a new game with no avatar and a good plot.
  20. You could make the same argument for Nomah though. You don’t necessarily need him to chip, because you have several other units who can do the same, or better. Yes, you don’t need Valbar as a tank in the early game, but if you want, he’ll get the job done, and won’t detract from your team in any way. With Nomah, however, if you give him a speed ring, you’re potentially taking away an item that could be put to better use on one of your other units. Not to mention it has to be traded over from Alm’s route in the first place. And if you don’t give Nomah the speed ring, then forget doubling anything, unless you use fire (but at that point, Sagittae will do more damage anyway) This may just be my bias towards armour knights, but I think having overkill defence is better than having just enough. That defence stat that seems way too high for Act 2 can come in handy in Act 3, if you need another tank. In Grieth’s Citadel, for example, Valbar’s base 12 defence matches the attack stat of the bonewalkers the cantor summons, making him useful for tanking those guys at the very least. And Grieth needs to crit him twice to one-round him at base, so if Valbar got even a few levels, or a shield, he can be used to safely bait Grieth. Again, not necessary to beat the map, but it could be helpful, if, say, Saber got defence screwed. If you don’t use him (as in, bringing him into battles, but not actively fighting with him until he reaches 90 something exp), he should get at least 1 or 2 levels from bonus experience (I think, anyway, the last time I played without Valbar was a while back). It helps extend his longevity as a tank a bit further, and while his other stats suck (apart from attack, that’s not bad), he at least has a niche he can fill up until he falls off towards the end of Act 3. If you do use him in Act 2 and feed him some kills, you can promote him and potentially have a unit strong enough to be on Celica’s final team for Duma Tower and the endgame. Nomah, on the other hand, only really fills the niche of a healbot from when he joins in Act 4, and even that isn’t necessary to beat Celica's route (my heart goes out to all the poor souls who missed recruiting Nomah- they were never graced by his memely presence). He can chip if you want him to, but you said yourself, his job is basically to replace Boey if he never made it to promotion/got stat screwed. If you have a decent Boey, he’s more than a little redundant, and even if you don’t, Nomah will just be an inferior version of that, if you decide to use him at all. Also, Nomah will never near promotion either. Sadly, he’ll never get those years back. XP
  21. Bow, it was at B+ in the treehouse footage, while her Lance rank was C. It'd be better if we had another source to confirm it, though.
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